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Last week we received a reader question inquiring about the use of the well advertised American Express (U.S.) Airline Credit that comes with Gold and Platinum Charge Cards.

Since I haven’t used one of mine yet I decided to run an experiment so that our readers have an indicator of how it worked out at least in this instance. [click to continue…]

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Hilton HHonors has launched a separate offer for American Express cardholders in Germany where members can earn four bonus Membership Rewards points per Euro paid for stays at select hotels in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Hilton HHonors American Express Germany Offer

The offer is valid for stays between July 26 – October 26, 2016, and must be settled directly with American Express card and not using any wallet product. [click to continue…]

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When people have emailed me about ways to get the Le Club AccorHotels Platinum status, I have usually mentioned that it comes with American Express Platinum cards in some markets.

Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Amex Platinum UK

American Express has sent out a letter to card members in the UK informing that the Le Club AccorHotels complimentary Platinum benefit will cease to exist on April 15, 2016 (last day to apply). [click to continue…]

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Hilton HHonors has new offer for American Express cardholders in Germany and the UK that can earn bonus Membership Rewards points for their stays at select Hilton hotels between October 1 and December 31, 2014.

Hilton HHonors Amex American Express UK & Germany Promotion

American Express card holders in Germany can earn additional 4 Membership Rewards points per Euro charged and UK members can earn 1 extra Membership Rewards points per GBP. [click to continue…]

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We now have the details of the deals for the first two weeks of the Discover America. These are brought by the US Travel Association and American Express. You can use any credit card to pay, but you will receive 10% discount if paid using American Express branded card.


Having a quick look there really aren’t any “deals” that I would need to participate in the first two weeks.

Here are three deals that are worth having a look:


1. Priority Club point packages on April 8th

InterContinental Group is selling 10K points for $67, 40K points for $267 & 25K points for $167. You can buy Priority Club points any day by doing cash + money redemption for $60 per 10K Priority Club points. Canceling the reservation doesn’t reverse the point transaction, however.

The benefit of buying Priority Club points through Discover America is that these points will count toward the elite qualification. You can make a Priority Club Platinum by buying 60K points.

2. Avis Chairman’s Club Membership for $1115

This can come handy if you are doing lot of airport rentals. This membership includes an airport drop off and delivery. This could truly be a timesaver. I was actually contemplating buying this membership the other year as I used to rent a lot from Avis.


3. Marriott Travel Cards at 20% Discount When Paid Using Amex

Marriott tends to run promotions for buying Marriott gift cards with number of airlines. You usually get a 10% discount or 10% premium and airline miles. When bought directly from Marriott, you do get the bonus points for buying the card using Marriott branded credit cards. If you buy it from Discover America, the purchase is not coded as Marriott and you lose the bonus points for Marriott purchases.

Marriott has sometimes run promotions that are tied to a type of credit card the bill is used to settle. Marriott Gift cards used to be Visa’s, but no longer. Just a thing to keep in mind.

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Discover America Daily Getaways is a good time to stock up some points and travel packages. Last year, I bought bunch of Hilton and Wyndham Rewards points. There were few other offers that I was thinking of participating, but procrastinated for too long.


We should know more next week what is on offer for 2012 edition of this sale. Just like in previous years, the Amex card holders will get 10% discount.

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When traveling, we more and more rely on debit and credit cards to pay for things and get money from ATM’s. All is good when things work. When something starts going south it is good to have back up plans in place.

Over the years I have had my wallet lost, card(s) deactivated due to merchant database compromises, Visa/MasterCard authorization systems not working etc. These are all manageable when you have alternative plans in place. [click to continue…]