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New York Times ran a very interesting story this morning about an Air Marshal that had forgotten her loaded gun to a lavatory on a Delta flight from Manchester to New York in early April.

Delta Air Marshall

There are currently around 4,000 Air Marshall’s whose job is to “blend” with the passengers and prevent hijackings and other incidents on commercial flights. [click to continue…]

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It took Delta FOUR days to recover from a weather issues that affected Atlanta the other Wednesday. The airline was forced to cancel hundreds of flights days later due to IT issues that affected crew scheduling among others.

Delta Email

Now, the airline has been sending out compensation emails for those affected with this meltdown. SkyMiles members have been offered compensation miles or miles combined with Delta electronic $$$ off voucher. [click to continue…]

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While the internet was abuzz about Pepsi’s failed Kendall Jenner ad (read more here) and other travel blogs were covering the details of Delta’s latest unannounced devaluation of their SkyMiles program, a bigger story was developing: Delta solidifying itself as the (tone-deaf) Pepsi of airlines. (Ironic since Coke and Delta are partners and both based in Atlanta.) John also reported on the devaluation here.

Delta Air Lines

Backing up a bit: earlier this week a series of storms in Atlanta as well as bad weather in the Northeast US grounded Delta’s hub, disrupting their operation and creating a domino effect. However, 3 days later Delta was still having problems recovering. Delta even went so far as asking crews to sleep on planes due to lack of hotels, asking staff to volunteer to work without pay and taking the unusual step of accepting help from loyal Diamond Medallion customers going to the Atlanta airport to assist stranded passengers. [click to continue…]

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Delta Air Lines has been tinkering with the number of SkyMiles required for partner awards that seems to have gone up anywhere from 15% to 20% without any prior warning from the airline.

Delta Changes Partner Award Mileage Requirements Without Any Prior Notice On April 7, 2017

This change was first noted on a FlyerTalk post (access here) where member noticed that the number of SkyMiles required for an award had changed from 70,000 to 85,000 (transatlantic partner award in business class). [click to continue…]

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Delta Air Lines has launched a bonus SkyMiles campaign for flights between Los Angeles and Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne on Delta or Virgin Australia operated flights.

Delta SkyMiles Australia Bonus Spring 2017

The offer is valid for flights taken between February 1 – May 31, 2017, for tickets issued on or after February 1. You must register for this offer prior traveling. [click to continue…]

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Delta is re-shuffling their intra-Asia route network and in the process has decided to close down their Taipei route which they have operated since 2010.

This is a blow to Delta customers going between Taiwan and the U.S. who as of now took the 5th Freedom Segment Taipei (TPE) to Tokyo-Narita before connecting to North America ( or vice versa). [click to continue…]