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Marriott Rewards has launched new airline related bonus miles promotion for stays at more than 300 full service hotels in the Americas between June 1 – August 31, 2016.

Marriott Rewards American Airlines Delta Southwest United 1,000 Bonus Miles Per Stay June 1 - August 31 2016

American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and United frequent flier program members can earn 1,000 bonus miles for up to five stays that are booked by July 15. [click to continue…]

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Southwest Airlines seems to have affection for making headlines by removing Muslim passengers from their flights, this time it involves a woman who asked her male seatmates to change seats due to her religion.

Southwest 737 Muslim

The lady was seated in a middle seat between two male passengers and she inquired directly with them short after which the flight attendant instructed her to leave the aircraft. [click to continue…]

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A story has surfaced that a Southwest Airlines flight had to land at Los Angeles Airport because a passenger allegedly choked a woman in front of him after she reclined her seat.

SW 737

The flight returned to LAX where the offending passenger was escorted off the plane by law enforcement after which the flight was back en route to San Francisco. [click to continue…]