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This week Compensation Clinic visits one of the Hyatt’s flagship hotels – Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok where yours truly was wakened the other Sunday at 9:15AM.

You would think that nobody would their right mind would start renovation work at 9:15AM on Sunday morning that includes heavy jack hammering and drilling, right? Wrong as the above video illustrates. [click to continue…]

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When irregular operations hit due to weather, maintenance  or crew issues, the passenger can usually be rerouted to his/her final destination via alternate flights especially in the US where Delta has number of hubs.

Compensation Clinic Delta Air Lines

Sometimes, however, the agent rerouting you might make promises that later are not honored that turned out to be the case on the following Compensation Clinic piece. [click to continue…]

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This week’s Compensation Clinic case comes from my stay at the InterContinental Miramar in Panama the other week where the hotel was not quite up to speed with the Royal Ambassador benefits.

Compensation Clinic InterContinental Miramar Panama

In general, the Royal Ambassador benefits at the InterContinental hotels are great. You get both guaranteed 8AM check in and 4PM check out, complimentary minibar beverages, suite upgrade and/or club access etc. [click to continue…]

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Compensation Clinic visits the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown hotel where a LoyaltyLobby reader had lost the European cookie tins and cookies that he had brought for his American friends.

Compensation Clinic Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown

I have stayed at this property couple of times and it is one of those “under” performing Starwood properties and was mainly a Qantas layover crew hotel at the time (this could have changed since my last visit). [click to continue…]

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I have already made it to Bogota on my brief South American tour and was staying in Cusco the other weekend. Last week, I wrote about the issues I had with the JW Marriott Cusco (read more here).

Compensation Clinic Novotel Cusco

Novotel Cusco is Accor’s only hotel in the city and the location is perfect. It’s a few hundred meters from the main square and just down the road (100 meters or so) from the JW Marriott. [click to continue…]

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Being walked (meaning that the hotel is completely sold out and they have no more rooms available to check you into) is one of those annoying things that may happen during your travels, but they can be quite lucrative from a compensation point of view.

Compensation Clinic IHG Rewards Club Platinum Member Walked At Holiday Inn & Suites Oakville Bronte

Hotel loyalty program elite members should be the last one walked or shouldn’t be walked at all. Marriott is the only chain that I know that have published a very clear compensation requirement that the walked guest is eligible for (read more here and one recent CC case here). [click to continue…]