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Icelandair has been offering free stopovers (no change in fare but you do pay for accommodation) for people traveling between North America and Europe for years. The stopover can be for up to 7 days.


Last year, Icelandair introduced something called Stopover Buddy that is an Icelandair employee showing you around/spends a day with you in Reykjavik. [click to continue…]

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Alaska and Icelandair are ending their frequent flier partnership that started in 2010 effective on May 31, 2013. You can read more about this change on Alaska’s website here and on Icelandair’s website here.


Unlike with most other airline partnership endings, you will continue earning miles/points in either airlines frequent flier plan on tickets issued by May 31, 2013, until February 28, 2014. Usually, you can no longer earn miles/points after the ending date. [click to continue…]