Malaysia Airlines To End Scheduled A380 Service In March 2018, To Be Replaced By Airbus A350


Malaysia Airlines will officially end it’s (last) scheduled A380 services to London on March, 4 2018 after which this route will be served with Airbus A350 aircraft as the newly loaded schedule shows.

MAS will continue to use their A380 for other services such as charter and also reconfigure them very dense for Hajj Flights, that transport pilgrims to Saudia Arabia.

Malaysia Airlines has scaled back their destinations overall and also their A380 services over the years with London being the last remaining destination that is currently served by the double decker aircraft.

The last flight of the A380 from Kuala Lumpur to London will depart KUL on March 4th 2018 at 11:30pm. It will then return from LHR to KUL on March 5th as flight MH3.

The following day, March 5th 2018 flight MH2 will be operated by a second Airbus A350:

As can be seen the A350 will still feature a First Class cabin for both London flights, one morning and one evening departure.

Malaysia Airlines had tremendous trouble over the past years which included two crashes, new CEO’s and a slimming down of the entire company in an attempt to make it competitive again. Several overseas routes have been cut entirely such as Frankfurt.

At the same time MAS was well known for throwing extremely cheap tickets in premium class onto the market, especially from Bangkok, Phuket and other markets in South East Asia.


While I’ve personally never flown on the MH A380, I remember John did so a couple of times and the plane still had the older angled Business Class seats in the upper deck. The A350 will certainly be a more comfortable experience for Business Class travelers.

It’s still sad to see first the 747 and now the A380 disappear from scheduled service. A strong signal that the era of the mega aircraft might come to an end for most airlines.

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  • colin

    Use of large A380’s by Asia Hubs (and ME3 Hubs) is not because of point to point to the Airlines home country Hub airport, but to help fill their regio al flights. It works great for me as eg SQ LON-SIN-MNL ends up as just 70gb more than LON-SIN when a separate SIN-MNL is 300gbp or more… and yes MH killed off all but LHR to/from europe

    In fact with MH, going to KL only is pricier than continuing onto SIN/MNL/CGK/(BKK sometimes) … go figure! I guess a discount to steal passengers on price from LHR-xxxx direct flights to fill the bigger seat numbers. Alas smaller 350 v 380 and less seats in plane willprobably mean higher prices (and end of MH sales)

    I will miss the MH a380 to/from LHR it is a great service and no business seats in A380 ae not angled seats, 2-2-2 seating .. unless you mean not a true “flatbed”… I don’t really mind the small slope on a sleep.

  • Denis D

    Sad for those who are frequent on the route. I’ve got a couple of buds who always fly MH from London to Singapore just because MH 380 are half full at best all the time (in economy). As they say you can almost always get 3-4 seats for yourself.

    It’s interesting to see if MH is going to reconfigure the cabins. I believe it would make sense for them to invest some cash and fit those birds with 800+ Y seats for Hajj flights.