Where’s The Promo For Visiting All Eleven SPG Brands In 2017?

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SPG has been offering bonus Starpoints both in 2015 (read more here) and 2016 (read more here) for those that visited most or all Starwood brands in respective years.

SPG Brands Countries Visited In 2017

I managed to squeeze in some bonus points back in 2015, but my travels in 2016 didn’t take my to places where I could have stayed at Tribute and Element brands.

You can access SPG Dashboard here.

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When I was checking my most recent stays on SPG Dashboard earlier today, I realized that I had just visited all the eleven Starwood brands for the year.

The Element hotel was visited in Amsterdam few months back and also stayed at the Vagabond this past weekend which us part of Tribute Portfolio.

Of course the problem is that there is no promo this year for visiting all SPG brands! I would assume that Marriott is trying to get SPG members to move their stays to their way.


Seems that I will probably end the year having stayed at SPG properties in 30 to 40 countries this year.

I wish that SPG had run some sort of promotion for brand visits this year too, but we should have learned about one by now.

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  • Daniel

    Congrats John, impressive achievement! I am short of 3 brands behind you 😉 I recall last year got a bonus for visiting half of the brands. Cheers!

    • I believe that there was a bonus of 500 points for doing that.

      • Daniel

        Yes true I recall vaguely that. In any case, beside the points, i consider myself a brand explorer so I will try to achieve all brands this year anyway 😉

  • CaraChatelier

    Cool, but was there a point to this post or just wanted to whine?

  • coastmatt

    John, I enjoy the site, and no disrespect, but possibly one of the most ridiculous articles ever.

    You are probably one of a few hundred people who have the ability and willingness to stay at 11 different spg brands in a year. For the rest of us, these promos are an annoyance and probably a waste of time by SPG or Marriott.

    • Last year, I was short of brands (Element and Tribute). I could have perhaps stayed at them but it would have cost me more in time, money and effort than the 11,000 Starpoints would have been worth.

      I think that it was good offer in 2015 and 2016 nevertheless. Many members had a look at what brands SPG has (they had introduced Tribute and Design Hotels) and surely the points swayed some members to try them all out.

  • Buttertart

    Hi John. I’m really disappointed to hear this, but good to know. I’m two brands short and had planned on hitting 11 this year for the first time, but now I won’t bother. Let us know if this changes! Thanks.