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One of the most luxurious private jets in the world will soon be delivered to Hainan Airlines parent company HNA Group: A Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 787 Dreamliner valued at 320 Mio USD.

BBJ DreamlinerThe jet is set to be reserved for use by the companies CEO and VIP clients with a capacity of 40 passengers to enjoy the amenities of this luxury aircraft. [click to continue…]

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Earlier in the week the European Commission cleared the purchase of Starwood by Marriott in the grounds that it doesn’t affect the competition landscape in the European Union.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, LLC (a subsidiary of Marriott International, Inc.)

Seems that the deal that was expected to close sometime in July will as a matter of fact close earlier than many of us thought. The Starwood already lists itself as a subsidiary of Marriott International on some program T&Cs that are dated to July 6, 2016. [click to continue…]

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This week Whine Wednesdays revisits the number of “personal items” that some passengers are trying to carry with them on board. I had similar piece two years ago (access here) when someone was traveling with number of items on LAN flight.

Whine Wednesdays Personal Items

Last week, I came across this lady that was carrying all possible junk with her (no crying monster somewhere there hidden) while going through the exit immigration at the Sao Paulo international airport. [click to continue…]

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Just a short time ago reports of two explosions and gunfire rocking Istanbul’s main international airport (Ataturk) have started coming in.  Early reports from the government state there have been “multiple injuries” but this is vague at best.


Given other recent terrorist events in Turkey, this will only further harm the image and economy of what is a unique place to visit. [click to continue…]

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If you find yourself in the situation of needing to apply for a Chinese Visa from time to time it might be worth it to do some advance research and consider where you apply for it.

China Visa Center

Making the decision wisely could save time, hassle and money at the same because the fees are different in each country and they also vary based on citizenship. [click to continue…]

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Japan Airlines made an announcement early May that they intended to start codeshare and frequent flier partnership with Alaska Airlines on June 29, 2016, pending government approval.

Japan Airlines & Alaska Airlines Partnership Update

Apparently that approval has gone through as both airlines have not updated their websites with accrual information and JAL with Alaska Airlines award chart too. There is no yet information about redeeming Mileage Plan miles on JAL. [click to continue…]