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An Air France Passenger en route to Paris was caught during the flight while smuggling her baby in a carry on bag all the way from Istanbul, obviously without a ticket for the infant.

Air France A330 BabyThe woman managed to go through all security checks undetected (says a lot about the safety standard at IST) but a fellow passenger noticed the duffle bag moving and alerted the cabin crew. [click to continue…]

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Here are six reader questions from the past week (so many good questions coming in!) that I have decided to reply to publicly. You can always email me, leave a note or private message on Facebook, or Tweet me with your questions.

Reader Questions December 26

Note that I can shorten the emails and edit them for clarity. I always remove the personal information of both the reader and front line employees. If there are managers involved, I may leave their names intact, however. [click to continue…]

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Yesterday afternoon it was all over the news that a bomb has been found on an Air France airliner that was diverted to Kenya. This turned out to be a false alert, the suspicious object wasn’t a bomb.

AF Bomb FASince yesterday, authorities who investigated the case and retrieved the object from the aircraft gave the green light that the flight has not been in danger.  [click to continue…]

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A suspicious package which has been identified as a bomb has been found on an Air France flight en route from Mauritius to Paris Charles de Gaulle. The flight was immediately diverted and all passengers and crew left the aircraft safely.

Air France B777The item was found on Air France Flight AF463, with 459 passengers and 14 crew members on board after already being in the air from Mauritius airport. [click to continue…]