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Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes apologized personally to a flight attendant of Thai Air Asia who felt compelled to prostrate herself in front of a complaining female passenger on a Bangkok bound flight.

Air Asia PlaneThe passengers felt insulted after the flight attendant asked if her autistic daughter was ‘ok’ and if she could do anything to make her feel better. [click to continue…]

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The Australian Transportation Safety Bureau has released their final report on an incident involving a KUL bound Air Asia X flight that flew into the wrong direction and eventually had to land in Melbourne.

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The report exposes that the situation was caused by the cockpit crew entering incorrect coordinates into the flight computer, which eventually caused them to abort the flight and return to an airport. [click to continue…]

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Air Asia Boss Tony Fernandes has pledged in an interview this weekend that he will focus more intensely on the airlines business again after he admittedly paid too much attention to other business ventures in the past few years.

Air Asia CEOThe past two years were difficult times for the Air Asia group of companies after one of their planes crashed and business performance started to slide. [click to continue…]

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Fellow passengers on their Air Asia flight were not happy when a Chinese woman started to remove her footwear and placed her bare feet on the armrest in front of her.

Air Asia FootwearThe passengers on the flight from Bangkok to Xi’an complained about the smelly and disgusting act to the flight attendant who answered there was nothing she should do as they were ‘all Chinese’.
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