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Wall Street Journal’s The Middle East columnist Scott McCartney filed an interesting piece from Dubai yesterday (access on WSJ) about the growth of the Gulf carriers of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways in the United States.

WSJ Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Make Their Move on the U.S.

As the US airlines are incapable of competing with the new planes, entertainment, food and service they are just whining and would like to US government to renegotiate the open skies agreement between the countries. [click to continue...]

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beVancouver is run by the Vancouver Hotel Destination Association (VHDA) that consists of 36 hotels in the downtown Vancouver, BC. To trump the business during the slower winter months the association is now offering $75/$100/$125 Amex gift cards per stay.

Be Vancouver Amex Gift Card Promotion

This offer is valid for stays until February 28, 2015, that are booked by November 16, 2014 [click to continue...]

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Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece about the US airfares earlier this week that is available on their website here.

WSJ The Best Day to Buy Airline Tickets

Traditionally, the Tuesday has been considered the best day of the week to purchase discounted air fares because that is the day when airlines tend to start their sales. It is not, however, the day of the week when the average sold fare is the lowest. [click to continue...]

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I was just watching Bloomberg News and saw that the UK government had instituted Ebola screening at London’s Heathrow airport. The screenings have already started at select airports in the United States and Canada.

Ebola Screenings At Airports

When I have been watching CNN over the past few days, it could have been as well called ENN (Ebola News Network) due to never ending coverage over the infected nurse in Texas. [click to continue...]

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You should never joke having a bomb while flying and now definitely not joking of having Ebola, when sneezing due to having a flu, as a passenger on an US Airways flight 845 from Philadelphia to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, found out the hard way.

The plane was met with a HAZMAT team and the person making the claim was taken to the airport’s medical center for tests. The passengers on the plane were forced to stay put for two hours before the person was cleared to be ok. [click to continue...]

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Airbus released a new study today where it estimates that the airlines will purchase $4.6 trillion worth of new airplanes at list prices during the next 20 years and that the domestic China will become the single largest aviation market within a decade.

WSJ Airbus $4.6 Trillion Airliner Market

Airbus estimates that the aircraft manufacturers will deliver 31,400 passenger jets with more than 100 seats including freighters by 2033. [click to continue...]

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New York Time has good article “The Fadeout of the Mileage Run” (access here) about frequent fliers that fly purely for status and/or redeemable miles.

New York Times The Fadeout of the Mileage Run

Mileage Runs for purely getting award miles are coming to an end on both Delta (read more here) and United (read more here) next year when both of these airlines are starting to award miles based on the spend and not flown miles. [click to continue...]

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Bloomberg had a piece yesterday on its TV channel and has a long article up on the web about the future of the first class cabin on many airlines.

Bloomberg Airlines Mull First-Class Future as Business Beds Succeed

In recent years, the airlines have become wiser in adjusting their cabin mix (Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First) depending on the route they fly and the first class gets dropped if there is not enough paid demand. [click to continue...]