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In addition to eliminating the inflight entertainment system from it’s new Boeing 737 Max aircraft, American Airlines announced that they will also cut the Economy Class seat pitch down to 29 inches.

The smallest seat pitch of 29 inches would affect 3 rows of the Economy cabin while the rest of the rows would be scaled down to 30 inches as a result of adding additional seats to the cabin. [click to continue…]

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Seems that it is now American Airlines turn to demonstrate how badly the airlines in the United States treat their passengers and how hot headed some flight attendants can be (shouldn’t be in the business).

Female passenger with kids tried to store a stroller in the overhead compartment (some are certified to be within the limits of cabin bags) and this male flight attendant ended up grabbing it from the passenger hitting her with it in the process. [click to continue…]

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There are just six days left for the current buy & gift AAdvantage miles campaign that offers up to a 77% bonus for purchases made until April 13, 2017, plus AAdvantage also offers 30% off sharing miles.

Sharing miles makes very little sense in most cases unless there is a very generous bonus involved but the buy miles bonus of up to 77% can be very useful if you plan for a specific award. [click to continue…]

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A sad day for the family, colleagues and friends of an American Airlines pilot who suddenly deceased while performing his duties as a First Officer on the final approach to Albuquerque.

The captain of the flight handled the final approach and landing by himself after which he quickly steered the aircraft to the gate where paramedics were waiting for his colleague. [click to continue…]

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American Airlines has launched a new buy & gift AAdvantage miles campaign with up to 77% bonus or purchases made between March 21 – April 13, 2017.

American Airlines AAdvantage Buy Miles Campaign March 2017

American Airlines upped a while back the number of miles that you can buy before any bonuses to 150,000 every calendar year. Remember that the account that buys or receives miles must be a minimum of 30 days old. [click to continue…]

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American Airlines “brilliant” customer service came to shine again when a flight crew had a 61 year old blind woman removed from the plane after issues developed over accommodation of her guide dog.

Apparently ground agents didn’t assign the lady a seat that would easily accommodate the dog which led to issues once they got on board. [click to continue…]