Reader Question: IHG Rewards Platinum Status Via U.S. Issued Credit Card – How Fast Do I Get My Status?


A reader contacted us asking if we had any experience how long it takes for the IHG Platinum Status perk of the Chase (U.S.) issued credit card to be activated on his rewards account after card approval.

While we had no direct experience with the card I decided to just apply for it as I was playing with the thought of it anyway and there was a decent sign up offer at the moment.

The IHG Rewards Club credit card which is issued in the U.S. by Chase Bank has been recommended to me multiple times by friends as it comes with permanent Platinum status as well as a free reward night every year at only US$49 annually.

Here is the question our reader Ralph had:

Hi, I’m about to head for a three week vacation and will be staying at several hotels that belong to the IHG chain. I tried to initiate a status match from my Hyatt Diamond but they declined saying the promotion ended. Now I’m trying to somehow get IHG Platinum before the end of August and the only viable option seems to me to get their credit card. Any ideas how long it will take for them to reflect the new status?

Indeed IHG stopped matching other programs status levels quite some time ago which is a bit of a bummer as it used to be very easy to get matched by them (probably too easy, hence the reason why they stopped it).

Banks can take their sweet time to correspond with the loyalty programs when it comes to the benefits that connect the credit card to the actual loyalty account, even though I found Chase to be quite good in terms of speed.

You can access their current offer on the Chase Credit Card website [LoyaltyLobby doesn’t provide links to these specific card offers right now but it’s obviously very easy to find on you own] where they currently offer 80,000 IHG Rewards points after spending US$1000 with the card within the first 3 months.

Additionally the card offers Platinum Status for the rewards account as long as the credit card membership remains active which is a very good deal. Combined with the annual free night and the 10% refund on all points redemptions it makes this card a real bargain even if you don’t use it for any purchases beyond the initial spend requirement at all.

Anyway, reminded by the reader to have another look at the card I decided to finally apply for it while I was on holiday in Bali last week. Card application and instant approval (with an insanely high credit limit for whatever reason) took place on July 31st.

The upgrade to Platinum showed up on my account just three days later which really surprised me:

Answer to Reader Question:

Based on this experience the status will reflect very fast after card approval and he should be able to get everything in order in the time frame mentioned.

Another thing to mention is that the IHG Rewards Credit Card does not count into Chase’s self adopted limitation of any 5 Rewards Cards (all banks) within a 24 month period, otherwise known as the infamous  ‘5/24 Rule’  which would prevent a customer from receiving new rewards cards for the time being.


As mentioned the overall package of this IHG Rewards Credit Card is pretty good and the annual free night alone makes it more than worth the $49 fee. I’m glad I finally decided to apply for the card I had almost forgotten about and the current (as of August 2017) enhanced sign up bonus makes it even more attractive.

It’s relatively hard to obtain IHG Platinum from scratch nowadays and in my opinion too hard compared to the benefits offered for the status. I personally wouldn’t invest 40 IHG nights for their Platinum status but that all depends on someones travel profile. IHG has hotels pretty much anywhere and suitable for all budgets so they can certainly attract more customers than lets say Hyatt with a limited footprint and higher rates.

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  • They should start this offer with CC in Europe

    • That would be great for the customers but it’s very hard to find a credit card issuer in continental Europe to offer the card. Outside the UK, generous sign up bonuses aren’t very common as people don’t leave a balance on their card that allows the bank to profit. Hilton has a Visa credit card with DKB in Germany that gives Gold status and a small amount of HHonors points per Euro spent (I think 1 point per EUR, worthless!).

      • David Marik

        Lieber Sebastian, ich lese (anders als manch andere hier) deine Beiträge noch recht gerne und höre auch immer wieder von diesen Karten in den USA. Weisst Du eventuell, wieso es solche krazzen Angebote in Europa nicht gibt? Allein das hier hat ja für 50 Dollar und einmalig 1000 Umsatz (kann ja zB auch Paypal sein) 2-3 Freinächte im Wert von (Bora Bora) locker 2000 USD… ?! Da beneidet man die Amerikaner ja richtig, aber warum geht das bei Europas Banken nicht? Dein Vergleich mit der DKB zeigt ja auch schon, das es lächerlich ist was man da bekommt.

        • Hi David, banks pay for these high welcome bonuses in the U.S. / Australia etc with the interest they hope people will pay on their balances. Most customers in Europe (and Germany specifically) pay off their monthly bill in full and don’t incur any interest. Very little incentive for the banks to give large bonuses for credit cards. That being said in relation to my Hilton/DKB example, the allure of that card is to keep Hilton Gold for just 49 EUR a year.

  • I got this card back in 2014 with 60,000 bonus points. Months later it does up to 80,000. Bummer but the benefits are well worth it especially the free night and refund for rewards nights.

    • Yes, the reason why it was stuck at 60k for quite some time (until June) is the reason why I haven’t applied earlier. I knew at some point the 80k will come back.

  • Njdevilku13

    If I stay one night in either DC, NY, SF, LA, or Orlando, and apply for the credit card, I fulfill my Summer Accelerate offer.

  • JasPar

    I checked this one out, my offer was 100,000 points for spending $2000 in the first 3 months.