UPDATE: China Southern SkyPearl Elite Status Match Promotion For SkyTeam Elite Plus Status Until February 2019


Sebastian wrote on Saturday (access here) about China Southern (SkyTeam member) status match campaign that the airline had published on its Facebook page trying to win business from competing carriers in the North American market.

China Southern promised to match status even from other SkyTeam member airlines that would be valid through February 2019.

Here’s the flyer that China Southern had put up on their Facebook page (now removed):

China Southern Match

Here’s reply that a reader just received:

“Thank you for reaching China Southern Airlines North America Regional Marketing Department, we will reply to you in 3-5 business days.

Special Note:

The “Elite Member Matches” project is specifically sent to members who have been pre-qualified. It s not a public program. We noticed many irresponsible distribution and malicious reproduction of the project, as well as too much forged, altered application materials, China Southern Airlines North America will suspend the application of non-invited members.

If you are informed by our account manager, please include the name of the invitee or CC your account manager.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Southern China North America Marketing Department”

This reply is utter nonsense. The airline itself published the status match on their Facebook page. Is that what they call “irresponsible distribution”? This was not sen to “pre-qualified” members but published (again – keep repeating myself) on their Facebook page.

As this offer was intended for the North American audience, those members that applied for the match and were qualified per the published flyer should open a complaint with the DOT (access here) if their application is rejected.


China Southerns publishes the status match on their Facebook page and once qualified members apply claim that it is not a “public program” (and much other nonsense)?

I hope that members who applied will flood the airline with DOT complaints about this. Perhaps a Chinese company thinks that they can getaway something like this in North America but they shouldn’t.

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  • mishutkas

    I tried to apply and got a no
    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Thank you for writing to us. Agent No.6558 service for you. We are sorry that we don’t have the promotion of matching the status of different airlines companies so far. You can visit our website http://skypearl.csair.com/en/about/member2.html to check the rule of upgrading.

    • Roddy June Lau

      I think you have sent an email to their service centre, they will not know it.

  • Somebody asked about the promotion with a link to your post – I’d bet that let to the removal of the original post.
    I have not received a response to my application, but don’t expect much now…

    • mishutkas

      Why would you think so? And even if, what difference shall it make

  • Roddy June Lau

    I have dialled the service centre in third HQ in China which is based on my Chinese language ability. But, the staffs does not know this promotion. One luck thing is I have submit my apllication on 14th, before this auto reply been seted, I hope my application still alive.
    Unfortunately, I also appeal the case to their headquarter in Guangzhou, I am waiting for their response.

    • Let us know how it goes.

      • Roddy June Lau

        This promotion is not possible now.

  • Guilherme

    Blah blah blah, interesting to see how they change the rules of the game after the start ot the match. Chinese costumer service is a joke, so as China Southern Airlines.

    • Well. At least they really cannot claim that this was targeted when they itself published it on their Facebook page.

      • Feymao Bappin

        I guess I can get their logic:

        1. This promotion targets OVERSEA elite
        2. Facebook is currently banned in China, so people in China can’t see this promotion.
        3. There are many Chinese applicants who supposedly not be able to see this promotion. Someone smuggle those “irresponsible distribution” to people in China.

        conclusion: yes, this post is on facebook, but it is not “publicly published” at least for people in China.

        • Roddy June Lau

          It the truth is a lot of Chinese people who are not oversea have applied for this programme, but use false documents say they are oversea.

  • JC

    Will most definitely file a complaint with the DOT if my application is rejected, given that I meet all the published requirements (sent July 15, not rejected so far, neither has my account been upgraded). Thanks John for the update.

  • Losmano Gongalo
    • Losmano Gongalo

      The DOT has replied saying they don’t believe it’s in their remit but have forwarded it to China Southern anyway.