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British Airways has been busy lately “enhancing” their food and beverage options in economy class and even scaling down first class too.

British Airways Paid Snacks

The airline dropped the second meal on some long-haul flights and “enhanced” complimentary food away besides some crisps on many European routes as well. Now the airline is introducing paid snack items on long-haul flights effective August 24, 2016. [click to continue…]

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Seems that British Airways may have an issue on its hands after the airline required ESTA for a cello that a musician was trying to transport with her to the United States.

BA Cello

The person had purchased a second seat for the instrument under the name ”Chuck Cello” but British Airways couldn’t allow it to fly without getting an ESTA first. [click to continue…]

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British Airways seems to be very busy dropping airlines that Executive Club members can book awards on BA’s website using Avios.

British Airways Executive Club S7 Airlines Awards Using Avios

Last month, BA made booking some Cathay Pacific and Dragonair awards not available booking on its website within four days of departure (read more here). Now, BA has further “enhanced” its website by removing the ability to book S7 Airlines (Oneworld member) awards on its website altogether without any notice earlier this month. [click to continue…]

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British Airways made an enhancement to its Executive Club without any communication to membership.

British Airways Cathay Pacific

Awards on Cathay Pacific and Dragonair between Hong Kong and Mainland China or Taipei are not available for redemptions within four days of departure. British Airways claims that this is due to “fraud”. [click to continue…]

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Seems that British Airways is slowly but steadily becoming more of an Easyjet and Ryanair if the stories that British newspapers put out this morning are correct.

British Airways Food

The airline appears to be soon charging for food and beverages in economy on short-haul European flights. This wouldn’t come as a surprise considering that the new CEO of British Airways came from the Vueling (airline also owned by IAG) that charges for everything. [click to continue…]

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There are occasional medical diversions but what happened this past Monday on British Airways flight 282 is unusual.

BA282 Suicide Attempt

Apparently an off duty crew member (according to the UK paper) had slit his wrists and locked himself in one of the business class lavatories (or washrooms as BA calls them) on an A380. The passenger was given urgency care on the airplane and the flight diverted to Iceland on Tuesday morning to drop him off. [click to continue…]