Whine Wednesdays: No Proper Advance Notice For 3-Hour Planned Power Outage At Conrad Bangkok

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This week the Whine Wednesday visits the Hilton’s flagship property in Bangkok before the Waldorf Astoria opens early next year (read more here).

Conrad Bangkok No Power

I hadn’t stayed at the Conrad for couple of years and made a reservation for last Saturday when I was in the city. I certainly would have booked something else for the night had I known that the building was basically without electricity for three hours starting at midnight.

You can access Conrad Bangkok’s website here.

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Here’s what Conrad could have done:

– They certain knew about this planned maintenance at minimum weeks if not months advance

– There should have been notice on the website that there would be no electricity for three hours starting at midnight

– The hotel should have emailed guests letting them know about this

The manager on duty that checked me in told me about this outage and then found this letter on the desk inside the suite.

Why they didn’t have this info out?

Well. I would assume that it simply boils down to revenue protection (read money). They would have lost multi day bookings to competitors. I certainly would have not stayed here for the night. Once the AC is off for 30 to 45 minutes the temperature becomes too hot fast and air stuffy. Impossible to sleep.


Not sure why the Conrad Bangkok thought that it was good business practice to hide the fact that they were doing some electricity work? Doesn’t the General Manager know that they are in the hospitality business?

I still believe that the hotel offers exceptional value during frequent Hilton Asia-Pacific sales when one can book suites with club access at a regular room price offered some other hotels in Bangkok.

They do, however, need to start working on the hard product soon that has almost become dated by the ultra competitive Bangkok standards. Wouldn’t hurt to have a look at the soft product too and the staffing levels.

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  • Richard Bautista

    No Satisfaction Guarantee for CONRAD hotels?

    • Dr.Florida


    • Isn’t it surprising that Hampton Inn brand has but Conrad doesn’t?

  • Danny

    I live in Bangkok and wouldn’t stay the night in my own condo if I knew the electric would be off for three hours. I wouldn’t be able to sleep without air circulation. You should have left the hotel immediately.

  • Dr.Florida

    One of my top addresses in bangkok . Does not surprise me at all.
    I know them well and stg is always wrong with them. Lolll

  • Mr Low

    I had the same experience with Conrad last Saturday. Was astonished that no one informed me during my check in, and I happened to see the note when I stepped into the room (just an hour before the shut down). Ruined my gym plans – Had to quickly rush to FULL blast the air conditioning and unpack luggage, settle down with a shower.

    Like you rightly pointed, it’s hard to sleep without the air conditioning. Had to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off all the lights when the power came back on.

    Cursed and swear since that was the ONLY night I was putting up at Conrad, and like yourself, I would skip booking Conrad if I knew earlier this is going to happen. Overall it was a BAD experience.

    • Open a case with Hilton’s Guest Assistance and request points for the inconvenience. They simply did not inform their guests because of money (otherwise lost bookings).

      This was planned outage done over the weekend due minimizing interruption for all the business in the All Seasons complex.

  • Jason

    This is one of the worst 5 star hotels in Bangkok. Stay at the Intercon or Banyan tree even the Holiday Inn is better. I would not leave my dog at the Conrad Bangkok!