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EasyTaxi is a taxi app that seems to work mainly in Latin America, some countries in Africa and Asia.


The service rely on regular taxis that have signed up for the service. You can have credit card on file but can pay to the drivers using cash as well. [click to continue…]

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Cannot remember that last time I used an ATM machine in Argentina to withdraw money due to the Dolar Blu that was prevalent during the previous president’s time. There was significant spread between the “official” rate and the informal one to exchange notes to Argentinean pesos.

WARNING ATM Issues Buenos Aires EZE Airport

This spread is now gone and credit cards can again be used in Argentina. So, when I arrived to Buenos Aires last night, I wanted to get some local cash to pay for cabs etc. that don’t accept credit cards. That’s where the problem begun. [click to continue…]

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When friend of mine was checking out from the Hyatt Regency hotel in Phuket this afternoon and paying using his Canada issued credit card, the terminal spat out the usual offer to pay in the currency of the card issued instead of Thai baht.

Hyatt Regency Phuket CAD THB DCC March 15 2016 U

I have said it many times and will probably keep repeating this all over, but I have never seen an instance where this Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) would have been beneficial for the person paying the bill. It is very beneficial for the merchant whose payment card processor will usually split the “spread”. [click to continue…]

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Most of the hotels process the elite based room upgrades during the overnight shift on the day of arrival and you can see them by checking the status of your reservation online.

Reminder To Check Hotel Reservations For Upgrades (And Sometimes Take A Screenshot)

As long as the hotel’s in-house reservation system (usually Opera) is connected to the chain’s proprietary one, the room upgrade information is transferred to Holidex (IHG), MARSHA (Marriott) etc. and is for you to see online as well. [click to continue…]