Delta Releases 15 Minute “Documentary” About The Dangers Of ME3 (Watch & Vomit!)


Delta Air Lines released the other day 15 minute long “documentary” about the gulf carriers trying to inform its employees what is at stake.

The video certainly is one sided painting Delta as a saint and Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways as nothing but government run airlines hemorrhaging money and conspiring to “overthrow” the US carriers.

You can access Delta’s page for the announcement here.

Here are the best parts:

1. Joining with the Unions!

Delta has been as anti-union as possible as far as I can recall and here they would like unions to join them with the fight.

2. Army!

Army needs Delta planes to move soldiers around the world.

3. Trump!

Thought that he would have been so toxic at this point that he would not have been mentioned but he probably still plays well in the southern states where Delta is strong.


All the big three US airlines are basically domestic airlines with some international flying thrown in. Domestic flying is protected as is most of their international flying (from ME3 due to locations of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha).

These open skies agreements that are referred several times on the propaganda video don’t mean that airline such as Qatar could fly freely between any foreign country and United States. Emirates currently flies from both Milan and Athens to New York.

It seems that Delta truly hates Qatar Airways because the airline flies to Atlanta (Delta’s main hub) and the Qatar’s CEO is not shy sometimes saying out loud what he thinks (about US airlines).

I believe that Delta’s time and money would be best spend by taking care of their product (soft and hard) to be competitive against the foreign airlines (they already have a controlled oligopoly on domestic travel). Here they are merely trying to limit competition on international air travel and force consumers to pay higher prices for their substandard product. Not quite a winning combination!

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  • Kflik

    I’m curious how they can say that Emirates is using state money if this is not confirmed by financial report? (you can google for emirates financial report 2016). Is Delta claiming that the report is fake? If is, they should go to the court maybe?

  • kuldeep singh

    All 3 US biggies have been crying their socks off with the gulf carriers. The reality is that their product either in economy or business just cannot compete with the world class ones offered by gulf carriers. Especially with their huge mark ups in fares and shoddy arrogant flight attendants who like going on ego trips frequently

  • Barbarella

    One *BIG* reason to avoid Delta

    P.S. John, among those three US carriers AA is not as basically domestic as your article may sound. AA routes in the Caribbean and Latin America are pretty impressive in terms of number of destinations. Many routes are almost monopolized by AA.

    • Yeah. They have lot of flights to Central/South America/Caribbean from Miami.

  • Sameh Emam

    This video is disgrace! They are literally crying babies. Improve your product and you won’t have to worry about competition

  • Max Mustermann

    Agreed. Even though that I’m not a big fan of ME3 or any other airlines in Gulf, I don’t fancy flying those 3 US legacy carriers either. The reason is because either they’re not in alliance (except probably SV and QR) or they don’t offer Y+ while I’m not keen to spend my money everytime in C/F but I prefer some extra leg room.

    But on the other side, UA/DL/AA should start to rethink how they improve the service.

    • Qatar has been offering excellent business class fares from certain markets in Europe to Asia and Australasia during sales.

  • David Fu

    Maybe those Delta employees can work for the ME3 airlines and get better pay. Though I doubt they will get such job when they have attitude problem.

  • Pierre

    “Army needs Delta plains”
    John, you write about airlines but you still can’t spell those things that fly? Mind boggling.

  • Der Fliegende Amerikaner

    I wonder why Delta didn’t post this video on their Facebook page?

  • Angela Wong

    My niece works for Emirates for 15+ years already.She said a lot of things mentioned in the video are true though.She hates working in economy class and only likes to work in first class.Personally I try to support North American carriers whenever I can and buy NA made goods whenever I can.

    • Flyboy

      So you don’t have a cell phone, computer, or any other electronics in your home then?

      • Angela Wong

        Whenever I can. Even the fare may costs a little more. If possible, I always support local business too.

  • ClodHopper

    Build the wall higher

  • baldwin

    I will ask again, since someone deleted my prior post:

    Are the ME3 subsidized by their governments? Can anyone give a flat yes or no?