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When watching the burning Emirates Boeing 777-300 airplane at the Dubai airport and what little was left of it once the fire was put out, it is quite remarkable that none of the passengers died. It was unfortunate that one of the firefighters passed away, however.

EK Crash

It was little troublesome when I was watching CNN last night seeing passengers dragging their carry-ons while evacuating from the aircraft. In some other instances, this may have led to casualties. [click to continue…]

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There have been quite a few stories in the past year about valuables going missing from carry-ons stored in overhead compartments during flights.

Emirates Cash Thief

This has especially plagued flights to/from China where people tend to carry plenty of cash and other valuables with them on-board. There are rarely stories that the thief has been caught, however. Yesterday, Bangkok Post ran a story where the thief had been apprehended during the flight. [click to continue…]

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Alaska Airlines jacked up the number of miles required for business and first class Emirates awards by up to 100% yesterday (read more here) without any prior notification to its members.

Alaska Airlines MileagePlan Emirates Awards Update

Alaska Airlines has been actively selling MileagePlan miles that many members have then in turn used for awards on can you guess which airline? Emirates! [click to continue…]

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Alaska Airlines is an airline that has partners with number of airlines from various alliances while remaining outside of one. The beauty of this is that you can use their miles on number of airlines including Emirates.

Alaska Airlines MileagePlan Emirates Awards

Alaska Airlines have increased the number of miles required for awards on Emirates flights by up to 100% overnight without giving any prior notice to its program members. [click to continue…]

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Hong Kong Flight Attendants working for Emirates Airlines are not amused over a new directive mandating them to wear a China Flag pin next to their Hong Kong flag as part of their uniform.

EK A380 Uniform

Crew wears these pins to signalize their heritage but also their language capabilities, signaling passengers that they are able to assist them in their native language. [click to continue…]