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Kuwait Airlines operates fifth freedom service between London Heathrow and New York JFK airports. This is a continuing service from Kuwait.

The Economist Kuwait Airways

Israeli passport holders that have purchased tickets for this often competitively price segment have only found themselves refused boarding citing Kuwaiti law that prevents companies to do business with Israelis. Kuwai Airways have sometimes booked affected passengers on other services. [click to continue…]

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In the past few weeks I’ve had many flights within Asia and also to North America. This time I was determined to watch a bit over the type of food offered in lounges and on board the aircraft.

Inflight Meals Cover

A common misconception is always coming up when I talk to people who think meals on board the plane are actually healthy or have a low calorie count. Think again! [click to continue…]

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Top tier members of hotel programs are often greeted with a complimentary Welcome Amenity in their room, usually a bottle of red wine. But what if you don’t like it?

Hotel Amenities

I know many people (myself included) who don’t like to drink alcohol in the hotel room, especially when traveling alone. A good workaround is to ask for a nice bottle of sparkling / still water and ask to set it as a preference for future stays. [click to continue…]

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Wall Street Journal had interesting article on its Middle Seat column regarding what constitutes first class and how it differs in North America depending on the route.

WSJ What Is First Class These Days It’s Complicated.

Most of the “first” class in North America is not really first but rather business class. There are some flights such as the AA’s special transcons between JFK and LAX/SFO that are truly three class and then there is the daily Cathay Pacific New York to Hong Kong via Vancouver where the airline has fifth freedom right to sell seats. [click to continue…]

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Anyone who travels to China knows that trying to use internet there is a painful experience as all the social networking sites are blocked and most of the Google related services too that websites use.

China Style Firewall Coming To Thailand

Now, Thailand is apparently going to introduce something similar. The government has long blocked such a dangerous websites as Daily Mail (UK newspaper) and pornographic websites. [click to continue…]

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With the final step of the implementation of the federal ‘Real ID Act‘ in the United States, travelers with drivers licenses issued in four U.S. states might soon require another ID document if they wish to fly domestically.


Supposedly the drivers licenses issued in the states of New York, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Louisiana do not meet a certain set of minimum security standards. [click to continue…]