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Iberia Plus has now launched their version of the transatlantic fall bonus in business and first class. American Airlines (read more here) and British Airways (read more here) have already launched theirs.

Iberia Plus Transatlantic Bonus Miles Offer Fall 2014

You can get 30,000 bonus Avios per two segments flown between Europe and United States, Canada, Mexico or Puerto Rico between October 1 and December 19, 2014. [click to continue…]

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American Airlines unveiled its transatlantic bonus yesterday (read more here) and now it is British Airways turn to reveal theirs (basically same as AA’s).

British Airways Executive Club United States Canada Transatlantic Business First Class Bonus Fall 2014

British Airways Executive Club members with an account address in the United States or Canada can earn up to 125,000 bonus Avios for three transatlantic round trips in business or fast class between September 23 and January 10, 2015. [click to continue…]

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American Airlines has launched new offer for up to 125,000 bonus miles for travel between United States, Canada or Mexico and Europe from September 23 to January 10, 2015.

American Airlines Transatlantic Business First Class Bonus Fall 2014

The offer is valid for business and first class and requires AAdvantage members to have his/her account address in the United States, Canada or Mexico to be eligible for the bonus miles. [click to continue…]

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The cabin personnel of Finnair are scheduled to go to on strike this weekend, that would halt most of Finnair’s flights that the airline is not able to crew using management personnel. The latest news is that the strike may not happen, however.


I was supposed to meet a friend in Bangkok that was scheduled to fly on Finnair Flight A095 on Saturday. The flight is not scheduled to be operated if the strike occurs, and the earlier flight to Bangkok that would operate was totally zeroed out in all cabins. [click to continue…]

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Hilton HHonors has a promotion for triple Finnair Plus points (500 base +1,000 bonus PER night) for stays between October 1 and December 31, 2013.

You can access and register for this offer on Hilton’s website here.


You need to have your Hilton HHonors Double Dip option set to Points and Fixed miles and have Finnair Plus selected as the partner airline. Finnair doesn’t participate to variable miles option. [click to continue…]

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Finnair gets publicity twice a year for its Friday the 13th AY666 flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki. Even better if you get seated on the row 13.

You can read more about this flight on Guardian’s website here.


Yes. Finnair really has a flight that has number 666 and, unlike many other airlines, there is a row 13 as well. I don’t think that Finnair has too much power over the three letter designation of HEL that stands for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. [click to continue…]

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Oneworld alliance top tier frequent fliers have been in disadvantage compared to their Star Alliance equivalent ones when it came to extra luggage allowance based on the frequent flier status.


Now, Oneworld alliance has announced that both extra luggage allowance (one piece or extra 20 kilos) will apply across all Oneworld alliance carriers and passengers will also have an access to fast track security lanes where available. [click to continue…]

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While the turmoil around the survival of the SAS is going on, Finnair has made an offer to match SAS’s elite member status for residents of Sweden after one Finnair flight to Asia. You can access this offer here.


This offer is valid from November 15 to December 31, 2012 for trip originating from Sweden. The window is rather short. If you have Gold or higher status with SAS, you will get Finnair Gold status that is Oneworld Sapphire status. For Silver members, Finnair is promising their Silver status.

You are required to email a copy of your boarding pass, electronic ticket, and copy of your Eurobonus card to by January 31, 2013. The return of your trip can happen at a later date.

Finnair is also offering bonus points for new members that sign up using the link on the offer page and take a Finnair flight by January 31, 2013. The bonus offer of 5000 Finnair Plus points is only valid at higher booking classes (J, C, D, I, Y, B, H, T, P, M and K), however.


If you have status with SAS and have a ticket to Asia on Finnair stock from Sweden, it makes sense to do the status match and maybe get some bonus miles as well. It is unclear what the situation around the SAS is going to be.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

You can now earn 5,000 extra award points when you join the Finnair Plus frequent flyer program by 30 November 2012 and take a Finnair flight by 31 January 2013. Don’t miss out – follow the link below and become a Finnair Plus member today!

Terms and conditions
The offer applies to those who join the Finnair Plus program by using the link on this page by 30 November 2012 and fly Finnair (AY code on the ticket) by 31 January 2013.

This offer is valid only for residents of Sweden.

The eligible Finnair ticket types for the extra award points are Business, Business Saver, PRO and Value or booking classes are J, C, D, I, Y, B, H, T, P, M and K.

The extra award points are award points and will not count towards your tier point balance.

Match your SAS Eurobonus tier with Finnair Plus

If you are a SAS Eurobonus tier member, we now have a remarkable offer for you: fly Finnair from Sweden to Asia once between 15 November and 31 December 2012 and you’ll become a Finnair Plus tier member!

If you’re a SAS Eurobonus Gold or Pandion member, we’ll offer you a Finnair Plus Gold card, and if you’re a SAS Eurobonus Silver member, we’ll offer you a Finnair Plus Silver card. Your Finnair Plus tier membership will be valid for one year – and you can take advantage of all the corresponding tier benefits without having to earn the points to get there.

After your flight to Asia, just scan or take a copy of the boarding pass stub, electronic ticket and your valid Eurobonus tier card and email them to us by 31 January 2013 to Please remember to include your Finnair Plus membership number in the email. Please note that this offer is valid only for residents of Sweden.

Not yet a Finnair Plus member? No need to worry – just follow this link and join now.

Welcome on board!

Terms and conditions
The offer is valid for departures from Sweden to Asia between 15 November and 31 December 2012. The return can take place at a later date.

You need to be both a SAS Eurobonus member and a Finnair Plus member in order to be eligible for this offer.

This offer is valid only for residents of Sweden.

The requested documents must be sent to us by 31 January 2013.

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Oneworld made an announcement last week that starting on October 28, 2012, Flybe Finland is oneworld affiliate on routes its operates on behalf Finnair. The routes that Flybe is taking over are operated by Embraer E190 regional jets that operate to cities like Manchester, Budapest, Munich and Warsaw.


These flights that the airline operates on behalf Finnair should conform to Finnair’s service standards, although the flight attendants wear Flybe uniform and are employed by Flybe. Both Finnair and Flybe pilots operate these flights.


You have to be very careful to make sure that you are on a Finnair route that is just operated by Flybe Finland. You can do this by looking at the flight number. The flight numbers that are in the AY2XXX and AY3XXX series are Finnair flights operated by Flybe.


Finnair does codeshare on other flights that are operated by Flybe. These are not operated on behalf of Finnair and oneworld benefits do not apply on these flights.


Flybe operates as a discount carrier in the UK and the oneworld affiliation only applies to flights operated on behalf of Finnair.


This situation with Finnair’s outsourcing is becoming confusing. If the flight is Finnair one but operated by Flybe Finland, you will receive all the oneworld status related benefits and Finnair service. Flights that Finnair merely codeshares with Flybe, are not eligible for this.

The only way is to have a look at the flight number. AY flight numbers starting with 2XXX and 3XXX are Finnair flights, although could be operated by Flybe.