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The U.S. Department of Transportation that is usually just referred as DOT released consent orders on Friday against Alaska, United, American, Air Canada and Southwest.

DOT Fines Alaska Southwest United American Air Canada

These airlines had failed to comply with the DOT rules that deal with involuntarily denied boardings and damaged/lost luggage. The DOT fined these airlines $35K to $45 each. [click to continue…]

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Air Canada has made it back in the news and yet again it’s anything but positive as they bumped a minor of 15 years off a flight from Toronto to Halifax, leaving him stranded for a full day (and night).

AC BumpingThe boy was dropped off by a relative at Winnipeg Airport where he got on a connecting flight to Halifax via Toronto which is where things got a little out of control. [click to continue…]

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Air Canada passengers who were waiting to fly back home from Manchester, UK to Toronto found themselves stranded for two days after their aircraft developed a technical malfunction and the flight crew exceeding duty time limits on the second attempt to fly.

AC ManchesterThe passengers first boarded after a two-hour delay, then sat on the tarmac for the next five hours after which the flight was cancelled. [click to continue…]

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It seems that Air Canada had a rough night at Japan’s Narita airport this past Sunday night that ended in the flight to Vancouver canceled and the irline telling affected passengers to effectively go “pound sand”.

Vancouver Sun Air Canada passengers told to sleep in baggage area in Tokyo Hotel during 24-hour delay

The airline first claimed that there was a weather related delay and then that due to airport curfew the flight would be canceled, although they were told at the airport that the crew had timed out. [click to continue…]