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A popular hotel and serviced apartment in Bangkok, the AETAS, will be partly demolished after a court decided that the owner disregarded special zoning laws for the location and built too high.

aetasThe case was pressed by neighboring residents who sought the execution of an earlier court decision that concluded the hotel exceeded the allowed height for roads under 10m with by up to 67% (16 floors). [click to continue…]

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A reader sent me a link to an interesting piece that the Guardian published in the UK yesterday and is related to what I have covered here previously based on my personal observations at various hotels.

Guardian Towel Wars

The Guardian reports that the Italian coastguard are implementing a fine for tourists that are trying to secure their favorite spot by leaving their gear on the beach overnight. [click to continue…]

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In a recent regulatory filing The Boeing Company revealed that demand for the B747 has decreased so much that the company might decide to discontinue the production of the iconic airliner.

B747 Qantas

First flown commercially in 1970, the 747 held the passenger capacity record for 37 years and became a favorite with travellers who would be sad to see the “Queen of the Skies” go. [click to continue…]

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Most people experience at some point in life a period where they are short on funds and still have the desire or need to book a flight somewhere which now can be done using a new financing service called Airfordable.

Travel Financing


Airfordable doesn’t work like a regular financing that is usually done by a bank or banking affiliate which run credit checks and open individual accounts. [click to continue…]

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Everyone who has visited an Amusement Park or Tourist Attraction such as a Sky Tower has seen it before: You get photographed at some point and the pictures are ready at the exit to be sold at sky high prices.

Hardcopy Pictures EnvShould this money grab be finally done away with in favor of a more environmentally friendly alternative as many places already did? [click to continue…]

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It’s Ramadan again and during the holy month it has been common that airlines of Muslim nations (especially the ME3 carriers) restrict the serving of alcohol for the entire month.

ME3 Airline LoungesWhile previously alcohol continued to be served on board (except on the Middle East/North Africa routes) some airlines restrict the consumption of alcohol within the airport entirely. [click to continue…]