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There was an interesting piece on the Telegraph’s website (you can access the article here) about the complaints that the Norwegian discount carrier had received after launching its first long-haul flights.


Seems that they have taken the short-haul discount concept to long-haul flights and don’t provide ANY service without having to swipe your credit card first. [click to continue…]

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Would you stay or leave, if the hotel has a nonworking or unstable internet connection? I was faced with this question last week, when I was staying at the Glasgow Marriott hotel.


I checked in the morning, as I was coming from a transatlantic flight, and went straight to the executive lounge to have a breakfast. I already had problems logging in to the system that kept rejecting my room number and last name combo. Manager on Duty had to bring me a onetime use code. [click to continue…]

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There is a very interesting article on Bloomberg Businessweek about the ancillary revenues that the airlines are now collecting worldwide. You can access this article here.


Five years ago the ancillary fees that the airlines collected were just $2.5 billion and this grew to $36 billion in 2012. At the end of 2013, these fees are expected to represent 5% of all revenue collected by the airlines. [click to continue…]

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Accor’s “Director of Propaganda” for Asia Pacific got caught last week for leaving glowing reviews of some Accor properties and not always so glowing ones of their rivals on TripAdvisor. You can read more about this on Telegraph’s website here and on Tnooz here.


I recently wrote about my ordeal with TripAdvisor here, where they didn’t publish a somewhat negative review of a property that I had stayed at. [click to continue…]

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Not sure, when I was last time in Europe during the Eurovision song contest, but this year I was in Madrid and watched the show on TV. For those that are not familiar with this concept, it is a Europe wide song contest to which each of the EBU members send one band/singer and then the countries vote for the winner.


Nobody really takes this too seriously, as sometimes the performers are rather campy and borderline terrible, but it is fun to watch over few adult beverages. [click to continue…]

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Airbus unveiled its first painted A350 XWB plane in Toulouse yesterday and the test flights are expected to start in June. You can read more about this on CNN Business Traveler here.


There are currently more than 600 of this aircraft type on order from 34 customers that comes in three different variations of A350-800 (270 passengers), A350-900 (314 passengers), and A350-1000 (350 passengers). [click to continue…]

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There was an interesting piece on the NY Times about unintended (or maybe it is intended) casualty of the airline ancillary fees in the United States that is the FAA. You can access this article here. I wrote a piece about airlines’ love affair with fuel surcharges that you can access here.


The airline tickets are subject to 7.5% Federal Excise Tax that is collected on the airfare and used to fund the FAA. The recent change, how the airlines price tickets (more fees), has had an effect on the FAA funding. The ancillary fees like baggage, food, drinks, premium seats, premium boarding etc. are not taxed at all. [click to continue…]

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This is one of those unbelievable news stories in the past week. Apparently, the cockpit crew of Air India flight from Bangkok to Delhi let two cabin crew members to control the plane (on autopilot), while they took a 40 minute rest in the business class cabin.


Something happened and the auto pilot was turned off. The cockpit crew rushed to the to take control of the plane. [click to continue…]

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The Indonesian aviation safety came back to spotlight last month, when Lion Air’s flight overshoot the runaway in Bali and ended up in the water. Luckily nobody died in that accident. You can read my piece about the crash here.


Now, NY Times has an article on their website that was published on the International Herald Tribune about the state of the Indonesian’s low cost aviation and you can access it here. It is a good read. [click to continue…]

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The new strain on bird flu has been on the news a lot here in Asia in the past week after Taiwanese, who had not been in direct contact with birds, contradicted the virus. This was believed to be a human to human transfer of the virus.


There has been quite a few reported deaths in China and this is believed to have a effect on the Golden Week travel in China that starts on May 1. [click to continue…]