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This little guest house in Hudson New York has gained lot of negative publicity in the past couple of days for the inane terms and conditions that they had for fining wedding guests $500 for each negative review someone from their party left on social media.

Union Street Guest House

The guest house has now removed this from their website, but the terms and conditions governing any stay there are all very negative and quite frankly off-putting. [click to continue…]

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Sometimes, when you travel, the s#%$ hits the fan and, lets be frank, the airlines in Southern America are not known for their customer service. Even then, you should always have a deep breath first and think twice (maybe more than twice) before you write a public rant and a complaint to the CEO.


Here’s what was posted on TripAdvisor (you can access the TripAdvisor page here): [click to continue…]

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Accor’s “Director of Propaganda” for Asia Pacific got caught last week for leaving glowing reviews of some Accor properties and not always so glowing ones of their rivals on TripAdvisor. You can read more about this on Telegraph’s website here and on Tnooz here.


I recently wrote about my ordeal with TripAdvisor here, where they didn’t publish a somewhat negative review of a property that I had stayed at. [click to continue…]