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SPG & Emirates launched few years back Your World Rewards program where Emirates elite members would get SPG Gold light type benefits for their SPG stays and SPG elite members would get some airport benefits when flying on Emirates.

SPG Emirates Your World Rewards

This partnership also allows SPG elite members to earn Starpoints when flying on Emirates and Skywards elite members to earn bonus miles when staying at Starwood properties. Seems that Starwood has now launched targeted bonus offer for Your World Rewards members. [click to continue…]

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British & South African dual national didn’t get the warmest welcome in Dubai when transiting from London to Johannesburg early May to attend a party.

Emirates First Class Upgrades Half Price

Cabin crew thought that the lady had been using drugs due to touching of her nose during the flight on her business/first class seat (unclear which from the reporting) and had informed the ground. Police was waiting for her in Dubai. [click to continue…]

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United Airlines employees and union representatives as well as local politicians are planning to stage a protest against Emirates at Newark Airport at the same time their 5th Freedom flight to Athens takes off.

United alongside American Airlines and Delta are up in arms against the Middle East carriers commonly known as “ME3” as they accuse them of receiving government subsidies and playing by fair market rules. [click to continue…]

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Bloomberg News run an interesting piece yesterday about how petty Delta can be sometimes when trying to compete with ME3.


Emirates 777 in Seattle needed a spare part that Delta provided. HQ in Atlanta, however, reversed the decision and requested the part to be removed. Alaska (Emirates partner) came to the rescue and the flight took off six hours late. [click to continue…]

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Emirates has quietly introduced paid access to its’ business and first class lounges in Dubai. Some members have received emails from Emirates offering lounge access for cash.

Emirates Business First Class Lounge Dubai Access By Cash

The cost to access the business class lounge is $100 per person and $200 for the first class one. Those that have access to business class lounge can pay $100 supplement and access first class one instead. [click to continue…]

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Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) and Emirates launched reciprocal elite benefits back in 2014 (read more here) where members can earn bonus Skywards miles and Starpoints among other benefits after linking accounts.


When I had a look at my SPG account this morning, there was a deposit of 500 Starpoints made yesterday implying that it was thank you points for having merely linked the accounts at some points in time (I have not taken advantage of the partnership). [click to continue…]