Reader Question: When IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks For July 2017 Are Out?


Over the past couple of days, I have received several messages from readers about the next batch of IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks and when they will be out.

Reader Question IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks U

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You can access IHG’s page for PointBreaks here.

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Here’s the message from the reader:

Hi John: thank you for your very informative travel blog. I read it all the time. Can you tell me what date you expect the newest IHG point break info to come out ? Will you be posting the info a few days before it goes live ?

The last round of PointBreaks is valid until July 31, 2017

– Booking went live on April 24 (last Monday of April)

– Full preview list was published on April 21 (Friday)

– We received preview from IHG on April 20 (Thursday)

I would assume that we receive the Preview on Thursday (July 27), full list on Friday (July 28) and the booking will go live on Monday (July 31st).

Note that there have been occasional changes to this “release schedule”. We will monitor the situation and will have posts up as soon as we receive information from IHG.


Let’s hope that the new PointBreaks list that we should have in less than a week is a good one. I haven’t been able to take advantage of the PB hotels as of late because travel has been set in stone for bit longer period than in the past.

I certainly remember those stays at the InterContinental Asiana, InterContinental Asiana Residences, InterContinental Hanoi Westlake, Crowne Plaza Bangkok, InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza (now gone), Crowne Plaza Jakarta, InterContinental Tahiti and others that I have been to (sometimes extended period) using these 5,000 points per night bargains.

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  • andre

    what is actually the content of this article? just clickbait !

    • Ramitran

      Trouble understanding simple english? –> “I would assume that we receive the Preview on Thursday (July 27), full
      list on Friday (July 28) and the booking will go live on Monday (July 31st).”

    • Guess who?

      Why so churlish Andre? Lots and lots of folks have long watched this venerable web site as reliable source on just this subject…. I’m glad John is still on the case. Given past patterns, it would indeed have been plausible to ask about the current schedule – in light of past patterns.

    • Robert Kennedy

      Andre, you are not making yourself sound very smart. He clearly stated that a lot of people were asking him about the next pointbreaks release and so he was publicly answering the question for them and for any others who wondering. What is wrong with some people these days…

  • Boobaholic

    Er……..the list has been out a couple of days already !!!
    Finger on the pulse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerhard Peters

    Keep up the great work on this site! I appreciate your hard work and the valuable information I get simply by subscribing to your newsletter. For example, we are planning a trip (destination unknown) in August and today’s email reminded me that we should stay tuned for the Points Break list next week, as we could get some bargains if there are hotels located near some of our possible destinations.
    Thanks again.