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Airfare of the Day: British Airways San Francisco to Amsterdam ECONOMY CLASS $427 (Round Trip)

Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to British Airways basic season round trip instant purchase fares between San Francisco and Amsterdam.

British Airways Gold Member Club Europe First Row Seating For Companion Too? (YES!)

On Saturday, I saw comments on a Facebook group that someone had published a piece that British Airways would supposedly no longer allow Gold members to choose first row seat on Club Europe for their companion.

British Airways Seventh Mixed Fleet Strike March 3 - 9, 2017

As I am a British Airways Gold (GGL in fact), I decided to check what was going on with BA and made a purchase on Expedia for one-way business class ticker for two from London to some European city (Expedia allow easy cancellation even on non-cancelable fares).

British Airways On Fire! (Literally)


British Airways continues to receive fair share of negative coverage on British press. Evening Standard today run a story about Brit trying to get to Athens. The direct flight turned to a 33-hour journey with four plane swaps!

BA On Fire

First flight was canceled due to faulty cockpit warning light, second one due to crew timing out, third one the engine blew out after taking off (see the photo), and seems that the fourth one got the passengers to their final destination (as they are live to tell their story).

British Airways Executive Club Buy Avios Up To 50% Targeted Bonus September 12 – 29, 2017

British Airways Executive Club has launched an Avios sale that comes with up to 50% targeted bonus for purchases made between September 12 – 29, 2017.

British Airways Executive Club Avios September Campaign

British Airways has capped the number of Avios that one can purchase any calendar year before any bonuses at 100,000.

Pay Attention When Crediting Airberlin Flights For Partner Programs! (BA No Longer Accepts)


Airberlin filed for bankruptcy in late August (read more here) and its Topbonus program soon followed (read more here). It is likely that Airberlin will soon cease to exist and planes and crews will just move to work for other airlines.

Airberlin TXL

While you can still credit Airberlin flights to Topbonus, it doesn’t make much sense because you can no longer redeem them (the program has filed for insolvency). You can still try to credit the flights to partner programs, although BA has now ceased to accept them for credit effective September 2, 2017.

Airfare of the Day: AY/IB/BA/AA New York City to Helsinki ECONOMY CLASS $386 (Round Trip)

Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to the OneWorld transatlantic joint venture (AY/IB/BA/AA) and their shoulder season round trip instant purchase Economy Class fares between New York City and Helsinki.

Airfare of the Day: British Airways London – Hong Kong – Beijing FIRST CLASS £2065/$2665 (Round Trip)

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Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to British Airways First Class excursion fares between London and Beijing.

British Airways Mixed Fleet Strikes Over For Now


British Airways Mixed Fleet flight attendants ended their 10th strike period yesterday and haven’t announced any further strike dates as of today.

BA Mixed Fleet Strikes

The last four strikes each lasted for two weeks and basically covered the months of July and August other than today. British Airways was able to operate most of the flights with the help of Qatar Airways that brought in planes with crews to operate short-haul services.

British Airways Executive Club: Beware Of The 4 Segment Requirement To Obtain Gold & Silver Status!


Many frequent flyer programs including British Airways Executive Club have a requirement that the member has to fly a certain minimum number of segments of the programs own airline in order to achieve Elite status.

While some programs had this rule for years and never enforced it (American AAdvantage recently dropped that rule), BAEC still does enforce it rigidly and it put me in sort of a bind for this year.

British Airways Buy Up To 100,000 Avios At 1.1+ Euro Cents Each


British Airways has teamed up with Vente Privee France (again) to offload Avios for consumers wishing to purchase some with a discount through September 1, 2017.

Vente Privee British Airways Executive Club Avios

Avios has launched separate packages from 2,000 to 35,000 Avios that you can purchase (max amount is 100,000 Avios).

Le Club AccorHotels British Airways Triple Avios October 1 – December 31, 2017


Le Club AccorHotels has launched new promotion for British Airways Executive Club member stays that are both booked and consumed between October 1 – December 31, 2017.

Le Club AccorHotels British Airways Executive Club Triple Avios October 1 - December 31 2017

Executive Club members can earn triple Avios for all their stays during the promotional period.

British Airways Newest Feature: Economy Class Seats With Wet Urine Stains (Crew Can’t Be Bothered)


A rather disgusting case of a British Airways passenger en route to South Africa currently makes headlines as he was forced to sit in an Economy Class seat soaked with urine.

The crew apparently couldn’t be bothered to either reseat the passenger or clean up the mess in whatever way, resulting in the man sitting on it during the entire 11 hour ride.

British Airways Gold Guest List Partner Card Expiry

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British Airways Gold Guest List members can gift one Gold (Oneworld Emerald) and two Silvers (Oneworld Sapphires) to those on Household Account or Friend & Family list every membership year.

British Airways Executive Club Gold Guest List Partner Card

I haven’t paid any attention previously when these gifted statuses have actually expired. I just asked from a friend of mine that signed up for for BA back in July that I gifted BA Silver the other. His status seems to be actually valid for two years.

British Airways Mixed Fleet Strike August 16 – 30, 2017 (Both Dates Inclusive)

British Airways is facing it’s umpteenth strike by the Mixed Fleet flight attendants (their previous one just ended). Their current strike is for two weeks between August 16 – 30, 2017 (both dates inclusive).

British Airways

Mixed Fleet consists of around 2,900 flight attendants that work both on short and long-haul routes out of London’s Heathrow airport.

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