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British Airways Silver & Gold members + Oneworld Emeralds have been able to select seats in advance without having to pay seat selection fee. This has applied to non-Hand Baggage Only fares.

BA Silver & Gold Exit Row Benefit Downgrade

It was noted on Flyertalk (access here) over the weekend that British Airways no longer allows this, but has blocked all the exit row seats up to 72 hours before departure. This applies to all short-haul flights. [click to continue…]

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When I have been watching the various international news channels as of late, there has been plenty of coverage about the Zika virus that is believed to cause serious birth defects.

Zika Travel Waivers

It took a while for some of the airlines to allow passengers (pregnant ones or those thinking of becoming pregnant) to postpone their trips, change destinations or apply for a refund. [click to continue…]

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British Airways used to have zone based award flight chart with unlimited stopovers that was very beneficial for most members. BA ditch this few years ago and went to a distance based chart that made short-haul flights the (only) reasonable way to redeem.

British Airways Executive Club Award Price Change North America

Now, British Airways is upping the number of Avios required for short-haul flights at 4,500 Avios level by 67% to 7,500 in economy, from 9,000 in business to 15,000 and from 18,000 in first to 30,000 Avios. [click to continue…]

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British Airways has launched new award promotion for Executive Club members departing from London Heathrow and Gatwick to select long-haul destinations.

British Airways Executive Club 40 Percent Less October 19 March 20 2016 Book November 2

You can save 40% off of the number of Avios required for economy class redemption for flights between October 19 – Match 20, 2016, that are booked October 19 – November 2. [click to continue…]

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British Airways introduced the ability to use partly Avios for paid fares during one of the recent program changes.

British Airways Cash + Avios Campaign

The ratio of Avios needed in exchange for cash is usually very bad, but they now have a promotion where the value is 2.5 times the usual for travel Until September 30, 2016, when booked by October 19 and redeemed for business and first class. [click to continue…]

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British Airways announced on their website as well as their inflight magazine that EIGHT of their long haul destinations will be departing from Terminal 3 instead of the BA exclusive Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow Airport effective October 14th 2015.


This will be hugely inconvenient especially for connecting passengers in London who thought the dreadful bus transfers through the colons of Heathrow were a thing of the past. [click to continue…]

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As I was flying on British Airways this weekend I became aware of an error that could entice people to pay extra for their checked baggage even though they are entitled to additional allowance.

BA BaggageBA displays your baggage allowance during the online check-in and asks you to pay extra if you have more than one piece in Economy. It does NOT consider the additional elite allowances. [click to continue…]