Compensation Clinic: Conrad Bangkok (No Advance Notice Of Planned Power Outage)


This week the Compensation Clinic-case cones from my Conrad Bangkok Whine Wednesdays (read here) piece where hotel failed to properly inform guests in advance about planned power outage.

Compensation Clinic Conrad Bangkok

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You can access Conrad Bangkok’s website here.

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Here what happened from the Whine Wednesdays:

I hadn’t stayed at the Conrad for couple of years and made a reservation for last Saturday when I was in the city. I certainly would have booked something else for the night had I known that the building was basically without electricity for three hours starting at midnight.

Conrad Bangkok No Power

Here’s what Conrad could have done:

– They certain knew about this planned maintenance at minimum weeks if not months advance

– There should have been notice on the website that there would be no electricity for three hours starting at midnight

– The hotel should have emailed guests letting them know about this

The manager on duty that checked me in told me about this outage and then found this letter on the desk inside the suite.

Why they didn’t have this info out?

Well. I would assume that it simply boils down to revenue protection (read money). They would have lost multi day bookings to competitors. I certainly would have not stayed here for the night. Once the AC is off for 30 to 45 minutes the temperature becomes too hot fast and air stuffy. Impossible to sleep.

Decided to send an email to Diamond Guest Services:

Compensation Clinic Conrad Bangkok Email 1

Their reply:

Compensation Clinic Conrad Bangkok Email 2

No reply from Conrad:

Compensation Clinic Conrad Bangkok Email 3

Their proposal:

Compensation Clinic Conrad Bangkok Email 4

My proposal:

Compensation Clinic Conrad Bangkok Email 5

Their reply:

Compensation Clinic Conrad Bangkok Email 6

And points posted:

Compensation Clinic Conrad Bangkok Bonus


It is very unfortunate that the hotel made a business decision not to warn guests in advance of this power work that had been known for a while. Many guests would have decided to stay elsewhere (I certainly had).

I believe that it has been too easy for Conrad for years when there were only two Hilton affiliated properties in a city as big as Bangkok (the other Millennium Hilton). They got rooms filled without having to keep the property up to Conrad standards and being lax on the service side.

Now that the Hilton and DoubleTree hotels are up and running close by (in the Sukhumvit) and the Waldorf-Astoria is set to open early 2018 next to Grand Hyatt, there are more options for those that prefer staying exclusively at Hilton affiliated hotels.

Guest Assistance charges $200 for each case they open for Diamond members and the property will pay for the issued points as well.

This non-replying to the complaint and properly dealing with the issue cost in my case roughly $400 for the Conrad Bangkok. I hope that other members that stayed there during the power outage period filed with the Guest Assistance too.

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  • Richard Bautista

    I stayed at the newly opened Hilton Garden Inn Singapore and had problems with plumbing in the shower. Lodged a complaint under the brand’s Satisfaction Guarantee. Was initially offered 10K points but I pushed for a full refund – which they eventually did. Think the policy is very helpful especially when the standard of service is really poor. Hope Conrad adopts the same.

  • Bill___A

    It was certainly not very considerate of the hotel to fail to inform the guests in advance. I would have been quite upset with this if it were me. Fortunately, I’ve had good luck with hotels disclosing situations such as this…so far. I’m glad the Hilton Customer service gave some realistic compensation for this (with some prodding).

  • colin

    I agree a HH BMG Cert is more that the issue is worth, especially bearing in mind the later cost to the Conrad Bangkok when later used (as is the norm with BMG’s) at a pricier Conrad at higher than normal daily rate on an in demand night for events/NYE etc

    A fair refund would be 50%-100% of points per night at the problem hotel. The slight problem since April is this is now variable, so it would be the normal old maximum the hotel used to charge every night on points.

  • MWDB

    I am not sure your assessment that the hotel would have known about this maintenance months in advance is necessarily accurate. It’s a shame the property did not respond as now we’ll never know.

  • Laurel Wang

    I’m surprised they only offered you 20k for power outage. They offered me 30k because the concierge called me a scam taxi who unsuccessfully tried to take me to a tourist trap.

  • Kyushuman

    You mention that Western guests might not be able to cope well with 30C heat…. does that mean that Eastern guests will be fine? 😀 Otherwise totally a great post. Hotels that are not up front about maintenance and other issues know what they’re doing, I like when it’s called out.