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Let me start saying that I like Uber and I have used it a lot. I used the service 34 times in January alone in Ho Chi Minh City, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Beijing, Manila, Tokyo, Bali and probably some other cities as well.

Whine Wednesdays Uber

This doesn’t change the fact that Uber is starting to have taxi driver-like behavior among some of its drivers like what I just experienced in London on Tuesday when trying to get Uber from LHR Terminal 5. [click to continue…]

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It is always a good idea to have your seat belt on during a flight even when the “Fasten Seat Belt” light is not on. What would you do, however, if the light is on for the entire duration of the flight?

Whine Wednesdays Faster Seatbelt

It is always a good idea to follow crew member instructions, but there is no way that I would not walk or go to the lavatory during a 14 hour flight. Besides, there really is no excuse to leave the light on for the entire flight. [click to continue…]

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Let me start saying that I have used regular taxis in Bangkok hundreds of times over the past decade or so and can only remember two other unpleasant experiences with the drivers. Most of the drivers are honest and hard working.

Whine Wednesdays Bangkok's Finest....

Then, when you have very unpleasant experience, it is very difficult to forget. I once wrote about cab with super “hot” meter (read more here) that had it going triple/quadruple speed compared to the actual distance. [click to continue…]

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In today’s edition of Whine Wednesday we reflect on a problem that happens mostly when you book hotel rooms through a secondary source such as an online booking engine: The description doesn’t fit the room type and service offered.

WW Hotel Descriptions

In some cases, elementary items or services are only partially available or completely missing which requires the customer to negotiate with the hotel how to rectify the situation. [click to continue…]

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Many airline passengers take off their shoes (I do take off my shoes most of the time too) while flying and sometimes their socks as well (I have never done this however).

Whine Wednesdays Pigs In Planes

Despite my years of flying, never have I seen this combined with putting your feet up on the seat in front of you as I witnessed yesterday on a LAN flight from Sao Paulo to Lima. [click to continue…]

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One thing that irks me and is a perfect fit for this week Whine Wednesday edition is when aircraft board or arrive through an apron position through bus transfer.

AI Airport BusAs if the trouble of disembarking by stairs, dragging luggage around and walking through hot, cold or wet weather wasn’t enough, often the airlines do not even provide a separate bus for Premium and Economy Class. [click to continue…]

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The non-use of headphones for phone or video calls in lounges has been previously covered here on LoyaltyLobby.

Whine Wednesdays Video Call

Again, I found it irritating last week when someone was having video call without using headphones at the club lounge of InterContinental Grand Stanford in Hong Kong and then someone was dealing with KrisFlyer issues using a speakerphone at the Private Room in Singapore this past Sunday. [click to continue…]

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Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) has had chat function available for its Platinum members (maybe for others too) for quite some time. I wrote a piece about this benefit back in 2011 (access here).


When I was checking SPG50 (50% off of rack rate award) for three Starwood properties in New Caledonia, I couldn’t believe what the response time was. It took 50 minutes for the SPG rep to initiate the chat. [click to continue…]