Good Quality Emergency Healthcare While Traveling In Japan!


Sometimes things don’t go as planned and somehow I managed to fall on my knees while crossing a street in Hiroshima a month ago. Basically I lost my balance.

Hiroshima Accident

It was evening and I was walking back to the Sheraton after having traditional okonomiyaki dinner at a place that has a number of vendors selling this Hiroshima delicacy. It was supposed to be a nice five kilometer walk to/from the hotel.

Trip review: A Weekend in North Korea (I – Visiting the Korean Demilitarized Zone)


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the official name of the Hermit Kingdom, and the name the locals insist you use) is one of the most secluded countries of the world. The information we get outside its borders is either regime-approved content or the analysis/speculation of several intelligence agencies that is leaked to the press.

I had the opportunity to visit the country during the celebration of the 105th anniversary of Kim Il Sung, their supreme leader and founder of the republic. Even with the limited access you get as a tourist, we were able to experience first-hand many things the news usually do not explain.

Should Airports Tolerate Or Fight Panhandlers And Donation Seekers Inside The Terminal Building?


While visiting Kuala Lumpur Airport last week I became aware of a conversation taking part across from me where a young man approched a couple and was seeking donations for a charity.

The lady who was approached was a local Malaysian and took pictures of his materials the man presented to her as he was unable to produce identification or a license allowing him to be there.

High Durability Baggage For The Frequent Traveler And Why It Pays Off To Invest More Money In Luggage


Everybody no matter if you’re a frequent or leisure traveler is confronted with the situation to purchase a new suitcase or carry-on every few years and the prevailing dilemma is usually how much to spend.

Obviously someone who travels less frequently can get away with purchasing a less durable item than a frequent traveler who travels daily/weekly/monthly and would like to keep his bag longer than a few months.

Discounts Through Pre-Flight Duty Free Shopping – Is It A Good Deal?

Many airlines offer their customers the option of purchasing Duty Free items ahead of the flight and also add some specialty items that can be pre-ordered such as certain premium champagne brands.

Especially when purchasing expensive items it might make sense to have a second look if certain offers can make sense such as during my flight on China Airlines last weekend.

New Regulations For 72 Hour Visa Free Transit In Beijing – Application Form And Background Check Required For Stays Over 24 Hours


China Immigration at Beijing Capital Airport has introduced a new regulation concerning the use of 72-hour Transit Without Visa rule that requires travelers to fill in an application and wait for clearance.

Previously simple presentation of onward tickets was sufficient but now the application form is mandatory for all stays over 24 hours as well as a “background check” that is conducted somewhere in the back office.

Would You Visit North Korea? I Will, This Week.


They are testing rocket engines for their nuclear warheads . The US government is sending a warship to the Korean peninsula. The newspapers are talking of an increased risk of accidental war. And I will be there this week hoping there are no major fireworks during my stay.

I was planning for a lovely Easter break in Tuscany when a friend of mine suggested to go to North Korea instead. He had been planning this trip for almost a year, and at the moment I thought that if I was ever to do such trip, better do it with people I know and trust.

Are Chinese Travelers Taking Over Japans Tourism Industry As New Initiatives Roll Out Countrywide?


While traveling extensively in Japan this month I realized that the amount of tourism services and facilities geared towards Chinese visitors have dramatically increased, especially announcements and placards.

Is this development due to the heightened misconduct of many mainland Chinese travelers or simply because they are such an economic force that the Japanese can’t ignore it any longer?

Update: Japan Trusted Traveler Program Not Available For Regular Travelers (Non-U.S. Citizens With Global Entry)


We have an update concerning the new Trusted Traveler Program in Japan we previously reported on and it’s not exactly good news for many who wish to apply.

We at LoyaltyLobby ran a test with two ordinary European Passports, one of which is also registered with Global Entry and both got a denial from the Japanese Authorities.

Egypt Government Scraps Plan To Raise Single Visa On Arrival Fee To US$60, Remains At Previous Levels (US$25)

After much fanfare, confusion and miscommunication the Egyptian government has decided to scrap their plan of raising the Single Visa On Arrival Fee To US$60 which was announced previously.

The fee will remain at the previous level of US$25 for a single entry Visa on Arrival while a 6 Months Multiple Entry Visa will cost US$60.

UK Joins Electronics Ban From Select Middle East / North African Destinations, Canada Considering


The UK Government has announced it will join the U.S. in imposing security regulations on a dozen of destinations in the Middle East and North Africa, effectively banning laptops and large electronic devices.

Meanwhile the U.S. Government has reached out to Canada where officials are presently deliberating whether to join in on this action and in what form.

U.S. Now Prohibits Any Type Of Larger Electronic Devices In Cabin, Including iPads And Laptops On Flights From Certain Middle East Countries


U.S. authorities are in preparation of implementing a complete ban of electronic devices larger than average cell phones inside aircraft cabins of the flight originates in roughly a dozen countries.

One of the airlines (countries) affected already spilled the beans via Twitter: Royal Jordanian Airlines published a notice to their passengers to prepare themselves that computers etc have to be checked in.

Keep Your Hotel Points For Peak Season Redemptions And Save Thousands – Case: Cherry Blossom In Japan

One of the hardest choices for every frequent traveler and member of loyalty programs is when to use their cherished currency and cash in the points for a free hotel night or flight.

While the average traveler redeems randomly whenever he sees opportunity, those who look after their points with eagle eyes watch out for the best value possible which is usually during high season.

Brazil Introduces New Consumer Legislation Improving Right For Domestic Airline Passengers, Fuel Surcharges Still Banned


The Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) just introduced fresh legislation further strengthening the right of air travelers in the country and continuing to ban fuel surcharges (YQ/YR).

Previously these surcharges were already banned by law and airlines are not allowed to charge these frivolous fees to their customers  while at the same time domestic passenger rights improved too.

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