Airfare of the Day: UA/AC Los Angeles to Barcelona USD 378 (RT Economy/Coach)

Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to United Airlines/Air Canada round trip APEX non-refundable fares between Los Angeles and Barcelona.

United Airlines Global Services RewardsPlus Benefit: Marriott Rewards Platinum Status


Yesterday, I wrote (access here) new Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier benefit that is United Airlines Premier Gold status.

United Airlines Global Services RewardsPlus Benefit Marriott Rewards Platinum Satus

RewardsPlus (collaboration between Marriott & United) have launched similar offer for United Airlines Global Services members that are now eligible for Marriott Rewards Platinum status instead of Gold one.

Another United Airlines Incident: Crazy Check In Agent Cancels Ticket Because Passenger Films The Interaction


United Airlines hasn’t received much good publicity as of late after dragging the elderly man off the plane in Chicago, killed the bunny that was transported from UK to the US and sending French woman to West Coast instead of Paris.

Now, crazy United Airlines check in agent canceled passenger’s ticket after they had dispute about baggage fee and the man started videotaping the incident. United agent incorrectly claimed that the passenger had no right to film the interaction (she was wrong – he could in a public space).

United Airlines MileagePlus Up To 50% Bonus Sale Until May 22, 2017


United Airlines has launched a new offer for buying MileagePlus miles at up to 50% bonus (could be account specific) for purchase made until May 22, 2017.

United Airlines Buy MileagePlus Miles Promotion May 2017

United Airlines has promotions pretty much every month for buying miles, but they all max out at a 100% bonus or a 50% discount (exactly the same offer because United limits the number of miles one can purchase per year including any possible bonuses to 150K).

Airfare of the Day: United DEN – CTU USD 513 (RT Economy Class)

Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to United Airlines special nonrefundable discount fares between Denver and Chengdu via the Pacific.

United Puts Customers “First”: Drops Interline Agreement With Five Airlines


Airlines have interline agreements in place with each other even when they are bitter competitors and from different alliances. Interline agreements allow airlines to sell each others tickets, have segments from various airlines on the same ticket, move passengers in case of irregular operations and send bags among other benefits.

United Airlines

Now, United Airlines has decided to end this agreement with five airlines that are based in the Middle East including Emirates with whom they were partners with back in the early 2000’s and had even jointly filed around the world fare (very good value but unfortunately was not able to take advantage of it before it was withdrawn).

United Airlines And Assaulted Passenger Dr. Dao Reached Settlement For Undisclosed Amount


United Airlines has reached a settlement with Dr. David Dao, the passenger who was forcibly removed from a United flight two weeks ago to make room for United employees.

Dr. Dao sustained injuries while being removed from the aircraft by security personnel after refusing to leave on his own as he was informed that United would deny him boarding/flying involuntarily.

Pro-Golfer Pokes Fun At United Airlines After His Golf Clubs Arrive Decapitated


United Airlines makes headlines for the wrong reasons again after a pro golfer discovered that United had decapitated his treasured golf clubs while transporting them.

Golf Clubs are usually checked in as oversize baggage and treated carefully (one would hope) but it appears that United is now going after clubs [and rabbits] too. 

United Airlines Changes Due To The Dr. Dao “Incident”


United Airlines certainly has had rough couple of weeks trying to recover from the incident that happened on early April (read more here) where flight ended up being overbooked due to deadheading crew and United decided to drag some paying passengers off the flight.

United Munoz Apology

United Airlines decided to get airport police to remove one 69 year old former Vietnamese refugee (gate agent probably thought that this person would give them the least resistance). Te entire case ended up being recorded by other passengers and then endlessly played on media.

How Much More People Are Willing To Pay To Avoid Flying On United Airlines?


The incident the other Sunday when paying passenger was forcefully moved from United Airlines flight to make space for deadheading employee received plenty of play both on social media and TV last week.

Morning Consult

Many were saying that they would never ever fly on United Airlines again while others were canceling their tickets. People tend to have short memories and many buy their airline tickets on price. How the outrage has resulted in bookings is the million (or perhaps billion) dollar question.

Bad News Won’t Stop For United Airlines As Another Boarded Passenger Is Threatened With Handcuffs In Overbooking Situation


United really can’t catch a break from bad news this week as now another story surfaced where a paying First Class passenger on the way from Hawaii to Los Angeles was threatened to be placed in handcuffs if he didn’t give up his seat.

The passenger who had a paid First Class ticket was already seated when approached by gate agents to tell him that he’d have to give up his seat to a ‘higher priority passenger’.

United CEO Munoz Apologizes Again (This Time For Real?)


United Airlines has been in the hot waters for the past two days after they kicked out paying passenger so that deadheading crew could get to their destination.


United CEO first issued very lame apology (read more here) and then issued another statement to the employees that he was standing by them (read more here).

United CEO’s Email To Employees About The “Offloading” Incident (Standing By Them)


Yesterday (read more here), United Airlines was facing another PR fiasco when they weren’t willing to offer high enough compensation for passengers on a flight to St. Louisville to get high enough number to give their seats (to accommodate crew members traveling on positive space).


Now, the email that the CEO Munoz has sent to employees has gone public as well and the tone of the email could have been better.

Another PR Nightmare for United Airlines!


A couple of weeks ago, Sebastian wrote here about United Airlines taking a lot of heat over forcing passengers (who turned out to be traveling on an employee pass) to change their attire before boarding.


Seems that the United PR department has another nightmare on their hands after videos posted to social media showing a paying passenger being forcibly dragged from his seat and off the plane by security officers is going viral.

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