Whine Wednesdays: Hotel Opening Delays!


This week the Whine Wednesdays topic is something that we have covered here on LoyaltyLobby few times previously but not under this topic!

Whine Wednesdays Hotel Opening Delays U

Have you ever come across a full service hotel that would have actually opened on time as originally planned and not been delayed at minimum by months and in some cases by years? And then there are those hotels that never materialize beyond the press releases!

Whine Wednesdays: Email Spam From Hyatt Hotels After Completing Booking As A Non Member


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about a new tactic of Hyatt to spam customers with advertising emails who book one of their hotels through the Hyatt website, despite de-selecting enrollments.

While many hotels nowadays send out ‘complete your booking’ emails when someone searched but didn’t end up booking the hotel, Hyatt actually enrolls people in a mailer without consent of the customer.

Whine Wednesdays: Unstaffed Elite Check-In Counters At Hotels (All Chains)


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about something that is truly annoying: Hotels that don’t staff their check-in desk properly, especially the elite check in line.

Having a dedicated Elite Check-in and then no staff at all to attend to it just adds insult to injury compared to waiting in line like everybody else.

Whine Wednesday: Immigration Lines Out Of Control In Indonesia (Jakarta & Denpasar Airport)


Both John and myself were traveling through airports in Indonesia this past week and the topic of our Whine Wednesday this week are the immigration lines at Jakarta and Denpasar-Bali Airports that were completely out of control.

For the past couple of years the lines have gotten less but it appears that Indonesia has (purposely?) cut back on border patrol staff again and the lineup can be horrible.

Whine Wednesday: Airport Taxis?


This week Whine Wednesday deals with a relic from a bygone era called an “Airport Taxi” that somehow still seems to be around.

Whine Wednesdays Airport Taxis

These are the only taxis that are allowed to pick up from certain airports (and then drive back empty) while taxis dropping off passengers are not allowed to pick up from the airport (and thus drive back to the city empty).

Whine Wednesdays: No Proper Advance Notice For 3-Hour Planned Power Outage At Conrad Bangkok


This week the Whine Wednesday visits the Hilton’s flagship property in Bangkok before the Waldorf Astoria opens early next year (read more here).

Conrad Bangkok No Power

I hadn’t stayed at the Conrad for couple of years and made a reservation for last Saturday when I was in the city. I certainly would have booked something else for the night had I known that the building was basically without electricity for three hours starting at midnight.

Whine Wednesday: Long Lineups At Canada’s New Immigration Machines Due To Passenger Confusion


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about the new immigration procedure at Canadian airports since the regular control booths have been replaced by computers where arriving passengers have to scan their own passports.

With the introduction of the machines Canada also stopped to stamp visitors passports in lieu of a printed receipt that will be collected by the customs officer at the exit.

Whine Wednesdays: Used Room Service Trays Sitting In The Hallway For Hours – Entire Floors Reeking Of Leftover Food


Our weekly series of Whine Wednesday this time around is about used room service trays, often loaded with leftover food that sits around in front of guest rooms after they are done with their meal.

More often than not these trays sit around for hour on end because the hotel isn’t following up on picking the leftovers up and often guests don’t bother to quickly call to advise room service of the tray.

Whine Wednesday: Same Day Hotel Award Availability Blocked Because No Standard Rooms Available (At 11pm)


Most Hotel Loyalty Programs have the rule that a room can be booked as award as long as a Standard Room is available but sometimes hotels don’t even open up such rooms when their entire remaining inventory is still available that evening.

It rarely makes sense to leave inventory open and unsold unless you talk about specialty rooms that are needed early in the next day for early arrivals.

Whine Wednesday: Horrible Air China ‘Service’ At Beijing Capital Airport During Flight Delay


This weeks Whine Wednesday is coming to us compliments of Air China and their completely inept staff at Beijing Capital Airport where incompetence prevails at every corner (likely due to corporate policy).

Air China isn’t well known for their stellar service to begin with but apparently the design of Beijing Capital Airport itself makes it even worse as the staff seems unable to rebook passengers onto other airlines.

Whine Wednesdays: Marriott Currency Conversion Scam In Full Swing (Brazil)


Not sure why Marriott affiliated hotels in Brazil believe that it is ok to steal money from their guests? Last year, I wrote about Sheraton Sao Paulo (access here) that used a rate that was off by 11.7% and JW Rio de Janeiro back in 2015 (read more here) whose rates were off by 7.9%.


It is time to whine about this scam again as nothing has changed. I was in Brazil over the past week and stayed at among other hotels at the Renaissance in Sao Paulo that I like a lot and JW Marriott in Rio de Janeiro that doesn’t even meet basic Marriott brand standards.

Whine Wednesdays: Garbage All Around The Airport?


Last weekend I went to Ibiza with friends (check my trip review here in case you missed it), and we were greeted with a not so pleasant surprise when we landed at the airport.

Ibiza airport cleaning staff went on strike on May 16, and neither a single trash bin nor a toilet had been emptied or cleaned.

Whine Wednesdays: Legs Up On The Bulkhead? Acceptable Or Not?


This week the Whine Wednesdays deals with an issue that is often lightning rod for frequent travelers and many Facebook groups seems to be sharing photos such as the one below. .

Whine Wednesdays Legs Up 2

Is it ok to put up your legs when sitting on the bulkhead on these single aisle aircraft? I was flying on China Eastern or Southern (can never tell the difference) few weeks ago and fellow pax were stretching their legs.

Whine Wednesdays: Window Seat Without A Window (Flying Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737)


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about a real pet peeve of mine, namely that often some rows in Economy Class do not have windows, leaving your with the “Window Seat” without an actual window.

I took a short Malaysia Airlines flight in Economy Class from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur the other day and ended up changing my seat last minute since the middle seat was empty in that row.

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