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Marriott Rewards has several ways of getting Gold or Platinum status including having status with United Airlines and utilizing their RewardsPlus partnership, doing the status match on the SPG side and use the status transfer between the programs or Taste of and/or Road to-offers that sometimes are open for all and other times targeted.

Marriott Rewards Status Match 2017

The main difference is that the Taste Of-offer usually gives the Gold or Platinum status up front for the duration of the challenge while Road To-offer only at the end of completing it. [click to continue…]

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Marriott Rewards introduced Elite concierge service last year (don’t know anyone who would have been chosen as a member) and has now changed the name more familiar for those that belong to the SPG program.

Marriott Rewards Ambassador

Marriott Rewards has renamed the (non-existent) elite Concierge service as Ambassador. Not sure what the benefits of this level are and what is required for qualification. [click to continue…]

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Here’s a comprehensive look at promotions for January 2017 from all major hotel loyalty programs. Remember to forward me promotional offers by email that you receive.

Hotel Promotions Update February 2017

2016 is over and most hotel loyalty programs have already introduced their offers for the first few months of 2017. Let’s see if Hyatt will reveal anything soon. [click to continue…]

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Marriott Rewards is the only rewards program that I frequent that provides very specific Elite Benefits Guarantees from failed Platinum amenity delivery (or when front desk doesn’t ask) to guaranteed bed type preferences.

Marriott Rewards Elite Guarantees

Many SPG Platinum members have now linked their accounts to Marriott Rewards and status linking between both programs are active (read more here). Marriott Rewards Silver, Gold and Platinum members should be aware of what GUARANTEED benefits they have and what compensation is mandated by corporate in case of failed delivery by the property. [click to continue…]