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For suggestions, feedback, media, or any other requests, please email I do my very best to get back to you as soon as I can. Please note that due to my extensive travels, most of the flights are not equipped with internet,  it can take up to a day.

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  • Sam

    hi we have a membership but we have no card sent to us

    • John_Ollila

      Not quite sure what you are referring to?

  • Bbacrds

    Dear Mr. Ollila:

    Hello. Do you have any info on when the new Priority Club  PointBreaks list will be released? The current list is valid until only March 31st, 2012. It is 03/25/12.


    David H.

    • John_Ollila

      Unfortunately I don’t have any information about when the new list is going to come out. This program has been around for a long time and IHG hasn’t announced that it would have discontinued it as it did with the weekly flash sales.

  • Caroline

    Hi I would like to ask your advise on the hilton double points or miles. I will be staying at the hilton this summer and paying around 7000$ in total. I have a frequent flyer with Emirates. What would be more beneficial for me to do , Double points or Miles?

    Thank you

    • John_Ollila

      The double points or miles offer expires at the end of June. You would get 500 Emirates SKyWards miles per stay. I would say that if your stays are inexpensive and for one nights, then it can make sense to double dip to EK. But in your situation, I would most definitely choose double Hilton HHonors points. Your individual situation may vary of course.

  • Paul Osborn

    You say
    Royal Jornadian

    Her Highness always taught me to say
    Royal Jordanian


    • John_Ollila

      Thanks for letting me know about the typo!


  • Frank

    I have heard tell of a HHonors level above Diamond which is not published. Does such a thing exist?

    • John_Ollila

      They probably have a different VIP level for property owners and such. I have not heard or seen anything above Diamond for “regular” folks.

  • Esteban

    Hello! First, let me thank you for your excellent site!

    I have one question…

    If you do one of these status match offers… Let’s said I’m a MileagePlus Premier 1K and I want to match to AAdvantage Executive Platinum…Will I lose my benefits from my former frequent flyer program??

    I haven’t heard before about these kind of promotions and I thoght that if there’s not secret catch and if I can mantain my current benefits as 1K this may be an easy way to enjoy the frequent flyers benefits with other airlines when I eventually have to use them.

    Many thanks in advance!

    • John O.

      You won’t lose benefits on your current program if you match with their competitor. The AA’s match to EXP for UA 1K’s is very good offer.

  • Trev

    Intercontinental Adelaide Australia
    Could you please pass this to Mr James Allen or your General

    Dear Sir , I am a Royal Ambassador with your group No (number removed) , I stayed with you last night Room 24/12 .

    I was most disappointed and was very embarrassed this
    morning when I asked your young lady in the Club lounge if she could arrange
    for my account , left under my door overnight, to be adjusted to credit
    Internet charges shown on the account, She informed me that after checking with
    her “front office Manager the amount would not be credited as this is not a
    condition of my membership” . I told her not to worry I would talk to

    I was then faced with even more embarrassment in front of
    other guests, when I made the same request at Reception to be told by the
    person at the desk that after he had seem a Mr Matthew Senyang, who did not
    even have the good manners to come to the desk himself , that again it is not
    part of “the package” , but you would credit the amount on this occasion.

    Let me please inform, through you, your Mr Senyang,
    and you can check my record , in the last 6 weeks I have stayed at the
    Intercontinental in Perth , Bali, Melbourne & Sydney and this is the
    first time I have ANY complaint at hotels in your group.

    Please have Mr Senyang check out the attached web site &
    perhaps this will avoid guests like me having to waste their time with
    complaints like this.

  • Mike

    Great Savings at International Hilton Hotels
    Using PR13CB “Corporate Benefits Employee Offer” or “Corporate Benefit
    Partner Rate”.
    Does this rate allow you to benefit from the usual benefits of a Diamond or Gold HH Member, as well as gaining the points ? Thanks

    • John O.

      You will get all status related benefits, points and it will be a qualifying stay. This rate is not eligible for some bonus promotions that Hilton has had.


    I wold like to confirm my Royal Ambassador status please send me the form to make it..
    PRIORITY 916227155

    • John O.

      You need to contact Priority Club/Ambassador services. You can send them an email at

  • Joseph

    would you teach me how to level up as accor Platinum?

    • John O.

      I have replied to the email that you have sent me.

  • ian
    • John O.

      Thanks for the tip. I just wrote a piece about it.

  • bob

    I am a Club Carson member and am trying to sign up for a program stay two nights get a 3rd night free. How do I do this??? Bob

  • Bob

    I am done with Hilton. I have been a Diamond member for years and they get cheaper and cheaper and are so much less then other companies. Wow.. 1,000 points. That means now in 30 nights I get an extra night free. To compare to last year every 4 stays I got a free night. That was one of your best promotions and again you killed it and killed my membership. Others that join me who are also Diamond members are changing companies.

    • John O.

      The free night cert for every 4 stays was very good promo from Hilton last year. They have run them periodically over the past few years skipping a year here and there. I am sure that it will return at some point.

  • ian
    • John O.

      Thanks! I wrote an article about it.

  • ThatLindseyGuy

    IHG Priority Club Rewards are offering a 50% bonus on point purchases from 15 Nov to 22 Nov 2012. Just topped up my account!

    • John O.

      Going to write a piece about this in the next hour or so

  • Caroline

    Do you know any way of getting an instant silver to gold status when joining British Airways executive club for the first time?They have a promo code in the joining page.
    Maybe match to a hotel status?

  • Caroline

    Sorry that should have read Silver OR Gold in the previous message.

  • Paul

    Accor is no longer giving points for bookings made via agents.

    15/11/201215/11/2012[Pullman Munich] Not Eligible Stay Online Travel Agency

  • Wee Aloysius

    Hi I just signed up for your blog. Can you send me link to join accorhotels Platinum card?

    • John O.

      If you have followed the instructions on the post, you will receive an email reply from me.

  • dave

    i am unable to choose seats on flight to helsinki from Manchester and return 21- 27 Dec 17:50 & 16:00 return. Trying through Finnair and keep getting generic error up.
    Please help.

    • John O.

      Have you contacted Finnair? To my understanding this route is operated by FlyBe Finland but it is entirely Finnair branded and qualifies for all Oneworld benefits.

      Maybe there is a system glitch on the website?

  • Paul Lee

    Could you tell me how to unsubscribe email?

    • John O.

      You just need to click the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the email and follow instructions. Super easy!

  • tracy

    Perhaps I missed it, but I haven’t seen this promo on your blog. It’s not available at and not being advertised. 50% off at Hiltons Dec 14-Jan7. No bonus points, just regular Hhonors points.

    • John O.

      Thank you for letting me know. Will write a piece about it today.

  • hilton

    instant Hilton Gold status:

    happy newyear for everybody! thank you Hilton

    mail for more info:

  • lee youn ju

    hi. i just sined up and did what you explained. but i didn’t get 100 free miles.

    why i can’t get 100 free miles?

  • nishaan1975

    Hello john, what voucher code can i use to on emirates from london to durban. Im just a normal resident of the UK?

    • John O.

      You can try plugging in codes that I have on the Emirates coupon page. Alternatively, you can contact a local travel agent so see if they have negotiated fares.

  • Craig

    I bought a $500 and a $1,000 gift card in mid December and have not seen
    my 10X Marriott points credited yet???? How can I contact you to see
    what is up??


    • John O.

      You have to contact Marriott. I hope that you used the correct promo code for the miles. We are not affiliated with Marriott, but I do write about Marriott promotions.

  • Todor

    I’m sure you would’ve seen this anyway, but HHonors has a promo about double points or miles until the end of March:,HN,DoubleYourHHonors,Special
    (I figured I’d let you know, since you’ve let me know about a gazillion other useful things through your site)

    • John O.

      Thanks! I have already covered this promo.

  • Susan

    Thanks, John, for the free 500 AA points. They’ve added the UK to the drop down list at the very end.

    • John O.

      Thanks! I have edited the post to include this info.

  • lorenc

    Hi there, would you please send me the link to get the platinum status for ?

    • John O.

      Just follow the instructions on the web page.

  • Mister Nice

    Check out the new wording on the Southwest Promo Rapid Rewards promo page – it appears that , as of today 2/20, the double tier points have been extended to nationwide – not just MKE – is my reading correct

    • John O.

      Thanks! I made a new post about this promo yesterday. I later received an email from Southwest as well.

  • Pieter

    I replied to your email for the Accor platinum offer but received it back as undeliverable.

    • John O.

      The email address is definitely working considering the number of emails that I receive.

      • Pieter

        I like to get the Accor Platinum sign up offer.

        Citeren Disqus :

  • Margaret

    great site John, I am always browsing for Hilton Honours opportunities. I am located in Australia. I want a card I can use for purchases etc. it’s not fair that we cannot get the benefits attached to hilton cards etc. Any suggestions. Maybe Aussies should push for a similar card here. all those points I cannot get by living in the wrong place. it’s cruel. cheers.

    • John O.

      Credit card offers vary by market. There are only few countries where credit card offers are worthwhile..

    • S.O.

      In Australia there are quiet a few attractive offers around. Most of these come with large sign-up bonuses. I would say behind the U.S. Australia is No 2 in the market. I would focus on American Express Platinum Charge Card and the Virgin Money Visa flyer Card. Amex offers up to 80,000 Points for a new card at times. Virgin Money has offers for up to 50,000 Points. There is a Singapore Airlines from Westpac and many Qantas cards but to be honest… better focus on the Amex & Virgin. Amex can be transferred to many partners, a few times per year with attractive bonuses. Like you can transfer AMEX to Virgin Atlantic and on to Hilton. This would be the best ‘bang for the buck’.

  • George Soussou

    I have called the Ambassador centre when my Royal Ambassador card expire in January 2013 , enquiring about my new card , a lady at the centre told me it will be posted to me within 6 to 7 weeks , and my status will continue as a Royal Ambassador member , on my last stay this month , and when i went to pay my hotel bill , I have found that my status was downgraded to Platinum Member , today I have called the centre enquiring about this matter , while the conversation been recorded in January 2013, and my Hotel booking for Mrach 2013 showing Ambassador membership level , The lady told me you have stayed with us last year only 49 nights , and that why we downgraded your membership . It is a bit surprising to hear that, which put me off using again the Intercontinental GROUP , knowing in he previous years , i did stay in 2010 and 2011 more the 90 nights each year .Hoping to hear from you soon .

    • John O.

      Did you record the phone call? I always use Skype and keep recordings of the phone calls that can be then used to clarify things if required. You could try to escalate this to a supervisor. No guarantees. It seems to require 50+ nights yearly.

  • barbara

    trying to book hilton for june 2014 and october 2014 and search engine stops at april 2014..can you explain again – followed the details on your last hilton reservation, but isnt working. thankx

    • John O.

      You have to read my piece about this and see if that property has inventory loaded past 12 months. Some do and some don’t.

  • Rick

    I am trying to figure out the Priority Club VIP Status that is assigned to all PC Members. Here is what I have concluded, and I would love to know the accuracy of my conclusion.

    There are 4 VIP Levels. If you are not a PC member, you are VIP 0. If you are a member, or Gold, you are VIP 1. If you are Platinum, but earned it through a promotion, match from competitor, or credit card only, you are VIP 2. If you earned Platinum by meeting the point or night requirements, you are VIP 3. And then there is a VIP 4 which I have not figured out – possibly related to a higher set level of nights or points than the base Platinum level requirements. Your VIP level shows on the paper you are asked to sign when you check-in (the paper where you initial your room rate and all that stuff).

    Then from reading Micros OPERA documentation (which you can find in a Google search), employees use your posted VIP status to handle upgrades and other benefits. That would cause me to believe that despite being Platinum, what benefits you actually receive at the property are based more on which of the 3 VIP levels you have.

    I was wondering if you ever came across anything in regards to this? Thanks!

    • John O.

      There are likely many different VIP levels. I am not very familiar with the PC ones that they have on Opera, but Hyatt has numerous.

  • Philipe

    Need a code and pass for lisbon dubai, dubai jakarta, jakarta, bali and return!

    • John O.

      You must be referring to the Emirates discount code article that I wrote? None of the discount codes required a password at the time of doing the article. Some do now and I don’t have them.

  • Peter Weber

    I had negative experience with Priority Club “Best Price Guarantee” as they told me that the lower price (same room, same dates) I found was “not comparable” as it was not only cheaper but also included breakfast. The guarantee says they compensate if you find a lower price on another website, so this is not correct behaviour.

    • John O.

      I know that it sounds crazy but they consider the lower rate that includes breakfast a “package” and won’t match it to a higher rate on IHG’s website that doesn’t include breakfast.

      Also, the currency of the IHG’s website and the one that you are comparing one has to be the same i.e. you cannot compared price in Euros to a price in USD. Both prices has to be same.

  • Mike H

    I was looking at booking a stay at the Holiday Inn Los Cabos on the Delta website as part of a Delta Vacations package. If I did this, would I earn both Delta Skymiles AND Priority Club points just by providing my Skymiles # during the booking and then contacting PC after my confirmed stay?

    • John O.

      It won’t be a qualifying stay for Priority Club so no points. If Delta is offering some bonus miles for their Delta Vacation bookings, you may get those.

  • Angela Jones

    I Haven’t been able to get Platinum Accor Status. It says it is over. Do you have another code?
    Thank you

    • John O.

      Follow the instructions on the page to request a private sign up link.

  • Rick

    I have an AXON question. My plan is to stay at a Category 4 Doubletree which is 40,000 points per night. From what I’m reading on various sites, you can get a 4-night AXON rate for 125,000 for a 5-6 hotel. I also found mention of redeeming 125,000 for a 4-night certificate that can be used on any 1-6 hotel. Is there any way to get 4-nights at a category 4 for 125,000 using a certificate – or through some other means? Thanks!

    • John O.

      I need to revisit this AXON question now that Hilton did these changes. The AXON rate that is only applicable for Hilton AMEX card holders is that 125K for 4 nights. Will have write up about this early next week. Thanks for the question!

  • Henrik Johansson

    AN interesting thing happened when I claimed a missing hotel stay at CP London Docks or whatever it is called. When we arrived my colleague and I their computers were pretty much down and it was chaos. Check-in took almost an hour incl waiting for one person in front of us. Upside was, they served good red wine in the lobby, so we got us some wine while waiting. Anyhow, I had booked 2 rooms for 2 nights and when we checked out, they still had problems with their computers. This stay never showed up so 2 months later I filled in the form online and sent it in. They posted the stay today and gave me points for both rooms. That has never happened before. I have booked several rooms many times before, but I always get a message that I can only gain points for one room per night. So for a 2 day stay at a CP in London I got 24000 points incl my platinum bonus. Not bad I have to say. :)

    • John O.

      That is a nice surprise!

      • Henrik Johansson

        This seems to have changed this year or lately. I booked 2 rooms at a HIX in Danville, VA last week. I paid for both rooms, and both rooms posted. Only thing it said this tim was that I only received qualifying nights for one room, but I received qualifying points for both. So 16.000+ points for 2 nights at $129 / night (I booked a 5.000 points bonus package that cost $5 or $10 more). So, could be good to know that one should book and pay for your colleagues rooms as well unless they are hunting for points as well. :)

  • Jen

    Do you have or know when LeClub Accor Hotels will have a platinum sign up? I desperately need it! Thanks loads!

    • John O.

      You just need to follow up the instructions that I have posted about requesting a private link.

  • Alf

    I have just learned that Top Cashback and Quidco are no longer trading with IHG group

    • John O.

      Thanks! I made a post about this. Still available on Ebates and MrRebates.

  • ks

    Just checked in to Embassy Suites Austin Downtown Lake. I have stayed here many times most of the time upgraded (since I am diamond) to the “executive floor” which all it meant free coffee, cookies and fruit. Today I was told that they are experimenting with only premium paid (no upgrades) 9th floor and they no longer upgrade to that floor. I

    • John O.

      Interesting. Theoretically, there shouldn’t be “Executive Floors” at Embassy Suites hotels. I really don’t see why they wouldn’t upgrade a Diamond members if they have one, however. I would ask to speak with Manager on Duty to get clarification. If that doesn’t help, you can always open a case file with Hilton’s Guest Assistance department.

  • Vishal Jangla

    I followed the FB instructions to get a private Accor platinum sign up through you. However, I haven’t heard back from you yet. My next hotel stay is in 4 days. I’m hoping you can get back to me soon.

    • John O.

      I have replied to all FB private email messages, tweets, emails and others within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Christine Whichard

    John, The IHG anniversary promotion states that you can get 1,000pts per stay for 90 days. However, is there a certain rate that they have to pay to be qualified or is it any rate?

    • John O.

      It is applicable on any point qualifying rate.

  • Dave M

    Is anyone else having problems at Hilton Garden Inn properties with their new airport style carts? I have had them tip over on me on a few occasions and my luggage has fallen off too! I had some damage to my laptop on one occasion and frankly, I am sick of them. I have contacted Hilton to try to get them to put at least, one old style, wheel in each corner, luggage carts back in each of their HGI hotels. Please help me on this matter by writing to HHonors on my behalf.
    Dave M

    • John O.

      Would you mind taking couple of photos of one of the cards, when you are staying at HGI next time and send those over to me? I could write something about these.

  • Bruce Peak

    I received this response from Accor Le Club when I attempted to join 2 account. That is, my Silver into the Platinum I opened following your report on Loyalty Lobby.

    “We have well received your e-mail dated 29 April 2013 and thank you for your interest in the Le Club Accorhotels.

    Please be advised that your Le Club Accorhotels Platinum account (308103 4 66616762 7) was created through an unofficial link from a travel forum. However, after investigation, your account has been locked due to non targeted market. Therefore, you are unable to access your account now.

    Should you have another open account with Le Club Accorhotels, all you have to do is fill in the form in the Le Club Accorhotels sections of our web site

    – Click on “Join”
    – Choose the program that best meets your needs
    – Then follow the steps to fill in the appropriate form

    We thank you for your loyalty to Le Club Accorhotels.

    Best regards,

    Peter Travis
    Le Club Accorhotels team”

    We use Accor quite a bit and if we are not the “Targetted Market” who is and why do they get a free chance?

    Any suggestions.


    Bruce Peak

  • Rod

    Any update on Eva joining Star Alliance. There was an article on line that said Eva announced the date as June 18 but I haven’t seen anything on the Eva or Star Alliance websites confirming this.

    • John O.

      It should happen around mid-June, but these are not usually confirmed more than a week in advance.

  • Monica

    Can you please send me the link for “le accord platinum”

  • 이영경

    Hi John,

    I joined the program.

    But it was not platinum.

    I can upgrade to the Platinum?

    I will need a tier in an Accor hotel.


    Card number : 3081031630848340

    I’m begging you.

  • Ed

    Do you know anything about Holiday Inn (IHG brands) no longer offering cash back specifically through and I was on earlier and it showed 6% as usual; just returned to the site to see ‘No Rebate’. What’s this brand doing—-trying to lose as many repeat customers as it can?

    • John O.

      I am writing a piece about this later today and I have requested some clarification from IHG as well, but won’t get it before Monday or Tuesday.

      • Joanne

        I know they are changing few things at IHG so maybe that is why the cash back is gone :/ Can’t wait to hear more next week.

        • John O.

          You can still get 10% cashback by using the German site that I wrote about today. Used it to make a reservation for an IHG hotel for tonight.

  • nissim gayus

    Telaviv -istanbul ucusumu 16-05-2013 tk785 uyeluk hesabina eklemenizi rica
    ederim …..saygilarimla nisim gayus

  • Serenity

    Would love to see a blog on which of the hotel chains is most generous in offering you the chance to earn the most airline miles per night/stay for hotel stays of 1 or more nights.

    • John O.

      Thanks for the idea. Will do a comparison at some point.

  • Richard

    You stated there was a way to increase Marriott points with a conference. Please elaborate.

    • John O.

      Mainly stay credits but points as well. Will do a write up about this soon.

    • Richard

      Looking forward to it. Need points for lifetime status.

  • inrep

    I have a three-day booking (through Priority Advance Purchase) at Crowne Plaza and I just read your news about Priority promo IHG Rewards Club Anniversary Bonus Offer Of 1000 Bonus Points Per Stay For 90 Days. Would Priority change my reservation to one day at a time to avail of this promo? Or do I contact the hotel since my reservation has been confirmed and paid? Your immediate reply is appreciated since I am checking in on Friday, July 7th. Thanks!

    • John O.

      I don’t understand. The promo is valid for 90 days after registration. If you have just registered, the 90 day is certainly not over at the time of your checking in on July 7th.

      • Henrik Johansson

        I think he wants his 3 nights to become 3 stays, but in order for 3 nights to count as 3 stays it must be at different properties, so even if you book 3 1 night stays in a row, it will count as 1 stay. You can book like this though: Night 1: Property A – Night 2: Property B – Night 3: Property A.

  • Andre

    He John,
    first of all I want to thank you for this great newsletter. It saves me a lot of time.
    It would be nice however if I could select the Programs that I want to receive updates about.
    Keep up the good work!

    • John O.

      Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately that is not possible because the program pulls all the new articles and sends them out at 6AM EST daily.

  • talal

    promotion code is 4003

    • John O.

      I did a piece about the new IHG Stay-bonuses. There are number of different offers.

  • 정원 신

    Not long ago, I had to join leclub.
    Department of accor hotels I have ever used my husband had a reservation.
    I would love to have a Platinum tier.
    Now I have Hilton Gold tier member’s Platinum MasterCard and Visa cards.
    We had a vacation this summer, if the accor hotel.
    Thank you. I’ll be waiting for you.
    I’ll send pictures if you need proof …

  • talal

    i have email from iHG for new promotion code 4003 this body of email”Thank you for registering to earn Double Points. As a valued Priority Club® Rewards member, we would like to offer you an additional bonus opportunity to earn even more points!

    Simply register for this exclusive offer, stay 10 nights at any of our 4,600 hotels worldwide by 31 July 2013 and get 15,000 bonus points. These points are in addition to your Double Points. It’s that easy to earn more!”

    ihope to have benefit .

    • John O.


      There are number of different offers going on for nights between June 1 and July 31. I just made a piece about them.

  • franksnotme

    why does the LoyaltyLobby email send year old information? I just received the latest in my inbox, read the great new Marriott summer promotion, went to the site, and realized it was for 2012. Am I missing some switch that says only send me unexpired information? Thanks

    • John O.

      The posts under “Related Posts” is picked up by the program automatically based on the content. The main post is always done within the past 24 hours.

  • Victorino Oliveira

    Tap (Air Portugal) made a change in the amount of Victoria (!!!) miles for the Business as well as the another airlines.

    • John O.

      Thanks! I will look into this. Do you have more information that you could email me? Just drop me a note to

  • aniruddh77

    SPG seems to be running a promo to give either a $ credit or 500 Starpoints in exchange for not changing room linen during a stay (2 nights or longer). At DXB, and and not sure if this is being run elsewhere

    • John O.

      Yes. This is called “Green Choice”. I need to write about it at some point.

  • kris

    John, do you have any experience with changing preffered earning method at hotel loyalty programs? Especially Marriott, Carlson and Hilton.
    Does change from points to miles erase my previously earned points?

    • John O.

      You can switch your Marriott earning preference online and it doesn’t have an effect to your points that are in your account.

      With Hilton you cannot just earn miles. You always earn some Hilton points as well.

  • 윤미 손

    Can you please send me the link for “le accord platinum”?

  • Miller

    The details yuou have listed on the link below were not approved for Copying in full from the Awards website? All other media sources contacted us and respected the Copyright details, and wondering why you think this does not apply to you?

    • John O.

      Fair use per DMCA. Nothing was copied in full. You are more than welcome to email me:

  • IAN

    EK MBNA credit cards

    Might be worth joining if you live in the UK.…anks/mbna.aspx

  • Markus

    John, Do you think the spg Asia Gold Run will also work with ordinary MasterCard (without World) and with a booked pre-paid rate (e.g. Cina mainland at +- 50 US$) but Not spending the night (noshow) ?

    • John O.

      You need to have the right first digits for the system to register you successfully to the promotion. Previously and likely in this case as well, it doesn’t matter what card you have used to pay for the actual stay. You do need to show up for the stay, however.

  • Chris Bowd

    Ongoing thanks for a great resource John! Thanks to this site I’m now seriously managing my loyalty memberships after 20 years of wasted opportunities!
    On to my main point: I’m sure I’m not the first person to notice that Agoda is deleting critical reviews of hotels for undisclosed reasons.

    “Dear Sirs,

    I submitted a review, with content in accordance with your review guidelines, regarding my stay at the Moalboal Beach Resort in May this year. The review was published and I viewed it soon after submittal. I note my review, which contained valid criticism of the hotel, has since been deleted. May I inquire why my review was deleted and what is Agoda’s procedure for deleting customer reviews? This casts serious doubt on the quality, neutrality, and value of customer reviews on the Agoda site.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Bowd”

    I will update you if I receive any serious reply from Agoda.

    • John O.

      This is really counterproductive. They should publish all the reviews that don’t include profanity. But all these review sites including TripAdvisor push hotel reservations, so make your own conclusions.

  • Douglas

    Hi John.. Do you know if there is an active promotion for Sofitel Le Club signup that gives Platinum Status? Thanks

  • Marco

    Hi John, I tryed to get the reward nights in Mexico city, The point you mention on the list are not true!! I tryed!

    • John O.

      Can you elaborate what exactly do you mean and have a link to the article on this site?

  • vikki

    I am waiting to get my bonus miles from US Air Mastercard and I am interested in buying at the 100% bonus and sharing them with my daughter. How do I get an invitation to buy at 100% bonus? How do I request it?

    • John O.

      Those offers are targeted for members that have bought miles previously. If you can find a friend that got the offer and is not going to use it, would be the best option.

  • kris

    John, have you seen fast track at new IHG?

    • John O.

      I wrote about it back in March, when IHG announced the name change. Need to do a follow up.

  • David

    John, I just contacted Hyatt Goldpassport to request sign-up for one of the promotion offers (I am Diamond and had not received any email invitation) and was transferred to a very testy, argumentative agent who said I was not entitled to any promo at this time and that the information posted on your blog about being able to request sign-up was erroneous. The designers of this selective promo scheme need to know that it’s not going to generate a lot of goodwill amongst their best (neglected) customers!

    • John O.

      They have been extending this offer for sure and it has been confirmed by two friends of mine that have been able to get GP to add it to their accounts.

  • FloridaTravels

    Southwest double points on flights July 1 to Aug 31, must register first

  • FloridaTravels

    SWA double points promo Jul
    1 to Aug 31- must register first to earn dbl points.

    • John O.


  • Richard

    You mention Marriott Platinum PREMIER status, how is that different from Platinum and how is it obtained?

    • John O.

      That is invitation only and requires LOTS of Marriott stays over few years.

  • Martha

    How do I easily access my Delta Sky Miles account and on what specific site-links? Can’t locate my Delta account number at this time. Thanks! MC

    • John O.

      Just go to and use your email address instead of your SkyMiles number. Both should work.

  • TravelingJewel

    Any advice on obtaining hotel points when the rooms are direct billed to a group charge? I’ve called and emailed, and so far no dice getting points (tried probably ten different stays). I’ve tried mostly at Hiltons, although SPG is also not giving out points. Thanks!

    • John O.

      There is often a difference between direct billed and master billed. You have to read the terms and conditions of each of these programs to see if they qualify or not.

  • david

    i would like to get the Accor Platinum sign up offer.

    • John O.

      Then follow the instructions.

  • Jack

    Chase Sapphire Preferred originally stated they had a dedicated customer service rep to take our calls, no waiting. Tonight I called, automated answer “Chase, etc”. wait time will be approximately 10 minutes. So much for the dedicated customer service.

    • John O.

      Did it ask to input the number of the CC or did it recognize the number that you were calling from?

  • flyby

    What is the best way to solve a problem while staying in a hilton hotel, who to contact (email) if the problem can’t be solved with the reception desk? diamond@ / gold@ ??
    or is there a hilton-customer-care adress to contact?
    Thanx a lot for the great blog!

    • John O.

      For HH Golds and for Diamonds Write down your problems and request that the complaint to be forwarded to Hilton’s Guest Assistance Department.


    I am a disabled veteran and am very upset when I received a notice on my account activity that said I am a Royal Ambassador and was told on the IHG telephone line that I was not. The IHG employee change the account activity showing the notice then sent it to me differently then web site. I had other problems with IHG accounting activity in the past also. Can IHG Corporate be trusted??? What is going on at IHG Corporate HDQTRS??? Please contact me at (510)862-6100. I am a Ambassador Plat. Level which had Royal Ambassador taken away from me!!!!!

    • John O.

      You need to contact the IHG customer service. Likely the line that you saw in your account history was incorrect.

      • DAVVET

        I did contact customer service and also Michael Lawyer of Corporate Liaison. They both denied what I was seeing on my account activity and now last night the info was changed on my account activity!!! I do not like being lied too by denying then changing it. This shows very bad taste of customer service. I am a 100% VA service connected decorated disabled veteran and I was raised differently by my family.
        Sir Stephen Sliss Jr

        • John O.

          You should have taken a screenshot. They have had wrong remarks on account history previously as well. See my story about Royal Ambassador renewal back in 2012.

          • DAVVET

            Michael Lawyer of IHG Corporate Liaison telephoned me last night and admitted to the errors and said that IHG was investigating the problems. I guess they read your website?? I will give them some room and a little trust until time show differently!!! Thank you
            Stephen Sliss Jr


    I am in Saudi Arabia, Are you giving 50% discount for all the 5 stars hotels?

    • John O.

      LoyaltyLobby is about airline and hotel loyalty programs. I don’t do bookings.

  • B M

    SkyTeam Promo awards for 01/09/13 – 31/10/13 is out.

    Great deals !!! Too bad I spent all my points recently.

    • John O.

      Wrote a piece about the Air Frace-KL Flying Blue promo awards. They can be good value.

  • Ernie

    Sure would love to learn where to go to get that ACCOR Platinum or even GOLD card. I spent an hour or so feeling things out but to no avail, so far.
    Hope you can assist.


  • Xavier

    Dear John,

    I just would like to thank you !

    After being a platinum from acor hotel thanx to you, i am now, hyatt diamond passport after matching my status from Hhonors diamond.

    One again, really thank you.

    For your readers, here is the email from the gold passport team regarding matching my status from Hhonors :

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    Date: 2013/8/20
    Subject: INDRN – Gold Passport Customer Service
    To: ”

    Dear Mr. …

    Thank you for your message to Hyatt Gold Passport.

    I am happy to write that I have enrolled you into our Diamond Trial Offer. Please allow 24 hours before your account will reflect at our top tier on-line and in all of our systems. You will receive trial Diamond membership for 60 days. Once you complete 12 nights in the 60 days, you will maintain Diamond membership through February of 2015. You will also receive 1,000 bonus points on your first six eligible nights within 60 days, up to a maximum of 6,000 bonus points.

    Please let me know if I may assist you further. I do hope that you enjoy your stays with Hyatt Hotels!

    Best Regards,

    Nikhil Kolluri (Mr.)
    Hyatt Gold Passport Representative

    Global Contact Centre

    • John O.

      Thanks for the update!

  • ian smith

    Milepoint hosts live chat this evening with two leading hotel loyalty program executives. Might be worth a listen. It is about the world’s first hotel alliance: Hyatt Gold Passport and MGM Resorts Mlife.

    • John O.

      Got the email from Milepoint as well. I am in Asia so doesn’t work due to time difference.

  • Helen Roberts

    Helen Roberts 27 Glenview Crescent Belfast BT5 7LX this is my details, I have had B.M Air miles which I collected with my credit card my email changed and I have not been able to access any of the account details or previous emails I wish to know if I have still got the air miles or if and when they could have been transferred to Avivos
    my current work email is

  • FiveStarAsia

    Thanks for your insights. Had my 60th, 61st and 62nd paid nights this year at an InterCon this past week. Royal Ambassador status posted to my account this week. No stays at other IHG properties other than IC. Next IC reservations coming up next week so am keen to see the difference. Thanks again!

    • John O.

      That is fantastic. Complimentary minibar, confirmed 8AM check in and suite upgrades should be on your way.

  • Aleksi Taipale

    Just received this email from AA! I registered with the code found from this blog! So it works!

    Greetings from Finland!


    Thank you for registering for the Elite Status Challenge.

    As a reminder, you have from September 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013, to earn the required elite-qualifying miles on select airlines* to receive Gold, Platinum or Executive Platinum status.

    Elite Status LevelElite-Qualifying
    Miles RequiredGold6,000Platinum12,000Executive Platinum30,000
    Once you’ve reached one of the mileage thresholds, you’ll be on your way to enjoying elite status benefits including free checked bags, special upgrade privileges and more!

    From all of us at American, we look forward to welcoming you on board soon.

    • John O.

      Seems that they have now confirmed this for all. It is great and your flights on Finnair qualify for the fast track offer!

  • Angie

    HI there, can you send me info on the Accor Platinum sign up offer? Thanks

  • John


    Just wanted to share another website that offer rewards on most of the store :

    • John O.

      Their cashback rates seem to be lot lower than what others are offering. Why aren’t you using MrRebates & TopCashback etc?


    I am still finding continued problems with IHG Rewards on posting points correctly and very slow to correct problems, also not giving all the bonus points for the promotion codes. Making exceptions to the promo-codes even though following IHG rules!! IHG now has real problems in there company. Talking to them only helps sometimes!!!

    • John O.

      Some promo codes work for some accounts and not for others (this for the “targeted ones”). If public promos don’t work for some reason or another such us as the Book Direct, then the IHG “Service” Center needs to fix them. I would not bother emailing, but rather calling.

    • DAVVET

      IHG finally gave me the Royal Ambassador Level for real with a very nice email from Corporate England!! It was about time!!! They still have problems with posting point promos including the Book Direct 2013 Promo!!
      Sir Stephen Sliss Jr

      • John O.

        That’s good that they finally came through to you.

  • Ed C

    Please send me the LeClub Accor Hotel Platinum link ASAP. I am following you on twitter and signed up for the blog. Need ASAP as I leave for paris in the AM. @edcolandra

    • John O.

      Sending numerous messages regarding this will only delay getting it.

  • dip

    Hi I have emailed you many times this week, signed up for Blog requesting the link for ACCOR PLATINUM card can you help with that , I thought you said you sent within a couple days ? So would be grateful with your help Thanks Pardip

    • John O.

      There is no need to spam. I reply to all emails that I receive in due course.

  • Keith

    Hi John, Can I transfer my passed unused BMI airmiles now BMI is no longer a member of Star Alliance to THAI Airways who is a Star Alliance member.

    • John O.

      Are you sure that your BMI miles are still alive? There was brief window for transferring them to British Airways Avios.

  • Keith

    Hi John, Can I transfer my passed unused BMI airmiles now BMI is no longer a member of Star Alliance to THAI Airways who is a Star Alliance member.

  • mary Wheeler

    $50 promotion-
    stayed 8-20-13 At Comfort Inn, Lubbock, Tx. and 8-21-13 at Quality Inn, Raton, NM to qualify for this promotion.
    Mary R. Wheeler
    please advise.

    • John O.

      You have to contact Choice Privileges.

  • Brenda

    Hi, I found your site today before i booked my emirates flight.
    I tried the AKARSN1 first, no, its no good. Then I tried UKMEDIA and i must say i was gobsmacked when it accepted it. Then it asked for the password and I used “emirates” IT WORKED. Brilliant. Thanks very much . It didnt save me a lot , about £50 but hey, thats worth saving.
    Many Thanks.
    from a happy traveller

    • John O.

      That’s great!

  • Ryarmak

    Hi John,
    Did you happen to see the Hilton Honors promo that awards 1000 points for booking via their mobile app now through the end of 2013?

  • django

    Hi, John, Can you tell me if I can get a Status Match for Hilton based on my Platinum Ambassador status with IHG? I already have Silver Status with Hilton. I’ve been a very loyal IHG customer (leisure stays) for a long time but now feel that they’re making it almost impossible to keep Platinum Status unless you’re a frequent-stay business-type customer. (By the way, thanks a million for your website. I have learned so much and for example, had never heard of Status-Matching before).

    • John O.

      Hilton doesn’t do straight status matches but rather offer challenges that I have written here about as well. You could do Fast Track to gold that only requires 4 stays within 90 days of signing up. Diamond stay/night requirement is a lot higher.

  • ellestat

    Hello LoyaltyLobby!
    I need to know if Etihad will add to Skyteam airlines network someday or at least to Air France-KLM’s Frequent Flyer program (Flying Blue)? Thanks!

    • John O.

      The Qatar Airways is joining Oneworld on October 30th. There are only two other major Middle Eastern carriers Etihad and Emirates that could join an alliance. Emirates has publicly stated that they are not planning to join one. No idea what is happening with Etihad.

  • terri

    I am trying to go to the website to watch the 90 second video and get 1000 points…can’t find it. Can you help? thanks, Terri

    • John O.

      This is IHG Rewards Club? You need to have the code to the points.

  • Ernie

    I keep seeing great promo deals but they are from years gone by like the current ‘KLM/Air France’ offer of 2012? How does this deal make any news today in late 2013? I hope you can take a minute to let me know, because I’m surely missing some point on that right?

    • John O.

      You mean on the “Related Posts”? Those are picked up by computer based entirely on content.

  • John O.

    Do you have link to the direct article?

  • ian smith

    British Airways Giving Away 140,000,000 Avios Points As Incentive To Flyers. Picked this up on

    • John O.

      This is the fall transatlantic bonus offer that was on my list to do a write up. I was actually waiting to get the info about the Finnair and Iberia version bonus offers as well, so that I could do them all at once.

  • ian smith
  • Elaine

    Is it appropriate to ask for compensation when a stay was an award stay? We recently stayed at Radisson Fisherman’s Wharf and I had some negative experiences. I am wondering about the ethics/etiquette of complaining, and if I can ask for some points back. Thanks for your input.

    • John O.

      You can always give feedback if the stay was unsatisfactory regardless whether it was paid or award.

  • Queen Williams

    I don’t tweet, so I hope this is the corect customer Service Dept. I would like to know,why I was sent a Gold Card member, when my membership is a Platinum Elite membership and when we called to make reservations, my husbands Platinum Elite membership card stated he was in active! IHG Rewards Club did this last year and I need you to get it straightened out, we use this frequently and I am disappointed on the inconsistency of the program.755626701. thank you for your time! Qwilliams

    • John O.

      You need to contact IHG Rewards Club.

  • Rusty1

    My wife and I both have Southwest credit cards. And we both have earned the companion pass. Both passes are good through 12/2014. However, we have been in the program almost a year and will have the annual fees added to our accounts (for the second time) on 12/1/2013. The fees amount to $336 for the two of us – $168 each. All of the “bonus” points have been allocated to our individual Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards accounts. My question for you is – Is this a good time to close the four credit card accounts – two cards each? Or will Southwest take some kind of action against us? It’s very unlikely we will be using the cards much if any in 2014.

    Your help on this issue would be appreciated.
    Freeman Grover

    • John O.

      I am not currently covering credit cards on LoyaltyLobby, but I don’t see any downside for canceling the cards.

  • Shaun

    John, just FYI, “Survey to Win” of Big Win Promotion (IHG) can be accomplished now. Would you post a message here? lol

    • John O.

      Already wrote a piece earlier today!

  • ian smith

    Hi John
    Your main website has not updated itself since 14th October. The only way I can see any articles beyond the 14th is via your twitter page. Any idea?

    • John O.

      Have you tried another browser? Have you tried clearing your cache?



    I have been a Priority Club/IHG Rewards member for longer than I can remember. I used to travel a lot for work, now I only travel occasionally for leisure. With the help of Loyalty Lobby, I have earned 147,643 points since January with only 16 nights. My last stay alone was 27,785 points after a single night for only $119. With your help, my wife and I will enjoy some great, cheap vacations! I have also been able to help family members when they couldn’t afford a hotel for funerals, weddings, etc. Thank you for all your hard work!

    • John O.

      Thanks for the feedback. Great that you have been able to take advantage of the promotions that I have written about.

  • Larry & Melinda Frankart

    I did not recieve my rewards card!

    • John O.

      No idea what program you are referring to.

  • Darrell

    Departing from: (From LAX)

    Travel to (Heathrow London – LHR)

    The date you wish to leave (Jan. 27th 2014)

    The date you need to return (Feb. 2nd 2014)

    Can only depart @ 9:15pm on Virgin Atlantic Flight# 0024

    Can only return @ 3:15pm on Virgin Atlantic on Fight# 0023

    Need to travel with my party

    Number of passengers (1)

    my contact info 818-402-4663 Darrell or


    Will this be possible

    • John O.

      You need to use one of the online web sites or a travel agent.

  • J.C.


    • John O.

      Cathay Pacific is a Oneworld alliance member airline. You will get American Airlines AAdvantage miles for Cathay flights as long as you have booked a qualifying fare class. Some discount economy fares do not qualify for credit on AA;’s program.

  • John O.

    I was trying to find an English version of this promo, but could’t.

  • EE

    I am not impressed with the new Rewards Club and all the promotions. After a recent trip I had an offer to earn 1,000 points for watching a video. Numerous attempts always resulted in a notice that the system is busy. Did you also design a health care system?

    • John O.

      I believe that you might be confusing LoyaltyLobby with IHG Rewards Club.

  • Rick C

    I received a notice from American Express that the Surpass card now makes you a Hilton Gold member. No longer need to spend $20,000 a year.

    I always earn Gold by hitting the $20,000 requirement. I’m kind of worried that it will start to reduce the likelihood of Gold upgrades and other perks now that anyone can be gold (sort of like the IHG Rewards VISA card and being Platinum). I was hoping that Diamond would be lowered to $20k, but not looking like it!

    • John O.

      Those CC Golds that don’t travel will not take anything away from frequent Gold guests.

  • Sonya

    I am a platinum level Priority Club Member. After I retire and am not staying in hotels quite as often, can I purchase a membership as a platinum level member?

    • John O.

      Depending where you are, you could get one of the IHG Rewards Club (Priority Club’s name has changed) credit cards.

  • martin

    hi john, do you know of any hilton codes that currently work, my usual PR11PN, PR13CB and little league ones not working for my normal january hotel of hilton canary wharf..
    i`m not paying the standard price, partners birthday or not..

    • John O.

      Could be that the property that you trying to get using these discount offers has not loaded the rates yet for 2014 or has decided not to participate.

  • craiglv2

    Will there be an Annual Marriott gift card purchase bonus 10X points this year?

    • John O.

      We should learn about this soon.

  • justforfun

    John O., I have a client that needs help booking award tickets. Do you offer help with this, for a fee obviously? Thanks!

    • John O.

      Likely in the near future.

  • janetta

    I have worked for the Hilton HHonors program for 12 years. Do you the one most infuriatingly frustrating aspect of my job is as a Supervisor?
    Individuals like the person that runs this page that gives information on a promotion without getting the facts FIRST, which in turn gives their readers (our Members) some sort of liscence to treat my Agents like dirt when they have to give the bad news.
    You cannot say “this is a targeted offer” and “access the promo here” in the same sentence.
    That is like saying the sun is shining brightly, and it is so dark and gloomy.
    Targeted means TARGETED. Did you get an email with an invitation?
    please take your frustrations out on this page, and NOT my Agents.

  • Jamie

    Have you come across any other users who are having problems with miles and tier points earned on AA, not posting to BA Executive club? Two of us are BA Exec Club members and we’re currently doing a few itineraries in the US on AA. Since the beginning of November, nothing has posted and we’ve put claims in at, for everything (not heard back just yet on any).

    Previous points and miles earned on AA, always posted within a week.

    I’m wondering if it is due to them integrating the system with US or something. I wondered if anyone else is having problems.

    • Jamie

      —to clarify, we are not flying on US Airways, but within the USA.

      • John O.

        Sorry for the delay. I have not credited AA flights to BA, so I don’t have personal experience on this issue. HAS BA now credited those flights to your account?

        • Jamie

          Sorry for my delay. Our flights got credited around a month later. Unfortunately one of the segments was incorrectly posted (35 TP instead of 210). This has now been rectified on one account but not the other as of today. BA have followed this up but still no joy.

          I hope the situation has improved as I have a lot of itineraries with AA over the next 3 months, and I want those TPs!

    • Cynthia

      We have had a 1 year battle to get mileage posted. There appears to be be no point in joining BA exec club/avios, as the flight credit never appears. C’est la vie.

  • JustMyTwoMiles

    Dear John,

    It looks like IHG is changing, a friend of mine and myself both received an e-mail Today, telling us that using all promo codes is now forbidden!

    I am an IHG Platinum member, and I am regularly staying at IHG (i have had around 10 stays at IHG just for november / december). Look here for the e-mail I received:

    • John O.

      Well. What exactly did you do? Did you randomly registered for promotions and contacted them if something didn’t post?

      • JustMyTwoMiles

        We registered on most promotions available on the web (the ones that everybody registered to) and never complained about anything. In fact, except for registering, we have been great customers, as we spent MANY paid nights at IHG this year.
        My friend is even about to complete his “Big Win”, while on my side I already have pre-booked enough for January 2014 to complete my BigWin’14, with stays in Europe and the US.

  • Sally Golland
    • John O.

      Thanks! Seems that GHA has a promo for double Emirates Skywards miles for January to March period in 2014.

  • Rick Jordan

    Hi John,
    My son is going to spend 10 months in Zambia, volunteer teaching at a school there. Do you have any suggestions when it comes to travel insurance, as far as medical, emergency evacuation, etc.?

    • John O.

      These policies really depend a lot, where you are coming from. I would assume that you are from the US. I think that these insurance plans are expensive, when purchased in the US and for US citizens.

      Many companies use SOS:

      • Rick Jordan

        Yes, from the USA to Zambia. Thanks for the link!

  • NJP007

    Have you noticed that if you are an executive platinum member with american that its increasingly difficult to use the 8 system-wide upgrades? I have requested countless flights and when they show available for up to the day of they dont clear. there is no way to tell if you are 50th or 1st on the list and the help desk won’t help you figure that out. #frequentflierproblems

    • John O.

      Maybe this is route specific? What are the routes that you have tried and failed?

      It is true that it is not possible to see your position on the upgrade list that would be a welcomed addition. Maybe there is a reason why AA prefers you not seeing it?

  • MightyTravels

    Hi John, would you like to participate in our interview series? We did one with Jeff recently

  • Galina Kachalova

    New JAL promo

    Join Marriott Rewards and earn up to 50,000 bonus miles with MegaMiles

    • John O.

      Thanks! I have already written about the MegaMiles promotions for new Marriott Rewards members.

  • lino

    HI john,
    any news about Airlines company gold/elite matching status?

    • John O.

      I write about hotel and airline status matched. You can just search for “status match” using the Google site search box on the right column.

  • Marcus

    Does anyone know if 2 Novotel rooms booked for 2 nights under my Accor Le Club Gold would count as 4 nights or 2 nights for status purposes?

    • Marcus

      In the same hotel, at the same time, I should have added!

      • John O.

        They shouldn’t.

  • John O.

    It has been fixed. Thanks!

  • Kasper
    • John O.

      Yep. Going to do a write up about them tomorrow.

  • Mark Mackey

    This a letter my wife and I are crafting to United and Star Allaince. Can you give any suggestions. Thanks

    To United Airlines:

    We are loyal United customers, but we have experienced a tremendous error from the United Around the World tickets that we purchased and are asking for reimbursement costs. We appreciate your prompt response to our letter. Here is our story…

    Mark Mackey is Gold status, and I (Liana Mackey) am Silver status. I have 278,000 miles on United, and my husband has 84,000. My husband and I are also both United credit card holders. I work for a global Fortune 50 corporation and travel frequently for my job. My husband often accompanies me on regular international work meetings. Several months ago we purchased Around the World airline tickets through United for our honeymoon due to our previous positive experiences with United. Mark was deployed to Afghanistan two months after we got married, so it was our dream to take an extended honeymoon to travel around the world together when/if he returned from his Army assignment. We also specifically planned this trip for a time when deployments were slacking off a bit – he had been deployed every two years or so prior to this trip. We saved our money and our vacation time for a year to do this trip. These Around the World tickets were $16,852.08 for the two of us (See document A). We planned to spend nine weeks traveling around the world and rearranged our lives to do so at that time. We both had to take leave from our jobs to be able to do this. It was our dream to travel before we have kids and to travel to hard-to-get places and have adventurous activities before kids are traveling with us.

    There was an egregious error that occurred with our Around the World tickets. When we were supposed to fly from Cairns, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand on January 19, 2014, we were told by the New Zealand airlines representative that we needed an eticket number. We pulled up our eticket number from our Around the World ticket purchase, and she said it wasn’t the right one, and we needed to call United to get the right one. After being on hold with United airlines for awhile (on our personal international cell phones, which were expensive phone calls), we were told that South African airways had control of the ticket and until we could get an eticket number from them, we wouldn’t be able to board the plane. (See document A as documentation as well as notes in your system about the extensive conversations we had with United about this.) During the hours we were on hold with United, our flight to New Zealand left. Finally, Milan with the Around the World Desk at United said he rebooked us from Cairns to Auckland the next day, and he would call South African Airways when they opened to get the eticket number to finalize the ticket. Milan told me to call him back in four hours for the confirmation. When we called back at the time Milan indicated, he wasn’t working anymore, and there was no ticket confirmation. After a couple of hours on the phone with Robert at the Around the World Desk, he ultimately said he couldn’t get ahold of South African Airways to get the eticket number and didn’t know what else to do. My husband and I called South African Airways, and Mark spent two hours on the phone with them. They couldn’t locate the ticket at all. South African Airways indicated to Mark that this was a United issue because United had the tracking number.

    When we called Robert at the Around the World ticket desk back, he said he could book us home to the United States because United flies out of Cairns, but he couldn’t get us to New Zealand. After he had the flights all booked for us – to edit our Around the World ticket – someone at United (likely his boss) vetoed the plan and canceled our tickets home. We were told to personally purchase tickets home on our own dime (even though we had already bought these as part of the Around the World Ticket). We did consider flying ourselves to New Zealand, but then we had no guarantee of getting home to the USA without having to repurchase one way tickets that we had already purchased. This would have cost too much.

    At the last hour while we were on the phone with a United agent, she figured out a way to get us home on United without charging us again for tickets we had already purchased. We asked her if she could get us to New Zealand since she was able to get us home to the USA, but she said she couldn’t get us there.

    We had a layover in Honolulu and tried again working with a ticket agent there to get to New Zealand – where we were supposed to be for two weeks – and the flights were all booked up. (See document B.)

    It is unclear how South African airways took control of the ticket and the remaining funds. We are not sure why there are not controls in place so that this cannot happen. Plus, we paid United Airlines the $16,852.08 for the two of us, so we expected United to solve this for us, and they didn’t. We don’t have access to the airline systems to solve this, so we were helpless in this situation and United couldn’t solve it.

    In addition to this tremendous error where we lost our time in New Zealand on our honeymoon, our luggage was lost on our way to Kenya over Christmas(See document C). We had all of our Christmas presents for our family in our luggage. We didn’t get to give our family the presents and instead had to spend some of the Christmas holiday shopping for new clothes. The luggage was lost for seven days, and we only got it back because we contacted the luggage handler directly in Kenya to get our luggage back when we returned to the airport for our next flight. We now need to ship our family their Christmas presents.

    Also, when we landed in Sydney, our luggage had been lost again. It was lost for three days, and we had to purchase new items we needed for the trip. Losing our bags twice in two weeks is not acceptable.

    Additionally we booked these tickets months ago, and we had been put in seats in the middle in the back of the plane and not even next to each other. The routes we took were incredibly indirect…but we took them to support United and because it was part of the Around the World ticket. Our flight from Quito to Nairobi took two full days and had four stops. Also, our flight from Capetown to Sydney was 26 hours and 45 minutes in total since we had to go through Bangkok. Alternatively, if we didn’t but the Around the World ticket, there are flights from Johannesburg to Sydney directly. We could have gotten to both places much quicker, but United sold us on the advantages of the Around the World ticket and the partnerships through Star Alliance. This Star Alliance partnership clearly did not help us with the South African Airways incident.

    Considering the cash we lost, the emotional stress of this situation, the fact that we were put in an unsolvable situation that we never should have been put into, and that United did not fulfill its service agreements that we paid for, to compensate us for our damages, we are asking for:

    • John O.

      I have now read this couple of times and had a friend of mine to have a look at it. I have no idea what happened with South African Airways for them to take control over the ticket and possibly reissue it, but that is something that United should have fixed for you.

      In retrospect, you should have used a competent travel agent that specialized for round the world fares to book something as complex as this.

      The bags that were delayed on the way is not United’s responsibility, but the airlines that operated those segments. They are liable for possible reimbursements for buying stuff that you need while your bags have been left behind.

      As your issues is this complex and the monetary issue on hand rather large compared to what customer service usually deals with, I think that best approach would be to hire an attorney to send a demand to United for the costs involve and reimbursements etc.

      Keep me updates how this goes. I truly doubt that UA customer service do anything else for you than issue a max $1000 customer service voucher each that is nowhere enough what you are truly due, if all went per your description above.

      • Mark Mackey

        Yes I understand, we had a travel agent, he had us book directly from the Around the World desk at United, so there would be no middle men or mix ups. Thanks for the advice on the attorney. We live in Texas and my wife and I may make separate claims in small claims court as a last resort. In texas you can sue for up to 10k in SCC

        • John O.

          I really believe that due to the complexity with your situation that the small claims is really the way to go sorting out the issues and getting proper compensation.

  • Jamie

    Hi John,

    I’m not sure if it is outside the scope of this website and it’s main topic, but it would be good to see a thread open on actual Airports. For example, I’m having huge problems with minimum transfers times at Heathrow which are very unrealistic.

    Not quite sure where to discuss this as most of the topics are relevant to airlines etc.

    Appreciate the ongoing work.


    • John O.

      MCT’s vary between airlines and terminals even within the same airport and whether it is domestic to domestic and international to domestic etc. There are tools that show all this info. Is this something that you are looking for or rather MCT experiences between airports and whether they are realistic or not?

  • Shar

    Hi Friends,

    Just booked a trip to Paris; flying business class (upgraded with miles) on Air France, leaving US on Mar 13, returning on Mar 21. Looking for a boutique hotel, probably in the 6th, as we want to be around lots of shops and cafes, etc. Would love to hear recommendations, and would love to know if any offer specials that would include breakfast, or museum passes, tours… anything extra. We have lots of AmEx points, Delta Air points…. Suggestions welcome!! Thx

    • John O.

      Try travel agent that specialty is Paris.

  • shar

    Also… Any suggestions of best shuttle srevice from CDG to Paris?

    • John O.

      Have you checked TripAdvisor?

  • Evan

    Any thoughts on Priority Pass? Would be an interesting piece for those who don’t fly enough to earn elite status, but would still like to enjoy the finer aspects of traveling.

    • John O.

      Will do a piece about this sometime in March.

      • Evan

        Awesome, looking forward to it.

  • Sean

    Hi there. Just a heads up, Intercontinental Hotels Group loyalty program has changed from Priority Club to IHG Rewards Club.

    • John O.

      More than a year ago. I need to fix quite a few of the categories at some point.

  • wingknut

    How do I submit a Compensation Clinic story?

  • ntoy

    qantas have just announced changes to their FF program. mainly hurts the mileage points for disccount economy. Link attached

    • John O.

      It is on my to do list for Friday.

  • John O.

    I leave all the older articles up as well so that people can track the changes etc. over the years.

  • Tom

    Hi John, my wife and myself have booked a returnflight with Iberia from Oviedo-Asturias to Brussels via Madrid. We booked on the website of Tripair. Last week, I got an email that our connectionflight in Madrid was rescheduled. We now have to wait 6 hours in stead off 2 hours in Madrid. Tripair does not want to contact Iberia to reschedule the first flight and Iberia says that we can only ask to reschedule our flights by Tripair. What do you advise?

    • John O.

      It is Tripair’s responsibility as your agent to fix this.

  • Karel


    I recently booked the Hhonors discount for airlines/agencies at the London Islington. Price was 114gbp for one night. No airline id needed for check in. As gold member I also received free brkfst, upgrade to king exec and free Internet. Life can be great!



    • John O.

      You shouldn’t use this rate code unless you have agency or airline ID.

  • Yousef Alnesef

    I receive my IHG golden card ( GOLD ELITE ) last week 2014, the expired date 2013 ??
    Name on card Yousef Nesef
    Number on card 339 478 726

  • Bobbyboy402

    BA Executive Gold wanting to keep this years status, expires Nov/14
    Anyone know of a USA routing which gives maximum tier points? Heard ages ago of a 7/8 sector tour within USA with AA which generates the 1500 tier points required for not so much to pay out..? Any suggestions? Many thanks

    • John O.

      I am not a BA expect, but there are nice routing in business on CX such as TPE-HKG-CGK and on MH BKK-KUL-PEK both in C that are cheap and earn you a lot in terms of tier points.

  • Ben Wise


    Turkish Airlines has a nice welcome gift of up to 7,500 miles for joining their FF program:

    This campaign is valid between 1 April and 30 September 2014

    • John O.

      Problem is that you must have their credit card. Won’t work otherwise.

  • Dean

    Hi John,
    A few months ago Expedia did not honor the lower price at agoda arguing that it is not a US website. Was that a temporary issue? Are more sites excluded? Which sites do you use for comparisons? Thanks

    • John O.

      Orbitz tends to work well.

  • lino

    I am HHonors member and since this year I have lost my diamond status. I asked for a fast track for diamond and HHonors asked me for 21 nights in the next 90 days!!!! well O could have understood 14, but 21 are quite a lot.
    what do you think? Somebody got a fast track with less nights?

    • John O.
      • lino

        hello! I sent them an e mail: I will let you know about the answer.

        • lino

          I received their answer: 21 nights in 90 days are a standard for have fast track Diamond!!!! I will try to contact them by phone: I think they cannot apply the same rules of US/Canadian custimers for European customers; the number of Hllton properties in Europe is much lower than US and I am not choosing the city of my business trip.

  • David Rogers

    Is anyone else having a problem with IHG phone number in the UK? Every time I call (0800 405060) the system automatically disconnects the call after approx 1 minute.

    • John O.

      I always use Skype and call the US number.

  • Cubano

    Am I missing something? If you are just starting out how is this website useful? Looking for step by step guide or onboarding process rather than a bunch of posts with no straight forward guidance.

    • John O.

      I have to consider writing a guide for newbies. Thanks for h suggestion.

  • John O.

    Thanks! I am doing a piece about all these offers today.

  • Kalboz

    John, how can I contact you regarding “Compensation Clinic” matter? Please let me know, thanks!

  • kelvin

    Hi John,
    I am a Gold Le Club member, what is the fastest way to achieve Platinum? Am kicking myself I missed the Platinum promotion…!

    • John O.

      There is no other way than to stay more right now. Amex cards in some markets come with Le Club Accorhotels Platinum benefits,

  • Joby

    Hi John, firstly thanks for all the great information you provide on the site, most helpful!
    Can you tell me what is happening with the IHG Ambassador Accelerator Program? Has it been replaced/renewed?

    • Henrik Johansson

      I can give some input here. According to IHG Customer Service it has been extended until June 30th. It will show up in peoples offer page again. This supports the rumors around that IC will move away from the 2000 points per stay and to the same points for spend, just like ICs in the US. This was supposed to happen on April1st or May 1st, but has been changed to July 1st.

      • John O.

        I have requested clarification from IHG regarding this issue twice already and last time this morning. The spokesperson promised to get back to me.

        • Henrik Johansson

          Now Amb Accelerator is back on the offer page with correct history etc. It is extended until June 30.

  • Sam

    saw one of the post advising not to merge two Le Club together as I will lose all the points.

    I have one classic card with 1500 points (status expiring in May 2014), and also now holding a Platinum card with 8000 points (status expiring in June 2014, points expiring in Feb 2015)

    platinum card was applied FREE through one of the link that found on loyaltylobby.

    can anyone advise me whether to merge both card or not?

    thank you

    • John O.

      Bad idea as I have advised previously. You should just clear the points to miles and move on.

  • Marcin Michalski

    if you can send me a personalne link to the promotion hyatt platinum?

  • Kim

    I was wondering…
    Is there a Pro & Con list of Le Club Accorhotels as well?


    • John O.

      Haven’t done that. Will do one when I update it later this year.

  • harriet

    why did I receive a Delta bonus promotion today for 2013?

    • John O.

      It must have been “Related Posts” on the blog email newsletter? The “Related Posts” are automatically picked up by a computer program that we use based on the content.

  • EN

    Hi John, How can I edit or delete my comment? (as guest) Thanks!

    • John O.

      There should be a link for you to do that if you have registered for Disqus.

  • asishd

    Hey John,

    SPG seems to have a specific loyalty program under “EAT DRINK AND MORE” for South Asia. Do you think this program is worth paying and joining for the benefits?

    • John O.

      It depends. I will do a write up about this in the next week or so.



    • Henrik Johansson

      Current deals are for people without caps-lock.

    • frischky

      Archives are called Archives for a reason.

      And buy a new keyboard, please!

    • John O.

      I have tried to include the valid dates for all the promos on the titles. I won’t delete old posts because you can compare what was offered then compared to now.

      If you are referring to the “Related Posts” on the blog email newsletter, those are picked up automatically by a computer program based on the content and may contain offers that have expired.

  • Mike Dos Santos

    Points credit VS. No Show.

    Let me ask something please.

    Maybe my logical thinking is WRONG, still I hope you can give me some opinion about this.

    Usually when we make a reservation in a htel to get points, we do it somehow with a rate that allows accrual of those points. S lets suppose, I make a reservation in one of those chains, directly on the chains website. The reservation is guaranteed with a credit card.

    For some reason I won’t be able to stay at the hotel on the reservation (f.ex. flight delay/cancel), still the hotel charges the first night as a NO SHOW.

    I don’t have a doubt regarding this, thought some hotels believe that charging the no show gives them the right deny your room if you arrive 8am next day. 3:)

    My point is, if they charge the NO SHOW FEE, which is a fully daily rate, and which is charged, because “the room was reserved for me”, why don’t they credit the points regarding this amount to the frequent guest program?

    Is this question very nuts? I just think about this since I read in a reservation confirmation that my room will be held for me until 12pm next day, since it is a guaranteed reservation.

    • John O.

      All the airline and hotel programs require you to take the flights and to actually stay before points/miles and/or elite qualifying miles/nights are issued.

      If you are truly running late and cannot make the stay due to flight issues etc, I would contact the hotel and request the stay to be moved for a future date or that you could use the amount that you might have already paid as a credit towards some future stay.

  • J.M

    Hi John,

    It seems that the Marriott Rewards Plus Points promotion to get 2000 points for every 30 days when you like their social media page is no longer working.

    When I liked all the 8 Marriott Facebook pages back in May, I actually got the confirmation emails along with the points. Unfortunately, when I liked their other 8 facebook pages 3 weeks ago I still have not got my confirmation emails nor the 2000 points.

    I called Marriott rewards customer service hotline last week and lodged a complain but still have not heard anything from them.

    I wonder if Marriott has decided to secretly pull out this promotion? are other Loyalty Lobby readers are experiencing the same issues?

    • John O.

      Will do an updated write up about this today or tomorrow.

  • Jason C.

    John, I saw a repost of your HHonors Gold for BSchool on the dealmoon website, even the picture used are the exact same. I’m sensing this may be a copyright infringement. I’ve attached the link for your reference.

    • John O.

      Thanks! That is basically copy of the piece that I wrote including the graphics.

  • MIKE

    As reported by yourself earlier in the year IHG are having difficulty tracking BIG WIN awards. I have been trying for 2 months now to get them to acknowledge that I paid for several IHG Hotels during the months of February and March with my Priority Rewards Visa Card. Part of my Big Win Offer was to just use the card once to pay for a hotel reservation. In fact I used it several times but they refuse to acknowledge the fact. This has resulted in them incorrectly stating that I have not met my 5 Offers during the period and the loss of 26,000 bonus points !! Poor response by them.

    • John O.

      Are you based in the United States? I would open a case with either BBB or Attorney General of your state. IHG Rewards Club will fix it for you, but don’t waste more time with the Philippines based customer “care”.

  • Yossi
    • John O.

      Thanks for the tip. Just wrote about this sale.

  • DC

    I don’t know why they bothered advertising the latest changes to the Le Club Accor loyalty program so far in advance, as it really got people’s hopes up. The rumour mill was running hot with high expectations. As a result, a lot of people were very disappointed. It would have been much better if they had just announced the minute changes to the program on
    July the 1st, instead of starting a guessing game, which left everyone very underwhelmed. What were they thinking?

    • John O.

      I think that the higher base level earning will work for everyone’s favor because all the double/triple bonus points earnings are based on those.

  • j zilberstein

    I was on flight 469 from TLV to JFK last night when one hour into flight we were advised that there were mechanical problems and we needed to dump fuel and return to TLV for emergency landing where they had around 100 ambulances waiting. Originally, we were to leave Monday(tomorrow) to Rome for a few days vacation and then home to the US. But because of all of the bombing we decided to get out of here earlier and they had nothing to Rome so we had to go straight back. (We actually had to go to the bomb shelter in the gas station on the way to the airport while the IDF shot down Hamas missiles over our heads). Now, we are back in Tel Aviv- myself, my husband(gold medallion delta) and 2 small kids. They say we will fly at 10 30 pm tonight which means getting to NY at 3 30 am and sitting there for 5 hours. So now, we have lost our vacation days in Rome, still in Tel Aviv with bombs everywhere and a crazy wait in the middle of the night(2 nights in a row because last night they had NO delta reps at the TLV airport) with 2 little kids. Are we entitled to any compensation???

    • John O.

      You can ask to get a refund to those separate tickets to Rome. Were they also on DL?

  • ajc1967

    RE: The HHonors/ Virgin Atlantic March Bonus points offer.

    The 6000 Bonus Virgin points did not post for this offer but the base Virgin points credited to my Flying Club account ok. I took a screen shot as per your advice and emailed the DD last week this is the reply i got.

    “Members who received the maximum of 6000 bonus miles between October 1, 2013 –
    January 31, 2014 will not qualify for another 6000 bonus miles for stays
    completed between March 31st and April 30th.”


    • John O.

      Where are you based? Just open a complaint with the BBB or Attorney General’s office. There is NOTHING on the T&C’s that would imply that these are mutually exclusive promotions. Let me know how it goes. You will get the miles by going this route.

      • ajc1967

        Hi John.
        UK Based. When is said i was not happy with the response here is the reply.

        “Thank you for your reply.

        I sincerely apologize or any confusion this caused. The original offer dates were: October 1, 2013 – January 31, 2014. The end date was extended to April 30, 2014. Members who registered under the promo code may receive a maximum of 6,000 bonus miles for stays completed after registeration through April 30, 2014.

        Members who received the maximum of 6000 bonus miles between October 1, 2013 – January 31, 2014 will not qualify for another 6000 bonus miles for stays completed between March 31st and April 30th.***

        As a Customer Service gesture, I added 5,000 bonus points for the inconvenience.

        If there is anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us. For immediate assistance, please click on the link below for the contact number of the Hilton Worldwide Service Center location nearest”

  • Ross Hensley

    What about the HHonors double weekday triple weekend promo Aug 1 to Oct 31?

    • John O.

      I have already written about it here four/five time. You can find the most recent Hilton articles by clicking the Hilton HHonors category link to the right.


    your right you have to call 18882119874 which then redirects to the Phillipines

  • caroline

    I have not seen any IHG promotions for the USA lately, are there any?

    • John O.

      There is new one starting this week. Should have more info tomorrow (Tuesday).

  • Eric

    United has a buy miles promotion “social funding”, the more that buys you can get up to 100% bonus starts with 35%

    • John O.

      Thanks! I wrote about the promo at the time it was running.

  • David

    Greetings, MGM Grand is offering a promotion of $50 resort credit for one night reservation. If I book two separate, consecutive one night reservations, are they likely to honor both $50 resort credit promotions for a total of $100 resort credit? Or would they treat it as one reservation and only honor one promotion for $50?

    • John O.

      Depends of the T&C’s of that rate. Could go either way.

  • steve

    this is not working… it says that my email address is invalid and when I tried to “contact us”….. I got this page. How can I get the 50,000 points promised?

    • John O.

      No idea what you are referring to.

  • Sanjay Shah Heralal


  • Sharon

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the great work you do…I always look forward to your daily emails.
    I was just wondering if you have heard anything regarding a Sofitel sale; they used to have 2 each year, May and October, offering 40-50% off, but this year I’ve heard nothing. As an Accor Advantage Plus member in Australia, I love taking advantage of the great rates in these sales. Thanks again.

    • John O.

      I have no information about possible Sofitel sale. Accor tends to, however, run the sales around the same time each year.

  • S. Li

    I just booked two different Bangkok Accor Hotels for Dec 2014.
    Pullman Bangkok KingPower automatically changed the room charge (online book and prepaid with credit card via currency from Thai Baht to HKD before posting the transaction to my credit card. I was surprised by the amount charged and check my credit card bank to find out this fact.
    For info, another Accor hotel at Bangkok charged Thai baht and my eventual rate is 1 HKD to 4.0885 Baht. Pullman Kingpower auto convert and charged HKD and my eventual rate is 1HKD to only 3.9795 Baht.

    For information, both hotel confirmation were in Thai Baht.

    • John O.

      The hotel hit you with Dynamic Currency Conversion. I would write them and ask to refund the charge and then charge it in THB. There is no excuse what they just did.

  • JasonM

    Is the Accor Platinium sign up offer still around ?

  • paul

    Just stumbled across a free sign up for Last Minute Travel Club. I signed up last year, I think because I found a link here. It is quite usefull to me, saved quite a bit during my summer vacation.
    was displayed while booking on

    • John O.

      Thanks!. I need to write about this again soon.

  • kps

    Airfrance-klm redemption is getting tricky..points shown during booking is multiplied by 2 at the last careful with the redemption booking

    • John O.

      Thanks for letting us know!

  • Nancy

    I’ve just checked in to the London Bloomsbury Holiday Inn. The person in front of me was checking in at the gold / platinum desk – they weren’t an IHG member but were asked if they would like to pay to upgrade to an executive room. I was asked to check in at the standard check in desk, even though I am a Platinum member. I asked for an upgrade to an executive room but I was told there were none available. I said, well that clearly not true seeing as your colleague is currently trying to upsell another customer to an executive room. Surprisingly, they managed to find me the upgrade. I’m not happy about this though, they are supposed to honour an upgrade subject to availability and they are clearly being dishonest about availability. What’s your view?

    • John O.

      This is quite typical today with many of the chains and properties. You must be aware of what you are entitles to and sometimes pull up the room/suite availability on a laptop/phone to make the upgrades happen.

  • crimsonablue

    A lot of people have had their IHG Into the Nights ‘Book a stay with IHG app’ changed to 3/5/7/15+ stays, the worst I saw 59 stays. Not much visibility on blogs, although there’s a quite a few people impacted on FT

    • John O.

      Yep. They messed up and fixed it.

  • jbourne

    Looks like IHG switched up the offers for Into the Nights. Where the challenge could have been completed in as few as 2 Saturday nights, it’s up to 5, and as bad as 27 in some cases. I can understand the offers would likely be disadvantageous to IHG, but they committed to them initially, and you can’t just bait and switch along the way when you decide they aren’t right anymore. Tweeting IHGCare got me a canned reply that ‘the offers were wrong to start with, sorry, now they’re correct’.

  • jbourne

    Looks like IHG switched up the offers for Into the Nights. Where the challenge could have been completed in as few as 2 Saturday nights, it’s up to 5, and as bad as 27 in some cases. I can understand the offers would likely be disadvantageous to IHG, but they committed to them initially, and you can’t just bait and switch along the way when you decide they aren’t right anymore. Tweeting IHGCare got me a canned reply that ‘the offers were wrong to start with, sorry, now they’re correct’.

    • John O.

      Wrote about this and they have now fixed it hopefully for all.

  • Curiosity Killed the Cat

    I have a IHG Into the Nights challenger called “Weekender” Stay 2 Saturday nights. I live in the Gulf where a weekend is Friday & Saturday. This hasn’t ben a problem with Ambassador certificate as a weekend is defind correctly for the Middle East properties. Has anyone else contacted IHG to see if they will move this to Friday for ME sites?

  • Curiosity Killed the Cat

    I have a IHG Into the Nights challenger called “Weekender” Stay 2 Saturday nights. I live in the Gulf where a weekend is Friday & Saturday. This hasn’t ben a problem with Ambassador certificate as a weekend is defind correctly for the Middle East properties. Has anyone else contacted IHG to see if they will move this to Friday for ME sites?

    • John O.

      Someone commented or emailed me that IHG definition of a weekend for this promotion is same for all and there is no exception made for Middle East.

  • Eric

    Hi there, does anyone know, how I can get the HHonors Gold status quickly? Is there any promotion right now or a status match program ongoing? Here in my place, the only possibility to become Hilton Gold member would be, to apply for a Hilton branded credit card, but I am really not a big fan of that and my score is not that good either right now, as we already have several credit cards. Any ideas?

    • John O.

      You can get HH Gold status by staying four times at Hilton properties within 90 days. These were also on sale on eBay earlier this year.

  • Albeo

    HI John,I am a platinum member at IHG but I will not manage to maintain the status for 2015.So I wanted to buy Ambassador thinking I could maintain platinum till end of 2015 but they are saying that this will be till end of this year and after that gold elite.
    Is there a way I could stay Platinum.I have 3 brands and 307.000 points but 11.500
    Elite qualifying points and I have been platinum since 2011 and a member since 2006.
    Any adviseer or tips how to go about this?

  • Jud

    Hi John,
    I registered for September offer of Accor (1000/3000/40000 bonus points for 1st/2nd/3rd stay till 31.12.) and spent 3 different nights in october, 1st and 3rd was in the same hotel. I’ve got the first 2 bonus points but haven’t got the 3rd.
    I wrote to the customer service and their first answer was their system was wrong and they’ll solve it manually in a few days. Now I’ve got another mail which says that the rate was was not eligible for the offer… It wasn’t reduced rate but it was the same as first stay, unrestricted free cancellation rate.
    Could you advice snything regarding to this case?
    Thanks a lot

    • John O.

      The rate certainly is not qualifying. The problem is that Accor is now know for quality customer service. I would open a case with consumer ombudsman in the jurisdiction that you live in against Accor and Le Club Accorhotels.

      • Jud

        Unrestricted free cancellation rate is not qualifying?
        Which rate I should’ve booked?
        For first stay it was exactly the same rate and I’ve got points and bonus points as well. For the 2nd stay it was the same rate and everything was the same. Just this 3rd stay they tell that it’s not eligible…

        • John O.

          The NOT should not have been there. My typo. The rate is definitely qualifying one.

  • Ernie

    Did I just missed a web site where I could take the IHG survey for 1,000 points that you mentioned with such great details today?

  • Yongyut Laosiritaworn

    Hi there, can anyone give me a suggestion if it is worth to apply for the “Ibis Business” for an upgrade to “Le Club” Gold status.

    Since we are stabbed by the Aeroplan promotion, where are left is with M&M and Avios. However, paying 2 stays (without really staying) would be almost the same price as buying the Ibis Business, but we do not have to get into some wars with the customer support in the case there is something wrong (e.g. promotional points are not credited)

    Any suggestions are very welcome.

  • Kathy

    I need 6 rooms for 2 nights in the USA in January. Any good codes for Hilton or Marriott?

  • Ronny

    Some bad news to share for travellers :) Singapore Airlines wrongly sold its possibly most expensive economy class as business class in Australia. Flight Centre then found out the error and notified the airline but then SIA said they would not honor the tickets. Not sure whether Australia has a good customer protection law. See the news here:

  • Martin

    Hi, any idea which is the best loyalty scheme for hotels in the UK? This year I will have stayed away for 95 nights mostly in the Holiday Inn chain. I am a platinum member but I am feeling unloved. Thanks Martin

  • Stefan Stein

    I would like to get the Accor Platinum sign up offer…
    Just signed for your newsletter.


  • Roland

    Hi do I need to register my wife seperate for the loyalty programs?

  • Icarus

    Cancellation of confirmed Points Break booking???

    Hi John,
    Firstly, many thanks for an excellent and most informative website!

    Perhaps you can give me your thoughts on the following tale of woe:

    The IC in Port Ghalib, Egypt was on the current PB list.
    I made a PB booking at this property for the family and on receiving the confirmation emails from the IHG, I then proceeded to make all the relevant flight/transfer bookings. (Mostly non-refundable)
    On the 9th of this month I received an email from the IHG area manager in Egypt stating that the IHG management contract for the entire set of 3 IHG hotels in the complex in Port Ghalib would expire on the 15th (Only 6 days later…) but that “all existing bookings would be honored”.
    To verify this oddly worded email, I called IHG and was informed that the “all existing bookings will be honored” was in fact not correct and that the PB booking could not be honored after all.

    Based on your experience in the field (and with the IHG customer support team in particular), would you have any suggestions on how to move forward with this?

    with many thanks in advance.

  • Arthur

    Hi John! I have received this e-mail from BPG IHG.

    Please accept our apologies as we were unable to adjust your reservation to reflect your free night on …… 2015 at the InterContinental Dubai – Festival City. In order to fulfill the Best Price Guarantee promise of providing the first night free for reservation xxxxxxxx, we will reimburse the amount paid through a funds transfer; please only send the requested information below after you check-out from the hotel.

    In my opinion a free night is not a night that I have to pay for. In addition it costs about 800$ and it tooks about 6 weeks to receive payment. Is there a way to make it a real free night? I have not found anything about this in BPG rules,

    • Gabbai

      The IHG scheme is a gimmick that they hate to have to deliver on. I have had a couple of genuine free nights, i.e. not paid anything and I have also had a refund night as noted here. It didn’t actually bother me at all as I got points on my IHG VISA for the payment and then requested a funds transfer as the repayment!

  • larisa

    i try to send you message but getting delivery status notification (failure )
    using your e-mail

    • John O.

      The email is definitely woking.

  • Hyper1

    Hi John, I have been having constant trouble with Accors Le Club stays and points system of late. Seems to be hit or miss when awarding points and nights to ones account. Most stays I have are prepaid so they have record of the reservation yet I constantly have to provide receipts of my stays to get the points. Also I have had to chase them up with many phone calls after filling out their online forms. Should I be compensated for my efforts as their system costs me a lot of time and effort not to mention frustration. Most recent stay not awarded was for the Pullman Nirwana in Legian in January.

    • John O.

      Yeah. It is ridiculous. If there is an issue points posting correctly, I usually email the property.


    Singapore Airlines just released details of their new Premium Economy Class!

    • John O.

      They did!

  • Bob

    I am a retired united airlines employee with and would like to what discount is available for Hilton hotels

    • John O.

      You could try to airline employee/travel agent rate that I have written about. You probably would ned to have some sort of UA ID.

  • Gertie Saunders

    Hi ,just a big thank you, myself and my wife, hilton diamond members,each received the 200k points, with your email, plus two of the kids got some extra upgrades, two did,nt (hard luck to them, all 4 kids are gold members,) great always to read all your great comments, craig and liz

    • John O.


  • Ian smith

    Hi John, Just seen the new business upgrade award increases on Emirates. My journey from DXB-LIS has gone from 32500 to 56500. Assume Skywards is being attacked, due to Emirates being forced to drop their prices due to falling oil prices. However they are being hit hard due to buying oil futures at much higher prices, but no excuse for devaluing their own reward program. Emirates claim this is what the members have asked for, seems a bit odd to me.

  • Travelista

    Are IHG Point Breaks gone? The latest offer seems to be from November last year.

    • John O.

      The current list is valid until the end of this month. We may get the new list later today.

  • Edna

    Good Morning. Tried to change my password just now via your link. It would not allow me to do so saying “Your Expiry date has passed. Expiration Date must be no earlier than the current month and year. ”
    Any ideas?