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SPG releases its weekly Hot Escapes every Wednesday. This is a selection of hotels around the world that are discounted anywhere from 20% 15% (sometimes up to 70% off) + they offer an additional 5% off for SPG members.

SPG Hot Escapes August 31 2016

The hotel listing has the lowest member prices for the next 6 weeks. The availability and the price can vary from date to date. [click to continue…]

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Qatar Airways has been on a shopping spree lately. Last month, they announced buying stakes on both LATAM (read more here) and Meridiana (read more here).

Qatar Airways IAG

The airline made an announcement over the weekend that it had upped its stake of IAG (the parent of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling) to 20.01% after the share price of the IAG had “crashed” due to the Brexit vote. [click to continue…]

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Just a short time ago reports of two explosions and gunfire rocking Istanbul’s main international airport (Ataturk) have started coming in.  Early reports from the government state there have been “multiple injuries” but this is vague at best.


Given other recent terrorist events in Turkey, this will only further harm the image and economy of what is a unique place to visit. [click to continue…]

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News reports and Twitter is buzzing about a large fire at The Address, a 63-story hotel/residential building in Dubai. For those unfamiliar, this property is attached to the Dubai Mall and adjacent to the Burj Khalifa and the epicenter of Dubai’s New Year celebrations.


There has been no reports of injuries or casualties yet, but given the imagery I think unfortunately there will be some loss of life.

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