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Here are three reader questions from the past week that I have decided to reply here publicly. You can always email me, leave a note or private message on Facebook, or Tweet me with your questions.

Reader Questions December 20

Note that I can shorten the emails and edit them for clarity. I always remove the personal information of both the reader and front line employees. If there are managers involved, I may leave their names intact, however. [click to continue…]

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American Airlines today announced the changes to the combined AAdvantage that will take place in 2015 and (surprisingly) nothing negative.

American Airlines US Airways Frequent Flier Program Merger Update October 28, 2014

The airline is not moving to issue frequent flier miles based on the monetary spend with the airline (at least not in 2015) and there is no $$$ figure required for each status levels as is the case now with United Airlines and Delta. [click to continue…]