by Sebastian Powell -

The U.N. aviation safety body ICAO made good on it’s warning to ‘Red Flag’ Thailand over serious concerns in air safety procedures and lack of oversight (See previous LoyaltyLobby article here).

ICAO Thailand Downgrade

3 Months ago the ICAO notified the Thai authorities about their concerns and issued a deadline to implement improvements and comply with those standards of the Category 1 classification. This deadline has now expired and as a consequence the Red Flag has been put in place, making it impossible for Thai Carriers (especially charter carriers such as Thai Air Asia-X, Nok Air, Nok Scoot etc) to file new routes and expand their international network.

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by John Ollila -

When I was watching Bloomberg News this morning, they had a segment on AirAsia and its problems with a research report that was published on June 10th but won’t become “public” before June 24th.

AirAsia Cooking The Books

The report prepared by GMT research basically alleges that the airline has used creative accounting with its dealings with the various AirAsia affiliates to boost its profitability. [click to continue…]

by John Ollila -

AirAsia has launched an Asean air pass products that allows you to purchase set number of credits that are valid for 30 or 60 days that you can use towards flights.

Fabulous Fridays AirAsia Asean Pass

The pass s valid for flights within the 10 Asean countries on AirAsia flights. You are only required to pay actual taxes in addition to the flight credits redeemed. [click to continue…]

by John Ollila -

Now that search teams have maybe found part of the plane and they are picking up the bodies from the sea, the next stage seems to be discussing about the compensation that the crash victims families are going to get.

I was first watching CNN’s Quest Means business that had a sticker that the compensation would be $24,000 and then the Bloomberg News had a longer piece with aviation lawyer that is worth a watch. [click to continue…]

by John Ollila -

There has been non-stop coverage on international TV news channels since Sunday morning about the disappearance of the Indonesia AirAsia flight that was scheduled to fly from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore.

AirAsia QZ8501

Now, the rescuers have found wreckage and bodies of passengers floating (won’t post the photo here) confirming that the plane went down in the sea. [click to continue…]