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Unless you have been living under the rock for the past 24 hours and haven’t checked your Facebook feed or watched the TV news, you probably know about this US dentist that thought that it was a good idea to go lion “hunting” in Zimbabwe.


Apparently these “hunters” had lured the lion outside of the national park to a place where this dentist wounded the animal. They found the Cecil dead the following day, beheaded him and skinned too. [click to continue…]

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New York’s Kennedy airport (JFK) is investing heavily into their facilities and now tops it all off with the planning of a 172,165 square-foot special ‘Pet Terminal‘ exclusively for our four legged friends.

Time JFK Pet Terminal

From what it looks like, some travelers might even be jealous of the travel experience their loyal companions will receive at The Ark as the new facility is called. [click to continue…]

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A recent US Airways flight, en route from Philadelphia to London-Heathrow had to return to it’s origin after a passenger apparently had a few too many drinks paired with prescribed medication and started raging on the plane.

PreDepDrink copy

Intoxicated passengers are nothing new, it happens every day but this case likely caused a bit more attention due to the profile of the offending passenger and the fact that the flight actually had to divert. [click to continue…]

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Those of you whose travel plans include New York JFK or La Guardia airport might want to review your current flight options and prepare accordingly. A variety of workers at these two airports have voted to go on strike Wednesday July 22 & Thursday July 23 respectively.

jfk-airportThe workers who are employed in the field of Terminal Security, Wheelchair Attendants and Baggage Handling seek higher wages and better working conditions through this labor action. [click to continue…]

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In various parts of the world hotel chains are offering a dining club, primarily geared towards local audience but often free to join for anyone. LoyaltyLobby will look at these programs in the coming weeks, starting today with Club at the Hyatt (Asia-Pacific Region).

CATH Certs

One item that can be a large expense on your trips is dining during hotel stays. Not all hotels have lounges and even if they do, the F&B options do not really substitute a dinner. [click to continue…]

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During my daily reads this morning I came across an almost unbelievable story involving Emirates Airlines and two passengers scheduled to fly from Sydney to New York on the Dubai based carrier back in 2012.

EKB777 Aircraft
As per the article published by Australia Alternative Media Group (access here) the two passengers got stranded in Dubai after their flight to New York got cancelled due to a hurricane on the U.S. east coast.  [click to continue…]