Emirates Crew Caught Filling Leftover Champagne Back Into Bottle For Future Consumption

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Emirates Airlines passenger who are Champagne connoisseurs should close their eyes right now and better not read any further because the airlines just caught red handed re-using leftover champagne.

A passenger caught a flight attendant on video filling champagne from a glass back into the bottle and uploaded it on social media.

You can access Emirates here.

As much as I try to find a reasonable explanation for something like this, I simply can’t come up with one. Why would a flight attendant on her own decide to re-use a leftover champagne unless she was told to do so per corporate policy? It’s not like it’s her own money!?

The post pretty much speak for itself and there is really nothing more one could or should add until Emirates provides a public statement.


If Emirates is to publicly comment on this then no doubt they will spin this and put the blame on the cabin crew member.

I’m convinced the champagne was a leftover, untouched beverage and not one another guest actually drank from before. Nevertheless why would someone do this? A single glass of Moet champagne, is that really where Emirates has to save nowadays? They pour it left and right, at the plane and in their lounges. That just doesn’t make sense!

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  • maclover_it

    Are you weighing the possibility to complain with Emirates for your past flights with them? You could raise some compensation miles out of this

    As someone pointed out already, it’s not leftovers from other pax, rather from glasses that weren’t touched.
    Should have her been more tactful? Yes.
    Is this something to cry over as a supposed travel expert? Guess not

    • UserName

      Emotional damage is worth a lot of miles!!!

  • basso

    Who says it’s for future consumption? It could be for later disposal, there may well be a reason they couldn’t pour it down the drain at that point (like being on the ground…)

    But feel free to be outraged.

    • Joseph Merrick

      PS: If it is indeed intended for future consumption and the next guest can’t tell that the champagne is stale, he deserves nothing less.

      There are clearly bigger problems in the world right now, than the possibility of receiving a slightly off glass of fizzy beverage.

  • Joseph Merrick

    Why do people think it is okay to show some random persons face on the internet? If I was the stewardess, I would sue the guy posting the video and also everybody distributing it.

    The situation could have been expounded without publicly stoning a person, who is (like you have pointed out yourself) probably just doing what she was told by her superior.

    • cscasi

      Stewardesses went out years ago. They are flight attendants now and have been for years!

      • Joseph Merrick

        for me they haven’t.

        • superduper

          times really have changed? i still call them air waitresses.

    • Moist Towelette

      what law was broken that you would sue for damages? gimme a break

      • Joseph Merrick
        • superduper

          lol. public domain. the person taking the video has copyright. he can sue whoever uses his video. the air waitresses cando squat

        • Joe

          Courts have consistently ruled that the right to privacy does not apply in a public place where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. It will be hard to argue that a plane is not a public place.

          Your second point re personality rights also do not apply as the poster did not post the image rights in a commercial manner. If you actually read the wikipedia article you posted you will realize that.

  • Josh Shaw

    Do your homework before posting something stupid like this. There’s a very logical reason she is doing it. They can’t put champagne down the drain and it must be thrown away in the lavatory or they put it back in the bottle to throw it in the trash. Idiots like this are taking these videos and publishing them without knowing the facts and then make false assumptions. And ps – I have nothing to do with emirates. Never flown them but know many crew from many airlines and this is a standard procedure. Surprised you don’t know this from all the flights you’ve taken.

    • DontBeFooled

      Try urself and u would know how stupid it would be for pouring gassy drinks back to bottles! LOL! There are always designated disposable containers for liquid waste inflight nowadays pls!

    • superduper

      right… when i am served a steak/chicken/crap and i leave the restaurant and food untouched… you come in later and order the same thing… can th erestaurant give my leftover strak/chicken/crap to you?

      bon apetit!!


  • kuldeep singh

    Even if someone actually complained to emirates with proofs they would spin it in such a way that they fire the cabin staff in this. Problem with these MEA ‘s is that there is hardly a recourse to issues if things go wrong as their customer service is pathetic anyway.

  • DontBeFooled

    Originally I just treated it as a joke until someone claimed that its “standard procedures” for handling leftovers (which I ve never heard in my life, including that short period working in the cabin!). I ve immediately consulted a senior purser of one of those prestigious airlines (i do mean prestigious, not those upstarts ME3) about it and found someone just making up and spreading foolish statements!
    The answer is clearly a big NO! Leftovers should never ever put back in the champagne bottles! In the past they could be simply pour away and wont damage the drainage at all. Nowadays champagne leftovers (with all other liquid waste) have to be pour into designated disposable containers in order to save built-in waste tank space (ie. save some cleaning costs). Champagne bottles have to be put aside for recycling (another cost saving measures)! Those are the standard procedures!

    • BenniHK

      Haha! It makes no sense to increase cabin crews’ workload that pouring leftover back into bottles instead of pouring them away, and increase the waste costs by increasing waste volume plus need to clean the bottles later for recycling at the same time… um hm?

  • Maggie Eickhoff

    don’t you think you went a little easy on them? Had this been an American Legacy carrier you would have ripped them and their service reputation apart. But not your beloved ME3!!!