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A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email that he had received from Expedia introducing Expedia+ Business Rewards.

Expedia+ Rewards Business

Expedia+ Business Rewards account is assigned to a company and one has to be an administrator. For now, all Expedia+ Business Rewards linked individual travelers that continue to earn rewards under their individual accounts receive an automatic Silver status in the program. [click to continue…]

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Expedia (US site only) has a quite liberal Best Price Guarantee program that matches lower prices found on other US based websites and offers a $50 coupon that can later be used towards a hotel reservation.

Expedia Best Price Guarantee Orbitz Vs. Expedia

I have written about the guarantee several times as well as my success with matching hotel and flights prices mainly with Orbitz (difficult not to match their biggest US competitor). [click to continue…]

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Expedia has been fiddling (mainly devaluation of points and the program as a whole) with its Expedia Rewards since the launch few years ago and has now decided to rename it as Expedia+ rewards.

Expedia+ rewards Gold Member Email

Expedia+ rewards now has new Silver status that requires $5000 in eligible bookings or 7 qualifying hotels nights. The Gold status continues to require $10,000 in bookings or 15 hotel nights. [click to continue…]

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I have used Expedia’s Best Price Guarantee several times to match hotel prices that are often lower on other sites. This was my first time to use the guarantee towards a lower priced flight on a competing site.

Expedia Best Price Guarantee Graphic

When I was researching for options getting from Copenhagen to Helsinki after the Eurovision Song Contest, there was rather reasonably priced direct flight on SAS. The price on Expedia was $106.12 and on Orbitz $106.10. [click to continue…]

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Expedia has two separate best price guarantee programs for hotels. One is only valid for 24 hours after making the purchase and matches the price with a $50 coupon for future use. The other one is valid only for Expedia Rewards members and is valid until 24 hours before scheduled check in time and merely matches the lower price without extra discounts or coupons.

Expedia Rewards Hotel Price Guarantee UPDATE

Expediat has now made a small update to the terms and conditions of its Expedia Rewards Member Hotel Price Guarantee. [click to continue…]

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Expedia has two separate hotel Best Price Guarantees. One is valid for 24 hours after making the hotel reservation and qualifies for $50 coupon and the other one is valid for all Expedia Rewards members for up to 24 hours before the hotel check in time and just matches the price.

Expedia Rewards Hotel Price Guarantee March 2014 Update

I have written about both of these guarantees here on LoyaltyLobby and used the one that qualifies for the $50 Best Price Guarantee coupon several times. [click to continue…]

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Expedia has its own rewards program that has been greatly devalued over the years to the point that I could almost care less. I do, however, like using Expedia for airline ticketing (even without the rewards).


If problems arise, it is very difficult to get proper customer service from Expedia’s Tier 1 and 2 agents (based in India). They are very nice, but everything takes a very long time and I have not been fully convinced that they actually know a lot or would be empowered to do much.

[click to continue…]

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Earlier in the year, I wrote about my Best Price Guarantee (BPG) experience with matching’s price that was about 20 cents lower than Expedia’s (read it here). I also managed to take a photo of the invoice that showed the Expedia’s margin (read more here).


I decided to go for Expedia Elite Plus-status and needed some more stays. I was in Phuket and was able to locate a Tune Hotel (read my review of the Bangkok property here) at a very reasonable price that was around $25 on Expedia. [click to continue…]