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Qatar Airways Calls Off Plans To Acquire Stake In American Airlines

Qatar Airways publicly abandoned a plan today which was announced In late June that the company would seek to take 10% stake in American Airlines and intended to increase its ownership to 4.75%.

Qatar Airways already owns 20% of IAG (the parent of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling) but said today in their brief statement that buying a stake “no longer meets our objectives,”.

American Airlines Buy & Gift AAdvantage Miles Up To 85,000 Bonus + 10% Off Until August 31, 2017

American Airlines has launched a new buy & gift AAdvantage campaign with up to 85,000 bonus miles combined with 10% off of purchases made until August 31, 2017.

American Airlines upped a while back the number of miles that you can buy before any bonuses to 150,000 every calendar year.

Too Cheap To Be True (?) – What’s All The Buzz About The $650 Qatar Airways Business Class Tickets Ex Vietnam?


As so often with extremely low priced premium fares that are almost too cheap to be believed, news about these ‘Special Deals’ make their way like a wildfire through the internet including social media groups and travel blogs.

Even though we at LoyaltyLobby have had a longstanding policy of not covering the fares per se we would like to briefly shine some light on this specific fare and what mistakes not to make when booking them.

Whine Wednesdays: Unstaffed Elite Check-In Counters At Hotels (All Chains)


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about something that is truly annoying: Hotels that don’t staff their check-in desk properly, especially the elite check in line.

Having a dedicated Elite Check-in and then no staff at all to attend to it just adds insult to injury compared to waiting in line like everybody else.

Indonesian Military Officer Beats Airport Security Staff After His Family Missed Their Flight


Yet another incident surfaced from Indonesia’s Jakarta Airport where government officials were once again involved in abusive behavior against airport staff, this time in the beating of a security officer.

A military (navy) officer who accompanied family to the airport was apparently upset with security staff who as per his impression caused his family to miss their flight and then beat the man until blood was flowing.

Airport Worker At Nice Airport Punches EasyJet Passenger While Holding A Baby During Delay Situation


An airport worker who is employed at a local ground handling agent apparently lost it and landed a punch into a passengers face during a conflict that likely arose while discussing the 11 hour delay of the EasyJet flight.

Both individuals were taken away by airport police but the passenger who was holding his baby at the time of the incident was let back on board when the flight finally took off, showing a mark on his face.

Presidential Suite Upgrades And Why They Aren’t Necessarily A Good Place To Stay In


Have you ever stayed at a hotel room that’s so large that you felt it’s almost uncomfortable to stay in? You might have exactly that feeling when the hotel tries to do you a favor and upgrades you to the Presidential Suite!

Presidential Suites and similar large hotel suite arrangements aren’t meant for actually staying there as a regular guest with 1-2 people but rather to accommodate a group or at least a very large family.

U.K. Set To Further Ease Laptop Restrictions For Certain (Not All) Middle Eastern Flights, Two Turkish Airlines Cleared!

The UK Government has announced a reduction of flights subjected to the infamous laptop ban which has been in place now for a few months.

Following the policy adjustment of the U.S. Government now the UK also allows laptops to be taken on board again from certain, previously restricted destinations/flights and the list could keep growing.

Soon To Come: Six Days Visa Free Transit In Beijing, Tianjin & Hebei Province (Currently 72 Hours)


China announced this week that the existing 3 Day (72 Hour) Visa Free Transit Program for the Airports Beijing & Tianjin will be upped to 6 Days (144 hours) by the end of the year.

A vice mayor of Beijing made the surprise announcement this week while promoting economic activities in the region and to ‘further open up the capitals service industry’.

Handle With Care: At United Airlines Even Your Baggage Can Fly – Right Onto The Tarmac!


Poor United Airlines can’t catch a break from bad PR as yet another negative story surfaced where a passenger took a video of Bags being thrown out of a plane onto the tarmac.

The same video shows a conveyor belt also dumping bags onto the ground because it’s not aligned with a baggage cart and no ramp staff is available to move the baggage.

Fabulous Fridays: International First Class Cabin Sold As Business Class – Flying Thai Airways From Bangkok To Bali!


Every now and then you come across a very good deal for flights and so it happened it our Fabulous Fridays topic this week when I discovered that Thai Airways now flies with a Boeing 747 to Bali again.

As I already knew from searching the fares that Thai doesn’t sell First Class on this route I was wondering what would happen with the First Class cabin on this 747 and if it might be possible to secure a seat there.

Reminder: Always Compare The Rates At Currency Exchange Booths To Avoid Being Ripped Off – Case: SCB Bangkok Airport


When flying out of Bangkok recently I stopped by one of their currency exchange booths to check if it makes sense to exchange a few Thai Baht against Indonesian Rupiah since there is often a long lineup at the ATM inside Bali Airport.

The rate that was offered by SCB was absolutely outrageous, compared to the real time rates they had a spread of 56% which is the worst rate I’ve ever seen in my life at such a booth.

Whine Wednesday: Immigration Lines Out Of Control In Indonesia (Jakarta & Denpasar Airport)


Both John and myself were traveling through airports in Indonesia this past week and the topic of our Whine Wednesday this week are the immigration lines at Jakarta and Denpasar-Bali Airports that were completely out of control.

For the past couple of years the lines have gotten less but it appears that Indonesia has (purposely?) cut back on border patrol staff again and the lineup can be horrible.

Delta Airlines Pilot & Flight Attendant Get Into Fight, Causing Two Hour Delay

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Not a good day for a pilot and a flight attendant of Delta Airlines as they got into a fight on board their flight from New York to Main, causing a 2 hour delay.

From accounts of the fight the pilot called the FA a “piece of sh**t and after the altercation a group of police officers boarded the plane.

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