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The “Flyer Friendly” United Airlines was seeking volunteers to get off of their Denver to Aspen flight last week and when there were none decided to bump two passengers that turned out to be Mr. Schiller and his wife.

United Bumps Nobel Laureate

The airlines often oversell flights in anticipation that not all the passengers will show up or that there will be misconnects. When everyone turns up, however, they may have big mess on their hands. [click to continue…]

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United Airlines has now launched a targeted promotion for trying people continue to use its p.s. Flights after moving them from New York’s JFK airport to Newark (that United still calls New York…).

United Airlines MileagePlus PS EWR LAX SFO Promo

You can earn bonus redeemable miles, bonus premier qualifying miles or RPUs (regional premier upgrades). You have to choose between these three options. [click to continue…]

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It is now a week from the ouster of the Mr. Smisek as the CEO of United Airlines and New York Times run a story yesterday about the dissatisfaction of the fliers towards the airline.

NYT United Airlines Customer Dissatisfaction Festers, 5 Years After Merger

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone flying the airline or following the industry that the merger done in 2010 was an utter disaster and still not yet completed (Continental and United planes and crews still operate separately of each other and cannot mix). [click to continue…]

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After customers rejoice over the ouster of ex-United CEO Jeff Smisek, some details have surfaced about the benefits he will receive as part of his separation agreement.


SEC United

Mr Smisek doesn’t need to worry, he is well taken care of as the documents United had to file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for his departure / replacement reveal. [click to continue…]

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United Airlines announced on Tuesday afternoon that Mr. Smisek, the chairman, president and chief executive officer, had resigned effective immediately (likely fired).United Jeff Smisek Fired

Also gone are the Executive Vice President of Communication and Government Affairs, and Senior Vice President of Corporate and Government Affairs. These departures are result of the ongoing internal and government investigations associated with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. [click to continue…]