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Back in September, a LoyaltyLobby reader tweeted that there are some “titans” that appear to be using material from LoyaltyLobby to come up with their posts.

Blogs Websites Copy Paste LoyaltyLobby Content LL

Knowing that none of these credit card pimpers (pardon my language) would take two to three hours of their time by doing a manual rewrite of a PointBreaks list that IHG provided (only URLs – no property names), I decided to do an experiment. [click to continue…]

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LoyaltyLobby ran for three years using the same “theme”, which is basically a WordPress framework that makes it easier for publishers to have functioning (and hopefully better looking) websites.

LoyaltyLobby Website Update Front

I already noted a year ago that the website needed a refresh and to have a responsive theme meaning that someone accessing it from a mobile device would have an experience better suited for him/her. [click to continue…]

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I can not believe that another year has passed and it has now three years since the first post on LoyaltyLobby appeared on September 15, 2011.

LoyaltyLobby 3 Years

I just read what I wrote when the website turned 1 (access here) and then when it turned 2 (access here) and I can still agree with both pieces 100%. [click to continue…]

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Due to a sustained DDoS attack at AWeber, the firm that handles and distributes our daily newsletter, LoyaltyLobby readers may experience some issues when attempting to click-through article links in those e-mails.


This outage has also affected our e-mail newsletter sign-ups, so these have been disabled temporarily while AWeber works to resolve their issues. [click to continue…]

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The January is over, when many of the programs announce changes, and this month (could spillover to March too) we should learn about the hotel award chart changes from programs such as SPG and Marriott.


Now, I would like to ask from readers if there are topics that LoyaltyLobby should cover or if there are programs that LoyaltyLobby should start covering or to cover more in-depth. [click to continue…]

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Last year, a friend of mine asked me to participate in a documentary about frequent travelers. That documentary was aired yesterday on Finland’s YLE1 TV channel and should be available for streaming without any geographical blocking by clicking this link here.


For the record, I have not seen the documentary or the interviews that were done the with other participants that included Randy Petersen (FlyerTalk founder) and Christopher Elliott (consumer travel advocate). [click to continue…]

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2 Comments website was moved from a shared environment to a dedicated server in a New Jersey data center back in January this year. The website traffic has been up and there has been periods, when the former dedicated server was unable to serve all the incoming request in a timely manner due to capacity issues.


Yesterday (Sunday 13th of October) the website was moved to a new more powerful server that should be able to handle the traffic that currently gets and then some easily. [click to continue…]

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LoyaltyLobby turned two earlier this month. Those past two years have been quite a ride. A lot more readers have found LoyaltyLobby since its first anniversary a year ago.

On the technical side, LoyaltyLobby was moved from a shared hosting environment to a dedicated server in a data center back in January. As readership has grown steadily, the current server is incapable of handling the traffic during weekly spikes or when an article becomes very popular.  The website is going to move to a more powerful server in the same center sometime in the next week.


[click to continue…]

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LoyaltyLobby is soon turning two (this coming weekend) and there has been very few changes to the website since the launch.

Over the past weekend, we implemented new color (or colour) scheme that makes the text more readable.


The greatest challenge today is that people consume the web content using variety of devices and it is a challenge to ensure that the content is easily readable on both laptops and mobile phones or tablets. [click to continue…]

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It didn’t come to my mind, that when I started LoyaltyLobby in 2011, I would need to start sending out DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Takedown notice(s) down the road.


Yesterday, a LoyaltyLobby reader pointed me to a website that had full or close to full articles copied from LoyaltyLobby with photos served from our server that sometimes didn’t have any links back to us or information as to where this content was coming from. [click to continue…]

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When I go through and reply to all the emails and other messages that LoyaltyLobby receives daily, I sometimes come across comments that LoyaltyLobby has too much US specific content.


Less than half of LoyaltyLobby visitors are from the United States, but if you include other English speaking countries (Canada, UK, Australia etc) the percentage jumps to 60%. Rest of the visitors are from 100+ countries. [click to continue…]