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British Airways passengers departing today (and likely tomorrow as well) should prepare for the worst as the airlines IT systems suffered an outage and the airline has cancelled all flights until 6pm UK time.

The issues started this morning with passengers being unable to check in both online and at the airport while those that got already checked in got caught up in shut down flight operations inside the terminal or waiting for hours at the tarmac. [click to continue…]

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UK & US implemented laptop and electronics ban from select airports in the Middle East back in March (different set of airports to make it more confusing).

British Airways Electronics Ban Cairo

We have written previously how Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and Turkish Airways have implemented this ban by allowing affected passengers to check their electronics at the gate on boxes provided by the airlines and having them securely delivered at the destination separately from the regular luggage. British Airways has done none of this. [click to continue…]

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British Airways has gone downhill as of late by thousands of cuts including the Buy-on-Board that was first introduced to short-haul fleet and apparently the airline is contemplating launching it to select long-haul flights as well.

British Airways Executive Club Changes

The airline launched certain fares for short-haul flights that didn’t include checked bag or even seat selection regardless of the passenger’s status. Now, however, they are offering something semi positive. [click to continue…]

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British Airways has upped the ante in the most recent Airline vs. Passenger challenge when they kicked off two passengers after an argument ensued when a man tried to self upgrade to Business Class.

The flight was en route from London to Jamaica and stopped on the remote island of Terceira in the Azores (Portugal) where the passengers remain until now. [click to continue…]

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Seems that British Airways will have something in mind for those that are still willing to fly the airline in long-haul economy.

British Airways BOB Long-haul Economy

British Airways recently enhanced away complimentary snacks, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in short and medium haul economy and introduced paid products. Now the airline is apparently mulling bringing paid food and beverages for long-haul coach as well. [click to continue…]