FAA Allows Electronic Devices To Be Used From Gate To Gate

FAA made an announcement on Thursday that electronic devices no longer need to be turned off during taxi, take off and landing. Cell phones still need to be turned off, however. You can read more about this on CNN’s website here.


Until now, the FAA has required that all the devices must be off until the plane has risen above 10,000 feet.

Shrinking Airline Seats & Widening Passengers


WSJ (Wall Street Journal) had an interesting piece yesterday about the shrinking width of the airplane seats in economy. You can access the full article here.


Airlines have started to order their planes with more seats per row than previously and this will lead to tighter space for all in economy. Especially those that have heavy frame or are overweight will feel uncomfortable in coach.

SNL Comedy Skit: Airline Priority Boarding


The number of boarding groups that the US airlines have has become borderline comical. The SNL (Saturday Night Live) live comedy program had a funny sketch about them this weekend.


There shouldn’t be geographical block to access this video from Yahoo’s archives here. Edit: The Yahoo doesn’t seem to work for all. I have now linked it to NBC’s archives here.

More Boeing 787 Woes: LOT’s Forced Landing In Iceland & Norwegian’s Grounded Plane


There were more bad Boeing 787 news when I turned Bloomberg on this morning. Seems that the reliability of these planes is not getting any better after all the earlier incidents this year.


You can read more about the LOT incident on Reuters article here and about the Norwegian incident on WSJ piece here.

Chengdu Is The Fourth Chinese City For 72-Hour Visa Free Transits


Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou all instituted visa free transits for international transit passengers for stays of three days or less earlier this year.

Both Shanghai and Beijing had shorter visa free transit previously that allowed passenger to leave the airport and roam the city.


Now, Chengdu, the provincial capital of the Sichuan region of China, is joining the above mentioned cities and started to offer this same 3-day visa free transits from the beginning of September.

IBahn Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


Didn’t see this coming. How could hotel internet provider find its business so unprofitable that they need to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy?


For those outside of the North America, the chapter 11 bankruptcy is not a bankruptcy where the company would be liquidated. It is rather reorganization of existing debt and other liabilities. Most of the US Airlines have done it at least one time.

The Most Liveable Cities (And Likely Tourist Friendly As Well)


The Economist Magazine’s EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) has again published a report of worlds most liveable cities that you can download here and access the Economist web page for the story here.


All of the cities is assigned a rating based on 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five categories of stability, healthcare, culture, education and infrastructure. These are then tallied together to come up with a liveability number between 1-100, where 1 would be intolerable and 100 ideal.

The World’s Ugliest Hotels


When I was flipping through the Flipboard app on my Android phone last night, I came across this gallery on Telegraph (access it here) about the world ugliest hotesl. They have twenty hotels listed and some of them are definitely eyesores.


Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Hotel Prices Getting Crazier In Brazil (Can They?)


Brazil is preparing to host the World Cup in 2014 and then the Olympics in 2016. The hotel prices have already gone through the roof in the past few years due to strong economic growth.


Now, the Brazilian tourism board has warned that the prices for those attending to the Wold Cup in June and July next year may face hotel prices that are six fold higher than usually. You can read more about this on Bloomberg’s article here.

WSJ Piece About Merchandise Rewards Using Miles


There was a piece on the WSJ this week by Scott McCartney about using airline miles for merchandise rewards such as hotel nights or car rentals (you can access the article here). This is about the worst way that you can use your miles. Period.


The article is partially based on a study done by IdeaWorks about Best Value Rewards using airlines miles that you can access here.

Lion Air Hits Cows

There was an accident earlier this year, when the Lion Air plane that was trying to land the Denpasar airport in Bali overshoot the runaway and land on shallow water. There was no casualties.


This times Lion Air flight from Jakarta to Gorntalo hit three cows killing one that had somehow found their way to the runway. You can read more about this on Bloomberg’s website here.

Christopher Elliott’s Latest Rant About Hotel Minibars On USAToday


LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a link to an article by Christopher Elliott on USAToday, where the author rants about the hotel minibars and would like to have them banned by law. You can access this article on USAToday’s website here.


I couldn’t disagree with Mr. Elliott more. Nobody forces the hotel guest to consumer something from the minibar. I consider them to be there in case that I need a diet soda late at night or maybe some orange juice. Should I go grocery shopping before checking in to a full service hotel?

Boeing’s Deamliner 787 Problems Continue: Ethiopian Fire & Thomson’s Technical Problems


London’s Heathrow airport was closed yesterday for 90 minutes due to a fire at Ethiopian’s 787 Dreamliner aircraft. There has been quite a bit of news coverage about this incident and you can read more on BBC’s website here and on ITV’s website here.


On a separate incident, Thomson’s Dreamliner that was bound for Florida from Manchester had to return to Manchester after unspecified technical problem.

Asiana OZ214 Seoul To San Francisco Crashes At Landing


Asiana flight OZ214 from Seoul to San Francisco crashed today while landing at the San Francisco international airport. According to the reports from the emergency personnel all the crew and passengers survived the crash.

Edit: Unfortunately, it didn’t turned out to be a crash without any fatalities, but it could have been far worse. It has been reported that two had died, 49 seriously insured of which 10 critically according to CBS San Francisco.


There are quite a few images after the crash taken by the passengers on Twitter and about burning plane on the usual news channels.

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