Starwood Has Problems Sending Out Lifetime Platinum Kits? (Perhaps Marriott Sends Me Book Of Mormon Instead?)


Back in late April, I qualified for the lifetime SPG Platinum status after 10 years of Platinum status with the program and more than 500 nights. I wrote about this at the time (access here).

SPG Lifetime Kit

SPG sends lifetime Platinum members supposedly a nice package with metal card and a map that shows all the destinations that one has been to. The reason why I use word “supposedly” is that Starwood has now unsuccessfully sent it to my address in Finland. Whether they have actually dispatched it or not, who knows.

You can access Starwood’s page for Lifetime status here.

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SPG Reply JUly 3 U

I inquired via SPG chat what happened to the lifetime kit. The person at the other end basically ended the chat before even answering the question. I gave him/her very bad marks on the after chat survey and requested supervisor to review the convo.

SPG Reply JUly 3 2

Other members that had qualified for the lifetime status in late April/early May had received their kits in early June. I inquired the status of my kit in early July. They got back to me that the delivery would be in the 10 to 12 weeks range.

SPG Reply JUly 17

When I contacted SPG again regarding this, I got push back from the same person that I shouldn’t be contacting them before July 31st that would be 12 weeks from the date I supposedly requested the kit.

SPG Reply JUly 31 U

The time was up and then the person decided that it was time to contact the person handling these kits.

SPG Reply Aug 1

Surprise surprise! The kit was supposedly sent to the address in Finland on June 15 and returned. Why didn’t she contact the “supervisor” when I originally raised the issue on early July?

SPG Reply Aug 3

Other companies have no issue delivering mail and packages to my address in Helsinki….

SPG Reply Aug 4

Then someone from Marriott in Ireland emailed me on Friday asking an alternate address that I emailed.


What an ordeal to get the lifetime kit out from SPG! Shouldn’t have been that difficult for them to drop me an email with the FedEx tracking info IF they actually ship the kit out back in mid-June as they claim to have done.

The featured photo above was actually emailed to me by a longtime reader that doesn’t like the fact that Marriott places all these fictional readings to guest rooms without asking guest approval first.

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  • Lashaniqua Johnson (St. Louis)

    Attention snowflake. Let it go. Would you post this junk if you got a Koran instead? No, because we all know you’d get attacked or killed in some countries. Let it go. Marriott is owned by Mormons. Same reason I will NOT ever step foot on Emriates. SPG was bought by Marriott you pansie.

  • Lashaniqua Johnson (St. Louis)

    ^^^Snowflake alert^^^

  • Jim

    Tolerance is a two-way street, John. It seems a little hypocritical to whine about Marriott “pushing” a religion on you, while at the same time pushing your assertion that it’s obviously fictional in the same sentence. It’s a book in a closed drawer; if you don’t want to read it, no one’s forcing you.

    • NexusMan


  • Razz

    As a publicly owned company the mailing of a religious text could be seen as problematic vs if they were privately owned, in which case it would definitely be the Marriott family’s decision. Clearly if they were a US government owned company then the separation of church and state would prohibit their mailing out the Book of Mormon.

    • NexusMan

      They didn’t mail it. It’s a religious book, of the religion of the owners of the hotel, placed in a closed drawer in a hotel room. Just as the Bible has been placed in closed drawers of hotel rooms for years.

  • Joseph Merrick

    I usually enjoy reading your posts but this one is simply ridiculous. Why make such a fuss about a lifetime status kit? And what has this got to do with the book?

    It seems like you are using your blog to lash out at Marriott. If you have such low regard for them, why stay more than 500 nights?

  • NexusMan

    Boo boo hoo. You didn’t get your metal card and map showing where you’ve stayed. Get over yourself you entitled cry baby. You want to talk about fictional? Talk about your Platinum status and this metal card you’re so obsessed with. It means nothing. It’s a hotel loyalty program. It’s something they throw at you in exchange for you making them rich. You being “Platinum” and getting a metal card, lol, means absolutely nothing in the greater scheme of things. Get over yourself and your metal card. Nobody actually cares. Especially the people working at these hotels.

  • Patrick Schrek

    This was a low-rent, gratuitous shot at a harmless religious group (we don’t get undressed at the airport because the LDS want to inflict their faith upon us) AND the best hotel loyalty program in the business (only person that treats me better than Starwood is my mother). Hence, I acted as an adult and unsubscribed from the blog.