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It’s another Whine Wednesday and having spent the last week in Beijing once again provides us with ample opportunity to whine, this time about people who fill up their Tupperware containers at the lounge.

sgw-loungeSome people have really no shame and bring their own containers to load up and take away food that is supposed to be consumed by the patrons inside the club lounge. [click to continue…]

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It never ceases to amaze me how penny-wise and pound-foolish some full service hotel General Managers can be.


For instance, yesterday while I was at the Sheraton Bratislava I asked if their channel line-up included CNN International. They told me they did not have that channel, but asked if I would like to watch Sky News (Murdoch’s UK-centric TV channel) instead. [click to continue…]

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You never know what might be waiting for you on your next flight. Perhaps someone is changing a diaper in a business class seat… like what happened to me on Monday?

Whine Wednesdays Diaper Change

I was on a Lufthansa flight from Rio de Janeiro to Frankfurt when this father decided to take change out his child’s dirty diaper in the business class cabin before taking the child to lavatory, leaving the dirty diaper on the gap between the seats. [click to continue…]

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Another Whine Wednesday and today it’s something that we at LoyaltyLobby already wrote about on occasion, namely the practice of boarding flights through buses on apron positions.

WW Bus Boarding

Sometimes gates are really occupied and apron positions are the only way, but other times the airlines are simply too cheap and want to save money for gate positions. [click to continue…]

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When I was in Sydney the other weekend and wanted to have an adult beverage after entering the venue past midnight, I was presented this paper showing what I could purchase at what hour.

Sydney Went Dry

It was around 1AM and decided to get a bottle of French bubbly and the waiter said no. You cannot even have a cocktail because most of them include more than one measurement. You can have a mixed drink that contains mostly soda/water/juice. [click to continue…]

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This weeks Whine Wednesday is about something that goes on my nerves to no end when visiting Japan: Foreigners who can’t obey the rules of what not to do when using public transportation.

Limousine BusThere are clearly visible signs as well as announcements making passengers aware that eating, drinking and using cell phones for calls is not permitted on the Tokyo Airport Limousine Bus for example. [click to continue…]

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It’s Whine Wednesday and I want to bring up a matter that is one of my personal pet peeves when it comes to flying (especially in the U.S.) which is the poor handling of irregular operations such as long delays.

WW Irrops

Last Saturday I flew from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on American Airlines, a ride that is 50 minutes at best which ended up with a 5:20h delay because of missing flight attendants. [click to continue…]

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This very late Whine Wednesdays touches the word that is often extremely misused when it comes to travel (and other applications as well) but must get the attention of some.

Whine Wednesdays Hack

Why is the word “hack” nowadays used for things that have absolutely nothing to do with hacking… which by definition more or less means breaking into or gaining illicit access to a computer/network? [click to continue…]

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Whine Wednesdays revisits this week one of my most frequent pet peeves that hotels are more frequently using when trying to extort more money from not so well informed guests.

Whine Wednesdays “Forced” Dynamic Currency Conversion & Clueless Front Desk Clerks At JW Marriott Delhi AeroCity

Those that have been reading LoyaltyLobby for a while probably guess that the topic is going to be Dynamic Currency Conversion often just referred as DCC. [click to continue…]

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Almost every Hotel chain these days has a Best Rate Guarantee where they advertise or suggest that customers always get the cheapest rates on the chains own website which in reality is rarely the case.


The rules for these Best Rate Guarantees (BRG) changes all the time depending on the chain and it can be very challenging to actually get a lower rate approved due to complicated rules. [click to continue…]

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This week Whine Wednesdays revisits the number of “personal items” that some passengers are trying to carry with them on board. I had similar piece two years ago (access here) when someone was traveling with number of items on LAN flight.

Whine Wednesdays Personal Items

Last week, I came across this lady that was carrying all possible junk with her (no crying monster somewhere there hidden) while going through the exit immigration at the Sao Paulo international airport. [click to continue…]

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Seems that I end up whining about these Do Not Disturb signs at least once a year. I still cannot get it why housekeeping at some hotels has such a difficulty honoring them?

Whine Wednesdays Do Not Disturb

The other night, I was staying at the Marriott hotel in Santiago de Chile and this time the violator was not the maid but the housekeeping supervisor herself! [click to continue…]