Farce Continues: China Southern SkyPearl Elite Status Match Promotion For SkyTeam Elite Plus Status Until February 2019 (New Match Form + Statement From The Airline)


I can not understand all the twist and turns surrounding the China Southern SkyPearl Elite Status Match Promotion (SkyTeam Elite Plus) that we first wrote back in June (read more here).

China Southern Match Farce

It was promptly withdrawn blaming unauthorized distribution and forgery (read more here) and I wrote an update on it the other day (read more here) when some readers had received denials. They now have emailed a status match form to some members and their office in LA dropped me an email today asking for a correction.

Here’s the status match form:

Download (XLS, 32KB)

Email address to use: czmarketing@csair.us

Here’s the statement from China Southern in Los Angeles:

I want to declare following points in the article are not the fully truth :

This article was come from a post from our Facebook page. We never denied that post, but we have to say we removed the schedule but it still posted as schedule, we deleted right away when we noticed. And keep this program open application for people see from the Facebook page.

Even the post itself is for applications inquire not a guarantee for successful match. So people all be denied is not the truth.

People may feel unhappy if they are not qualified, we care their feelings and respect their rights as well as we respect the truth.

We hope you could correct the truth in your article.


China Southern should have been clearer from the get-go who was their target group. When they post something like this on their public Facebook page it will spread like wildfire.

In retrospect, they should have had a requirement to have few China Southern segments after the match to extend the status for a full two years (or something) like other airlines have done. This would have weeded out those that had no plans flying or trying out China Southern in the first place.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to honor the match to those that have supplied non-manufactured credentials, however. The benefits are provided by the operating airlines anyway and if the matched members don’t fly what does it cost to mail out an elite kit? A few bucks at max for each member.

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  • stvr

    Don’t let them bully you!

    • Anonymous traveler

      The person who wrote the email will be shocked and surprised that John has put it on the internet that all bloggers and customers can correct so many unbelievable grammatical mistakes, but not to correct his position on this public relation disaster from China Southern Airlines.

      Maybe John should have a competition of the best winner who can correct the content in a more professional manner.

      Someone from LA office will look for a new job soon.

      Good work John and keep us posted.

  • David Stevenson

    Are they saying that CZ will now honour the status match by applying again using the xls template and emailing it to them?

    I also think that CZ need to hire someone who can communicate clearly in English.

  • Max

    They need to hire someone who can communicate in real English.

  • Max

    They should hire someone who can communicate in real English.

  • sam

    John, in reference to the operating carrier providing the benefit, but not the cost muchbenefits are used on other airlines. I wanted to share something I heard.

    I had an agent at the a MH lounge in KL tell me they charged their OW partner BA on a per PAX basis. Perhaps there is more of a financial burden to CZ giving these out to non CZ fliers? I have no other knowledge on the topic, but that anecdote. Just sharing.

  • Losmano Gongalo

    Any chance you can translate the broken English into English? What are they trying to say?

    • Roddy June Lau

      They are intent to say the previous post is not true, not all of the applicants get rejected (although I did not see any phase about totally rejected). Then, they are not happy about that post and ask for correction.

  • Ding

    China Southern is not a bad airline, at least they are trying. Of course they don’t get everything right, especially by western standards. Probably they were well intended by offering status match but I bet they got scared by hordes of Chinese frequent fliers ramming them for the match with fake/altered documents. Chinese FF related discussion sites are full of people openly admitting that they had provided with PSed (photoshoped) documents and that they got a match (or not) – being it with a hotel chain or airline status. Lying, cheating, being dishonest, illegal copying etc is (mostly) not met with any condemnation in Chinese (I mean Mainland China) society. In the China Southern case, they would never openly admit a mistake and continue with more and more ridiculous explanations for the situation. It’s just not in Chinese culture to proactively say – hey guys, listen up, we screwed up but we want to fix it. I guess it’s because no one in CS would like to take personal responsibility for that (another cultural thing in China – avoiding responsibility). It would be equal to being fired.
    Now, let’s try to take another approach: hey @John, since CS contacted you in a private message, how about aiming at benefiting all of our FF community, replying them in private (to let them keep their face) and explaining step by step (like talking to a child) how you think it should have been done and how to fix it now. I mean some honest advisory – I’m sure they’d be grateful, and another cultural thing – they do know how to express gratitude! Help them, help all of us @John!

    • Roddy June Lau

      I just tried to approach them, but unsuccessful

  • Paul

    This is seriously the statement from their company’s marketing department? Laughable.