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Although I have been taking flights on Malaysia Airlines quite a few times as of late (due to their great business class sales from Bangkok), it took me a while to catch this Journey Prayer that is at the end of their safety briefing.

Whine Wednesdays Journey Prayer

Many of the Gulf airlines do have some sort of prayer/welcome message at the beginning of their flights as well, but usually it is in Arabic and thus I don’t understand it. [click to continue…]

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This appears to be one of those yearly Whine Wednesdays pieces, but the internet connectivity is really becoming an issue even for a Western travelers or expats that used to be able to bypass the “Great Firewall of China” relatively easily.

Whine Wednesdays Internet In China

Before of my current trip to China, I did see some reports on media that China had started to more aggressive blocking that was preventing many accessing Google’s Gmail when in the mainland. [click to continue…]

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This week I am whining about things that happen at hotels due to lack of training and/or manager oversight.

Whine Wednesdays Hyatt Touch Grand Hyatt Berlin

Earlier in the week, I was “stranded” in Berlin for roughly 22 hours due to airberlin’s airplane woes (EC 261/2004 case coming). The airline would have paid for the Mercure by the airport, but I decided to book something more comfortable by myself and ended up at the Grand Hyatt Berlin for my very first and last time. [click to continue…]

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When you travel, there are so many opportunities for you to part with your money and this Dynamic Currency Conversion scam, which I have written numerous times, is one of the worst ones.

Whine Wednesdays InterContinental Semiramis

This means that the merchants credit card machines spits out a slip that shows the transaction in the currency of your card and not the local one. This usually includes a fee of 3% to 5% for this “service” (really just a scam). [click to continue…]

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about maddening experience he had with Hyatt’s “Best Available Room” upgrade benefit for Diamond members.

Whine Wednesdays Best Available Room

Some hotels tend to think that merely upgrading a Diamond member to a Club Room would be sufficient per the T&C’s of the program, but this is not the case and I have experienced it by myself as well. [click to continue…]

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In April, I was whining about the great firewall of China (read more here) that blocks “very dangerous” websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Whine Wednesdays Blocked Websites

It seems that there is something dangerous happening in Egypt as well because I cannot access Facebook (Twitter works just fine) without having to fire up the VPN from the Ramses Hilton hotel. [click to continue…]

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This has been a hotel pet peeve of mine for a long time and I cannot remember the total number of times the DND sign has been disregarding by the housekeeping team during the past two months.

Whine Wednesdays Do Disturb

Why hotels cannot get their housekeeping department to better work with the front desk to ensure that the guests that have late check outs and Do Not Disturb signs hanging on the door really are not disturbed? [click to continue…]

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The Club Lounge at the Marriott Toronto Bloor Yorkville reminded me why I usually don’t even bother visiting most of the chain hotel lounges in the North America. Outside of North America, you can practically feed yourself with a lounge’s offerings and not have to spend a dime outside the hotel.

Whine Wednesdays Club Lounges

As for this particular hotel I am not sure what exactly are the evening hours, but that was the display (what was left) at 6:50PM on a weekday night. [click to continue…]