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This weeks Whine Wednesday is about a service that I’m usually quite satisfied with: UBER and their pattern of letting drivers accept rides while they’re still having other passengers to drop off.

In certain cities even small distances can take plenty of time especially at rush hour traffic which means it can take a very long time for your UBER to actually arrive if the drivers still needs to drop off first. [click to continue…]

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This week’s Whine Wednesday topic could also be Fabulous Fridays depending what approach I take. People dressing inadequately while traveling or business class fares become sometimes cheaper than economy and thus making them affordable to everyone.

Whine Wednesdays Now Everyone Can Fly …...... In Business Class

It always fun to see old photos of people traveling in the early days of air transportation. Flight attendants were carving meat while people were dressed up for the occasion. Nowadays the meals are often meh even in business and what people wear can often leave lot to be desired. [click to continue…]

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Don’t get me started about alarm clocks at hotels. Those that you can usually find next to bed that are sometimes blinking blank, impossible program to alarm you at specific hour without having PhD or that suddenly go off at ungodly hours like what happened to me yesterday.

Housekeeping is supposed to reset these daily when they do housekeeping service to ensure that they don’t go off when new guests come in. How often they forget to do this? [click to continue…]

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A recent trend in hotels seems to be to have a high-floor lobby aka “sky lobby”.  Having a high floor lobby can give a nice first impression when you check-in and usually comes with a great view if the weather is nice.

Whine Wednesdays Lobbies

This reaction can turn negative, however, when in some designs you realize that the high floor check-in is entirely for show and you need to go first 70 floors up to the lobby and take a second elevator going 25 floors down to your room. [click to continue…]

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The downside of the digital world is that we all curry multiple devices that are constantly consuming power.

Whine Wednesdays Power Sockets

I have two laptops, cell phone, external speaker set, power bank and then some even when traveling just by myself. It is difficult to get all the devices charged because many of the hotels simply don’t have enough power sockets around the work desk. [click to continue…]

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The comfortable room or airline cabin temperature is often dependent what one has used to (can be cultural too) and seems that there is no consensus on this issue.

Whine Wednesdays Hotels With ACs That Are ON OFF Only

Some are comfortable sleeping with 25+ Celsius temperatures while others need something below 20. My personal preference is somewhere between 20 to 21, although can sleep colder as well. Hotter and I sweat and find it very uncomfortable. [click to continue…]

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This week the Whine Wednesdays touches a thorny subject of airplane feet etiquette. Taking your shoes off, socks off or having your legs up on the bulkhead. What is right and what is wrong? What is your opinion?


It is the holiday season and business people are gone from the planes replaced by holiday makers with families going for well deserved vacations. [click to continue…]