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Emirates Skywards has commended a frequent flier partnership with Russia based Oneworld Alliance member S7 Airlines (also known as Siberia Airlines).

Emirates Skywards S7 Airlines

Emirates Skywards members can now both earn and redeem miles on flights operated by S7 Airlines. There must be similar opportunity for S7 Airlines frequent fliers as well to earn and burn on Emirates. [click to continue...]

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Let me begin saying that I am glad that the World Cup is finally over. I am not really into football, but ended up watching quite a few matches in pub environments (too many beer pitchers) in an ungodly hours here in Jakarta.

Emirates FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Bloomberg

Nobody watching the matches could have missed the Emirates advertisements that were all over and the FA’s (their Emirates FA outfits were completely out of place IMHO) carrying the medals at the final ceremony. [click to continue...]

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Emirates made a big announcements today that it would cancel an order of 70 Airbus A350 airplanes that it had ordered back in 2007. This is a huge blow for Airbus.

Emirates Airbus A350

The airline ordered 150 Boeing 777X airplanes at the Dubai Airshow last year where it also placed an order for an additional 50 Airbus A380’s. [click to continue...]

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Emirates has announced a codeshare and frequent flier partner with Jetstar, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Qantas with whom Emirates started to cooperate in 2013.


Emirates will codeshare 27 routes and Skywards members can redeem miles on all Jetstar operated services starting at 7,025 miles one-way starting on March 1, 2014. [click to continue...]

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It wasn’t that long ago, when airlines had smoking sections in the back of the plane. It is very bad idea, however, trying to puff away nowadays, as this German passenger found out.


An Emirates flight that was on its way to Brisbane, Australia, from Singapore had one passenger trying to smoke and later became hostile towards the cabin crew according to media reports. [click to continue...]