Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Portfolio With Moleskine Notebook (Have You Received?)


Le Club AccorHotels has sent out a surprise Platinum portfolio that arrived yesterday with Moleskine notebook for taking notes (of hotel failures of course).

Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Kit Inside

Not sure if Accor mailed out Platinum package earlier this year (cannot remember) but they have for sure spend money with this one and used express postal service for delivery.

You can access Le Club AccorHotels here.

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Mysterious package from France:

Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Kit Postal Package

With Accor logos on the backside:

Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Kit Outside 2

Feel Unique?

Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Kit Outside 1

Feel Welcome?

Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Kit Outside 1 1

Letter explaining benefits:

Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Kit Text


Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Kit Card

This is done very nicely bending to the background. It features MGallery property from Chiang Mai.

Moleskine notebook:

Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Kit Moleskine


Le Club AccorHotels has spend some $$$$ by making this package happen and then sending it by express to program members with just five months of membership year left.

I really like the package and I actually always have one of these Moleskine notebooks with me albeit bit bigger version for note taking.

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  • Andrew G

    I’m a platinum member, but I’ve not received one. I hope mine is in the post. Accor should provides more benefits like this.

  • Aatos

    I’m also Platinum member for Accor but I haven’t got so far any Moleskine notebook. Hope that it is on the way…

  • Boobaholic

    Plat. for 2 years and not received mine yet 🙁
    Not really on track to requalify at Plat. For the following year.

  • Pablo

    I’d be interested to know if anyone who is Accor plus has received one.

    • thatsthatmattressman

      hey Pablo are u in Australia? I am and also Accor plus platinum but no book received…

      • Pablo

        Yes, based in Australia. My Accor Plus only renewed in July and I got the old card and no welcome back gift.

      • vittmini

        I am and also Accor plus platinum but no book received too.

  • Dogmatick

    Waaah where’s mine 🙁 Platinum for six years now. To be honest though the perks without a notebook are equally excellent in the UAE

  • Peter Galvin

    Yep I got one at the weekend. I was stunned to get it to be honest.
    But really a little black book? Cliché lol

  • Denise Cantor

    I got one of these packages last week–wonder if we’ll get a second one as my husband and I are both Platinum members. I only wish their customer service email address would answer my questions–have sent them 3 emails but still no answers.

    Also find their website VERY confusing–hard to find the information you are looking for in a quick and easy manner.

    • Andrew G

      Customer service is terrible for Le club members. I was entitled to bonus points from an offer – but only got half of them credited to my account. After several emails the situation was still not resolved. They just stopped replying. They clearly didn’t want me to have the points or explain why I couldn’t have them.

  • DrSmythe

    Accor Platinum member in Australia (to Dec 2018). I received this yesterday. The kit (minus any personally identifying material) went straight into the recycling bin. No need or interest in anything but a digital card

  • Juergen Munich

    recieved it too two days ago platinuum since 3 years

  • HanoiIG

    We have been Platinum for now and have already qualified for next year but have never received any sort of gifts from them. Not that we need it or want it. I’d really like them to bring Fairmont/Raffles into the program.

  • inoculate

    can i earn accor points from dining when i am not staying in the hotel? what about SPG chain?
    i just want to have dinner in the hotel. can i gain points?

    • oziwarren

      My experience for casual dining (not staying inhouse) is no points.

    • Andrew G

      You have to be staying in the hotel you are dining in and have booked that stay through Accor to earn points.

  • JC

    Platinum for 4 or 5 years with US address and have not received anything.

  • Ann Ang

    I jus got mine today. Surprise

  • oziwarren

    I’m in Australia, I haven’t receive mine yet, but I am patient. I love the Platinum program, it’s a different world.

  • Claudio Giuseppe Fradale

    In italy, was arrived 2 days ago, same packaging

  • alesw

    I recieved last week too, same packaging,