The End Of British Airways Concorde Room Card Is Coming!


British Airways operates number of lounges and access depends of the class of travel and the status with the Oneworld or British Airways you may have.


British Airways operates few Concorde Rooms that are “true” first class lounges. British Airways “first class lounges” are merely meant for Oneworld Emerald members traveling in economy, premium economy or business class.

You can access British Airways here.

The reason why I wrote above that Concorde room is a “true” first class lounge is that you can also have access based on the number of tier points credited to BA.

Those Executive Club members that reach 5,000 Tier Points (that is like 125 business class short-haul flights) during their membership year receive this Concorde Room Card.

And you usually need to show this card to access the Concorde Room unless traveling in First class. Alternatively, the agent needs to go through the paper list of members who are eligible for the access.

Well. Apparently these physical cards will be discontinued in 2019 and there will be merely some sort of CCR designation on your BA Gold / GGL Card itself.


This really makes sense and I would prefer seeing the CCR designation printed on the boarding passes too. Would definitely speed things up!

Four months to the 2018 membership year and I have 1,595 tier points collected so far. Not sure if I will hit the required 5,000 by the March 8, 2018, to renew the Concorde Room access. We’ll see in March next year.

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  • I earned it, where is it ?

    Now I understand what is going on … I re-qualified for CCR 8th April. By early May no card was received, so I call GGL and they said it would be expedited. By June no card had arrived so I again called GGL and they ‘promised’ it would be expedited. Well as it happens I called them again today and they could not explain why I had not received it. Looks like they’re stopping making them ahead of the time they’ll be ‘discontinued’, severely inconveniencing people like me as I have to wait for desk agent to manually check the CCR list. Now that’s what I call FIRST CLASS SERVICE (NOT).

    • Mine took a long time to come but was then surprisingly valid for two years. My name wasn’t on the paper too for a while.

  • Ian MacKenzie

    A much needed (and long overdue) change (to have the CCR designation linked with Gold/GGL designation in the system.
    It is hugely frustrating to show up at CCR entrance to be told – “your lounge is over there” and then have to pull the CCR card out of my passport holder.
    Can’t believe John got two year validity !!
    I always end up with between 4,500 and 5,100 so will see where I get to in early November.