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Korean Air has been hit with their first pilot strike in 11 years after unions rejected a company proposal for pay increase, affecting flights within Asia and to the Middle East until December 31, 2016.


Even though a full scale pilot strike is prohibited by law in Korea, this will still inconvenience many travelers in the busy holiday period so it’s advised to check your schedule. [click to continue…]

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Don’t mess with a celebrity couple while becoming rowdy on the flight or you might find yourself all over the internet while being tasered, squeezed and tied up as a Korean Air passenger learned.

korean-air-taserA passenger on an intra Asia flight from Vietnam to Seoul started to go berserk mid flight and began to attack the crew and other passengers around him. [click to continue…]

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Korean Air has taken delivery of their first Boeing 747-800i aircraft in passenger version last week. Service with the new aircraft will begin soon!

Boeing7478KEThe carrier already operates seven B747-800 in the Cargo version and is now getting ready to serve passengers gradually on four international routes, beginning with service to Frankfurt this week. [click to continue…]