IHG Rewards Club Accelerate Promotion August Bonus! (Post Yours)


IHG Rewards Club launched (yet another) Accelerate-promotion back in late April that is valid for stays between May 15 – August 31, 2017 (access my main post here).

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate-Promo August Bonus

IHG Rewards Club has now added an additional August-promotion for some and those that have completed the promotion have received additional bonus offer as well. Remember to post your August offer on the comments section below!

You can access IHG Rewards Club Accelerate-promotion here.

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Here’s my August offer:

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate-Promo August Bonus Mine

Here’s an offer extended to a reader that had completed their Accelerate already:

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate-Promo August Bonus Reader

Another reader messaged that he was offered 1,800 bonus points for an August stay.


The additional August-bonus is offered to those that have not completed or are nowhere completing their Accelerate-hurdles.

I decided early that there is no way that I can get in the required 36 IHG nights during the promotional period due to cities/countries where I am over the promo period. I am currently standing at 17 nights after the stay tonight (Sunday) posts to IHG. Probably will end somewhere between 25 to 30 nights.

Post what your IHG August-bonus offer is on the comment section below by uploading it as an image.

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  • 1,500 bonus points

  • I’ve got +2000 points. But this time i’m not doing this accelerate.

  • hclee01

    Stay once in August and get 2,000 bonus pointshttps://www.ihg.com/content/gb/en/offers/q2accelerate2017/terms.apxx.10

  • Gary Gray

    Stay 3 times, get 5,000 points, unlimited until Aug 31st, 2017. My accelerate is complete.

  • I got the 2000 points too, which I should be able to redeem as I’m staying three weeks (but only two qualifying) in August.

    Unfortunately I won’t get to the full set of bonus because they still require the silly “Book with IHG app”, which never ever worked for me, even when I did book through their app multiple times. The other requirement is a Your Rate with bonus points, and since I travel for work that is not really feasible. If I had a weekend for myself I may have just booked two one-night stays with it, but meh, not worth it right now.

  • Stay once in August and get 1,500 bonus points.
    Unfortunately this edition is not an easy one for me (40,2K for 19 nights) so gonna stay few times only…

  • Mateusz Ogrodnik

    No extra for me…

  • Jack Patooti

    Actually, for those if us who looked closely, there were already hidden incentives for July and August even if you signed up in May, they showed up when printed out back then. So even though the bonus offers don’t appear as in my case, it’s quite likely you are eligible for these hidden offers. I called and was told indeed the offers that are on my print out in May, are visible to IHG (but not me, go figure)and I would receive my July bonus in 2-4 weeks, even though it doesn’t appear. The bonus was 2500 for July and 1500 for August. Logically, this makes sense for IHG to incentivize those of us who achieved the full bonus by July to stay more times to get another bonus. I suggest claiming you had a 2500 bonus for July and 1500 for August, it’s quite likely you are eligible even if you no longer see the offer on your account.rr

    • There was nothing extra in July for me in the promo dashboard. Wouldn’t surprise if they had IT issues and was not or perhaps only extended to those who had already completed their offers.

  • Bret

    1,500 August Bonus Play
    Stay once in August and get 1,500 bonus points.

    • Sergey Fedorov

      Same here, 1500.

  • gnuowned

    Well they offer me another 5000 points for every 3 nights I stay, I have 9/10 goals completed and this week I will complete the last one (stay in san francisco) So, pretty good deal 😀

  • Felix
  • Bruno Almeida

    August Bonus Play
    Stay once in August and get 1,500 bonus points.

  • Phong Huynh

    I will have completed my Accelerate challenge by the end of this week. But my August additional bonus is 1500 points for an extra stay in August.

  • ig000

    I completed 5 out of the 6 requirements for Accelerate. In total I received 44,600 points (minus a few that I used for a stay for points plus money). The August bonus is a measly 1500 to do one stay before the end of August. I’m not going to do that one.

  • Mahomed Jogiat

    1,500 August Bonus Play
    Stay once in August and get 1,500 bonus points.

  • Dmitry B

    Stay once in August and get 2,000 bonus points

  • I got the stay once in August and get 2,000 bonus points as well.

  • PhxFurbear

    August Bonus Play
    Stay once in August and get 1,500 bonus points.