Delta Airlines Obnoxious Propaganda Videos Now Targeting Jennifer Aniston Over Her Role In Emirates Commercial


Delta Airlines propaganda department is now targeting Jennifer Aniston over her role in a recent Emirates commercial where in one scene she asked for the shower on a U.S. airline and was laughed at by the flight attendants.

Also in a second video Delta has brought back advertising personality Deltalina (a flight attendant) in a similar propaganda flick who is pointing fingers and ‘educates’ travelers.

I really wonder how low Delta will sink or if it’s really a situation at the moment where ‘everything goes’ is their official policy in advertisement!?

John has written about the 15 minute smear video under the fitting title ‘Watch & Vomit’ (see here) and you can access Delta’s page for the announcement including the video here. Fast forward to 7:10 in the video!

I have watched it back then and it was laughable. I realized back then that they did feature Aniston in it but didn’t think much further of it. Apparently now this snippet was picked up by Fox News who published a damning news piece ridiculing the campaign and citing several customers who posted on social media.

You can find the Fox News article here.

… The video, a slick, 15-minute production, was created to educate Delta employees about the supposed unfair practices of the three largest Gulf carriers, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar, and features “the perspectives of Delta employees and executives, as well as experts in trade, economics and aviation,” according to the Delta press release accompanying the video. …

“The Gulf Carriers have destroyed competition in countries worldwide, and now they are targeting the United States with lavish sponsorships and slick advertising,” narrates the video.

Which is where a snippet from an Emirates commercial starring Jennifer Aniston is looped in. The video segment shows Aniston looking for the showers on an American carrier and being laughed at by flight attendants. …

The scene indeed features something everyone who has flown on US carriers knows all too well. The flight attendants hanging out in the galley and slurping their coffee, the the customer comes to ask for something and the crew acts like asking for a service is some outrageous request.

In the scene the flight attendants of an unnamed airlines depicted as a random U.S. carrier laugh in her face after she asks for ‘the shower’.

In the Delta propaganda flick several Delta employees stated that they feel hurt by Aniston taking part in such a campaign and to send such a message in the U.S. itself.

As per the article:

“I’ve always liked Jennifer Aniston,” said the in-flight service crew member identified as Meleia J in the Delta video. “But when I saw that ad, [it was] very hurtful to see that.”

Another, unidentified crew member also comments, “For her to be sending that message inside the United States, it hits me right here as a Delta employee.”

Absolutely ridiculous and comical! Let’s be honest here: This is exactly what would happen. I’d almost love to try it out with a hidden camera on a future international Delta/American/United flight and see how different the reaction would be. My guess is not much.

Then there was the other Delta produced video in response to the Qatar Airways CEO’s remark that on U.S. airlines ‘you’re being served by grandmothers’ (a comment for which he has since apologized in a letter to the Association of Flight Attendants).

You can access that video here.

The message from Delta here is that they are an inclusive carrier, employing people of all ages and orientations. What completely undermines this important message is that they then go on yet another rant that Qatar only exists because of subsidies and that people should contact their political representatives to complain.

At the same time Delta mentions airlines like Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific who (as per DL) have lost a lot of their customer base to the Gulf carriers. I don’t hear either SQ or CX publicly whining about it but yes, their recent financial reports show a steep decline. Fun fact though: Singapore Airlines flies Tokyo-Los Angeles, Seoul-San Francisco and Frankfurt-New York JFK. Those are bread and butter routes for Delta but apparently this is ok for them?


To feel ‘hurt’ because an actress is doing her job and stars in a commercial and to make this a personal issue disparaging the character of the individual is just cheap and unworthy of a major corporation to put forward.

Delta and other airlines allied with this laughable campaign should focus on the real issues, stop spending money on such cheap propaganda and improve their own product. While I think that Delta has the best hard product of all U.S. carriers I think the soft product (staff, service) has ample room for improvement.

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  • Ian smith

    I think you have hit the nail on the head, I used to fly BA but now choose Qatar because their hard product is far superior. BA had the oportunity to improve their seats on both the A380/Dreamliner, but decided to continue to fit their Business Class passengers into a sardine arrangement. People have now voted with their feet not because of young crew members or cheaper fares, they just used a very simple word called comfort. It is the same with the latest technology if your competitor is producing a far superior product than your own company what choice is the consumer going to make? Just like BA the big three in American have to rebuild their hard products to compete with the Middle East Airlines. BA have at least started their rebuilding process with a promise of a new cabin design etc by 2019. However BA are still in a very diavantagoues position compared to the Middle East airlines, because a lot of their retired or current employees are still receiving some very lucrative contractal benefits that is currently costing the airline millions of pounds per year unlike those from the Middle East Airlines.

    • David

      All three US carriers have been upgrading their hard and soft products and if you want to reintroduce slave labour — i.e. no pensions or retirement benefits for a lifetime of service — then return to the pre-post WW2 world where workers are treated with contempt and abuse. The free enterprise model that lets your employer buy premium class tickets on M3 airlines doesn’t exist in these last bastions of unfettered “royalty”.

      • We have covered the labor issues in the ME too.

        I believe that employees do get some kind of lump sum at the end of their contract. Obviously not for retirement but up to each how they end up using it.

        • Barbarella

          Actually benefits are not that bad in ME3. How come you still have so many Brits and Australians working for them? You can easily google Besides that, they don’t pay federal, state and city taxes (where applicable in some US locations). I would be rather concerned what some LLCs pay to their crews or major US carriers to their part time staff or subcontractors

  • Paul

    We recently flew Delta One from ICN to DTW. The ground crew in ICN forgot to load red wine, so instead of the wines on the on-board menu, we drank from small bottles out of coach. Next the 747 aircraft was old. The business class bathroom was small and dated. The flight attendant who apparently was nearing retirement (while very nice) was forgetful and kept apologizing. Its not the same Delta Airlines anymore…sad.

    • Gaijinsan

      While certainly annoying, at an outstation like ICN, the ground crew who forgot to load wine is not exclusive to DL. That is most likely the same exact contractor who caters KE and OZ as well.

  • Attention All Passengers

    Oh Delta, give it up already. How many times/ ways are you going to mention the words “team”, “family”, “diversity”, “tolerance”, “core values”, “this is not who we are”, ……..Am I the only one so sick of hearing this over-used buzzwords ? – airlines (and everyone else) need to stop using their business as a social experiment and stop patting themselves on the back or constantly verbalizing about social issues. Just do your job, everything else falls into place.

    • Jamo

      This hits the nail on the head, and can be applied to rather a lot of companies actually.

  • Barbarella

    I truly wonder how *LOW* DL can go…. What’s next?? Photo shopping ME3 airlines with some pork bacon slices?

    • Delta seems to be the most fixated about ME3. United was Emirates partner not that long time ago and had jointly filed around the world fares. I remember this well because was contemplating buying one before they were withdrawn.

      • Barbarella

        AA has been codesharing Etihad since Etihad started to fly to the US but now they will stop it since this would be apparently a “treason” to the US labor force and American people. Pathetic. At least. If not simply pompous.

  • Paul Martin

    This site seems to be borderline schizophrenic. Some authors write that all ME carriers are mediocre at best, some sing them praise. It’s hard to take seriously this article when every other word is “propaganda”. If you repeat it again and again, you become a propaganda tool yourself.

  • Robert Kennedy

    It is hard to sympathise with the US airlines when they are continuing to post massive profits. It feels like they don’t want to have to compete with the quality of service offered by these airlines.

    There is a valid argument in there somewhere about the govt. subsidies to the ME3 being unfair but mostly the US airlines just sound like whining babies who are angry that they can’t get away with offering the bare minimum service.

  • Jamo

    Yeah they’re just whinging that they can’t compete with the ME3 product without spending money and reducing profit. What’s scarily worrisome about this article and the video, is that the portrayal of the laughing contemptuous cabin crew is really believable. Anyone watching this video is naturally going to think that this persona is the character of Delta. Sadly, we’ve all seen this attitude at some time or other.

    Furthermore the underlying expectation of passengers to ‘buy American’ is really misunderstood by Delta, if that is their aim in staff videos like this leaking out.

    It’s one thing paying a little extra to go to a local market to support a butcher or baker, or even a local hardware store. It’s another to be expected to pay considerably more for comparably shoddy service and to sit there for 14 hours knowing you be happier and financially better off taking the other option. There is a limit to what can be reasonably expected in terms of loyalty to a company, or to a country.

    The USA is a country deeply founded on capitalism and free trade economics. How bizarre, this is how Delta behaves, in the face of competition.

  • Joachim110

    For someone who needs to fly frequently and has the choice between ME airlines or US airlines it is not even a question to chose ME. The U.S. airlines are bad, service is lousy, customer service is poor and even pricing is bad. A flight from Boston to Bangkok in Business class is almost double with Delta compared to Emirates. It is inconvenient because I need to add hours to fly to one of their hubs and in terms of service it is simply no comparison. The constant complaining of US airlines, their unfit management to improve service and actually not consider customers only as a squeezing bags to make money is annoying and stupid. Perhaps change of Executives with customer service focus would be a real start to gain customers back.

    • The US airlines could operate well without any of their international flying.

      Obviously these Openskies agreements don’t apply for domestic flights where the US airlines can get away with very little competition.

  • baldwin

    Do the ME3 receive government subsidies? With such strong opinions here, this should be an easy question… (I do not know)