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InterContinental Ambassador program has quietly changed the terms and conditions governing the program effective September 1, 2016. The previous changes were initiated on October 12, 2015.


The list of excluded suites for Ambassador and Royal Ambassador members have significant expanded. The Club access is now officially a Royal Ambassador benefit in Asia Pacific (excluding Greater China), Middle East & Africa. [click to continue…]

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InterContinental Royal Ambassador is the highest status that applies for stays at InterContinental hotels. It is by invitation only and requires you first to purchase Ambassador status using cash or points.

IHG Rewards Club Royal Ambassador Renewal

The qualification criteria has fluctuated over the years and Royal Ambassador members for a long time were also able to refer a friend to the same status level. These referrals were discontinued a couple of years ago. InterContinental is moving to a revenue based criteria for Royal Ambassadors that I wrote about here. [click to continue…]

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My personal quest of getting InterContinental Royal Ambassador portfolio delivered after requalifying back in September 2015 is now finally over!

IHG Rewards Club Royal Ambassador Portfolio

IHG Rewards Club has had great difficulties getting the Ambassador and Royal Ambassador portfolios delivered (that I have extensively covered here on LoyaltyLobby) starting with having incorrect phone number printed on the back of the card (went to a sex chat line) to claiming issues with the company fulfilling the delivery and printing these. [click to continue…]

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This deal with the delivery of IHG Rewards Club Ambassador kits is starting to sound like a broken record and I have covered it here on LoyaltyLobby several times (read more here, here, here and here).

SOLUTION Using Complimentary IHG Rewards Club Free Weekend Night Voucher (When Kits Are Delayed)

I really don’t have use for the membership card (I cannot remember time when I would have been asked to show it) or luggage tags (always throw them away), but the package is required for the bonus points code and the free weekend night voucher. [click to continue…]

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IHG Rewards Club has had great difficulties delivering Ambassador kits since launching the new Spire level last year.

IHG Ambassador

I requalified for Royal Ambassador status back in August last year and have been waiting for the Ambassador package ever since. I requested Ambassador service center to expedite one for me because I need the “free” weekend night certificate in two weeks and their reply is above. [click to continue…]

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IHG Rewards Club has had some issues sending out the Ambassador and Royal Ambassador packages since last year (still waiting for mine since August) and many are wondering how to book the Ambassador free weekend night rate that is one of the benefits.

IHG Rewards Club InterContinental Ambassador Free Weekend Night Certificate

InterContinental has made checking the free weekend night price quite difficult. You need to log into your Ambassador account and then follow few links. I, however, have a direct link below that you can use to check the Ambassador certificate price even if you haven’t purchase the status yet. [click to continue…]

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Here are six reader questions from the past week (so many good questions coming in!) that I have decided to reply to publicly. You can always email me, leave a note or private message on Facebook, or Tweet me with your questions.

Reader Questions November 14

Note that I can shorten the emails and edit them for clarity. I always remove the personal information of both the reader and front line employees. If there are managers involved, I may leave their names intact, however. [click to continue…]