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LoyaltyLobby front page had accessing issue for several hour this past Wednesday morning when visitors were shown the below “database connection error” message. There was brief outage during the evening too when the database was fixed.

LoyaltyLobby Website Issues

This partial outage didn’t affect any other pages on the website. All the back links, links from the email/Facebook/Twitter and Google were resolving just fine for the content. [click to continue…]

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United Airlines has reached a settlement with Dr. David Dao, the passenger who was forcibly removed from a United flight two weeks ago to make room for United employees.

Dr. Dao sustained injuries while being removed from the aircraft by security personnel after refusing to leave on his own as he was informed that United would deny him boarding/flying involuntarily. [click to continue…]

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British Airways has upped the ante in the most recent Airline vs. Passenger challenge when they kicked off two passengers after an argument ensued when a man tried to self upgrade to Business Class.

The flight was en route from London to Jamaica and stopped on the remote island of Terceira in the Azores (Portugal) where the passengers remain until now. [click to continue…]

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IHG Rewards Club launched on Monday a Sunshine Sale that is actually three separate offers for up to 30% off, 50% Bonus Points Package bonus and up to 20% discount on Cash & Points. All these offers expire tomorrow morning at 8AM ET.

IHG Rewards Club The Sunshine Sale

The up to 30% off sale is valid for stays May 1 – August 31, 2017. Points & Cash and Bonus Points Package offers are valid for stays through May 31. All the offers must be booked by 8AM ET on Friday (April 28). [click to continue…]

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First there was the pig (read more here), then the turkey (read more here), that dog that couldn’t walk due to being too fat (read more here), the rooster (read more here) and now this “One Trick Pony”.


The emotional support animal rules appears to be very lax in the United States and anyone can buy off of internet “vest” identifying their favorite pet as one (emotional support animal) instead of going through the proper channels. [click to continue…]