Reader Question: Has IHG Changed The Age What Constitutes Child Without An Announcement?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email regarding the age of the children that can stay for free with an adult when staying at an IHG affiliated hotel.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Have you notice that IHG quietly changed policy about childrens age staying with parents?

I’m interested in it because I’ve got a 14 years old son.

Now rules are:

IHG Child Wrong

I remember that earlier, ages were much higher in Europe 17 and in US 18 but I haven;t got a screenshot.

Could you ask someone from IHG about this?

Or maybe it is a material for article comparing treating children at hotels.

I appreciate what are doing at blog.

Thank you very much for great work.

I forwarded the email to the IHG spokesperson:

I’m not sure where the table below was found, but please see this table for the accurate ages. Hope this clears it up.

IHG Child Correct


Companies often have conflicting info on their various websites (especially if different language versions are used).

Not sure where the reader found her version what constitutes a children but glad that the IHG spokesperson was able to come up with the correct table.

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  • colin

    12years to define “children” sounds reasonable, 13 (thirteen) years age and up are teenagers afterall.

    I could also see rational for lower age for food vesrsus room. A occupying room is nil cost versus food/buffet costs money.

    I have seen some restaurants object to large mainly tall children even if under some restaurant age fir reduced childrens rate buffets which is kinda fair as the bigger children eat more than their adult mums.

    I still remember a UK childrens meal for a younger brother many years ago and his tears/tantrum when childrens desert/pudding was half the icecream portion the rest of us were given. The childrens menu portions would be inadequate for children over 10.

  • krissyb

    If children can have meals and rooms for free why not do the same for the other end of the spectrum? Senior citizens over 65 stay free? Sounds like a plan.

  • YKS