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Renowned travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has a promotion that currently offers eBooks at a 70% discount through their online store in the U.S. and other countries.

To receive the discount simply enter promotion code ‘JUSTGO’ and keep in mind that this is applicable to eBooks only, not hard copy books.

Barcelona Airport Strike Continues (and Threatens to Spread Nationwide)


As we commented back in July (access here), Barcelona airport security check personnel called for industrial action on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays from August 1 onwards to denounce low wages and staffing/training deficiencies to properly manage the airport’s security checkpoints.

Well, two weeks into the strike and with waiting times of 30 to 45 minutes as a permanent baseline, with peak waiting times of 2+ hours during the industrial action slots, there seems to be no agreement between the parts, and things may take a turn for the worse next week.

Horrible Lineups At Airport Of Thailand’s Immigration Checkpoints – Overwhelmed Or Negligent?


This weekend there have been media reports about horrible hour long lineups with thousands of people at Immigration Checkpoints in Thailand, especially the two Bangkok airports.

I also witnessed such a scene on Friday night when arriving at Bangkok’s main airport (BKK) around midnight where people had to start lining up in the concourse because the main immigration area was filled to capacity.

Too Cheap To Be True (?) – What’s All The Buzz About The $650 Qatar Airways Business Class Tickets Ex Vietnam?


As so often with extremely low priced premium fares that are almost too cheap to be believed, news about these ‘Special Deals’ make their way like a wildfire through the internet including social media groups and travel blogs.

Even though we at LoyaltyLobby have had a longstanding policy of not covering the fares per se we would like to briefly shine some light on this specific fare and what mistakes not to make when booking them.

U.K. Set To Further Ease Laptop Restrictions For Certain (Not All) Middle Eastern Flights, Two Turkish Airlines Cleared!

The UK Government has announced a reduction of flights subjected to the infamous laptop ban which has been in place now for a few months.

Following the policy adjustment of the U.S. Government now the UK also allows laptops to be taken on board again from certain, previously restricted destinations/flights and the list could keep growing.

What are the Latest Airport/Airline Strikes in Europe?


August is finally here, and for many Europeans (me included) this only means summer holidays. It’s peak travel season in the continent, with most airlines adding seasonal services to holiday destinations on top of their regular schedule.

August is also the favorite month of the year for European airlines/ground staff unions to strike. Let’s take a look on the latest strikes that will happen across the continent.

Soon To Come: Six Days Visa Free Transit In Beijing, Tianjin & Hebei Province (Currently 72 Hours)


China announced this week that the existing 3 Day (72 Hour) Visa Free Transit Program for the Airports Beijing & Tianjin will be upped to 6 Days (144 hours) by the end of the year.

A vice mayor of Beijing made the surprise announcement this week while promoting economic activities in the region and to ‘further open up the capitals service industry’.

Reminder: Certain Countries Require Travelers To Carry Minimum Funds – Tourists Detained In Thailand For Not Carrying 20,000 THB CASH!


There are currently cases circulating in the media where several tourists have been (at least temporarily) denied entry into Thailand due to not carrying a minimum amount of 20,000 THB (~US$ 600) in CASH with them.

Indeed, the entry regulations for Thailand say that tourists are required to carry a cash reserve and several other countries have the same rule, though in most cases having a valid credit card is sufficient.

Enhanced Security Measures For U.S. Flights Are Now In Worldwide Effect, All Passengers Advised To Arrive At The Airport With Plenty Of Advance Time


New ‘Enhanced Security Measures’ for U.S. flights from origins worldwide are now in effect and airlines as well as airports are advising passengers to check in for their flight at least 2 hours prior to departure.

The advance check-in time is more likely being spent in a security check lineup where electronics are being specially screened so one could imagine the less devices one carries the faster it will be.

Australian Passenger Checks a Can of Beer As His Only Luggage!


One passenger managed to make Qantas check a can of beer as his sole luggage on a domestic flight in Australia.

The beer, a can of Emu Export lager, made it safely from Melbourne to Perth onboard QA 777, and the internet, of course, is loving it

Tumi Now Offers ‘Global Locator’ Device To Track Baggage Around The Globe


Renowned baggage manufacturer Tumi has come up with a new device that enables the owner to trace baggage throughout the world and send alerts about the location and other preset options.

The Tumi Global Locator is available in the U.S. online store for a price of US$150 but it’s not totally clear what practical purpose this device actually has in case of lost luggage etc.

Reminder: No Alcohol Served In Bangkok This Coming Weekend Due To Buddhist Holiday (Including Hotel Facilities)


A reader sent us an email to remind other that this coming weekend there is a high Buddhist holiday in Thailand and by law the distribution of alcohol is prohibited at all outlets including hotel lounges.

Thailand has several Buddhist holiday every year and just like with other important events in the country (and a daily time restriction) and during these days no alcohol can be sold by any vendors.

Is Pesto a Liquid? Genoa Airport Authorities Think It’s Not!


You can say many things about Pesto: you can love it or hate it, you can think it’s luscious, or simply overrated.

What you cannot say about pesto is that it is not a liquid, unless of course you are flying out of Genoa Airport.

Dream Holiday In Bali: Beware Of Dog Meat Satay Sometimes Being Sold As Chicken!


Animal welfare groups have again risen awareness to the ongoing slaughter of dogs and trade of dog meat on the holiday island of Bali where the product is often sold to unsuspecting people as satay.

A horrifying prospect that nobody really wants to think of when a Bali holiday comes to mind as most cultures consider the slaughter of dogs as barberism and would never in their wildest dreams think of consuming dog meat.

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