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Air BnB has been emailing their members about an important topic that made a few headlines lately, namely discrimination based on criteria related to another members profile and picture.


A few news reports showcased people who felt that they were discriminated against by hosts who didn’t like their profile based on skin color or personal orientations highlighted in the introduction. [click to continue…]

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An Oakland, CA couple who rented out their home through Airbnb received shocking news as their neighbors informed them of a large party on their premises during New Years Eve.

The party, attended by 40-50 youths, was dissolved by the police but the owners found their home vandalized with beer cans, broken glass, cigarette buds and destroyed furniture. [click to continue…]

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When I was reading the International New York Times on a recent flight, the paper had interesting piece about Airbnb that has now reached significant milestone of more than one million rooms available on its site.

New York Times Airbnb Grows To- A Million Rooms And Hotel Rivals Are Quiet For Now

Airbnb system now has more rooms available for booking than what Hilton or Marriott has. There have been also studies that show that greater number of Airbnb rooms available affects the pricing power of traditional hotels in cities such as New York and Austin. [click to continue…]

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A couple of weeks ago, there was a piece about someone’s apartment in New York being trashed by a Airbnb sex party (read more here).

This time New York Post reveals that pimps are using Airbnb apartments as short term brothels.

Airbnb Brothels

Apparently, they just “rent” the apartment for a week and just use it for their “business”. There are less eyes prying what is going on compared to hotels, gives law enforcement a moving target and apparently this saves the pimps money as well (though no loyalty points). [click to continue…]

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There has been two rather interesting news pieces about the Airbnb this week: the recent fund drive hat values the company at $10 billion and ransacked apartment in New York.


The case with the ransacked apartment is more interesting than the fund drive and goes to the heart of this “sharing” economy. Can you really and I mean REALLY trust your home to someone for the weekend at few hundred bucks per night? [click to continue…]